Comments - Up Close and Personal: BMW CEO Discusses i8 Supercar

Published: Apr 10, 2012
Description: BMW has been extremely busy lately as they're in the final development stages of their upcoming new supercar, the i8. Unlike most other known high-performance cars, the i8 will be a plug-in hybri...
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Zain Sheikh Apr 11, 2012
Went to the autoshow that white aventador killed me with it's pure vulgar stance
Justin Routh Apr 10, 2012
Yeah i agree with that. Bmw should not be calling this a supercar lol
Christo Savaides Apr 10, 2012
However to be considered a super car, 0-60 times do matter. It needs to be an all around great performing car. Not just decent performance. This is more of an expensive sports car. Super car it is not.
Justin Routh Apr 10, 2012
Sure the 0-60 time isnt that great but bmw is usually conservative plus you have no idea how this car handles so to say they already did is kinda silly
Cody Jacques Apr 10, 2012
No they already did...
Justin Routh Apr 10, 2012
Not really a fan of hybrids but this car looks great, im sure bmw wont let us down performance wise either
Jason Johnson Apr 10, 2012
I love BMW but the i8 is no super car. An advanced coupe at the most but it wont be able to go toe to toe with a 458 or mp4-12c. That doesn't even take into account the hyper cars.
Description: What caught our attention specifically was his statement that the final production version will have the "performance of an M3 and have 80 mpg." All told, it'll have 360hp. In addition...
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Cody Jacques Apr 11, 2012
they wont make more than 100 of these (if production starts at all) and all the people buying will do so because it looks good and its rare. You think they really care about gas milage?
Thomas Trudzinski Apr 10, 2012
Perfect car for Europe and the autobahn specifically. Powerful enough for high speeds, fuel efficient considering it's over 9$/ gallon there and tons of torque for acceleration from the electric motors... Sound super to me IMO.
Alex Bouckley Apr 10, 2012
Not going to happen....
Karl Enemark Apr 10, 2012
BMW has regenerative braking on its cars now! The 918 Spider can't be more impressive for 3 times the projected price! So...GTR isn't as impressive as the LFA because the LFA is a bit faster?! NO, i8/GTR provide way more for the money than LFA/918!!!
Christo Savaides Apr 10, 2012
...because you aren't using electricity from an outlet which people seem to forget uses resources and costs money. People are so short sighted and only see the MPG. They don't realize they're spending money to power their electric motors as well.
Christo Savaides Apr 10, 2012
It needs to have regenerative technology. Give it a bigger engine and let the kinetic energy produced by the car charge the batteries. Sure, slightly less MPG, but it's supposed to be a super car. Also in reality it would actually be more efficient..
Christo Savaides Apr 10, 2012
The interviewer sounded like she knew absolutely nothing about cars. Also, how annoying is it going to be dealing with two separate energy sources. So I'm going to have to worry about plugging it in AND filling up gas? That's ridiculous.
Jackson Rojas Apr 10, 2012
Not even close to the 918 spyder hybrid
Bob Turefannt Apr 10, 2012
Not super? 360hp and 80mpg. Not even a Prius is close to 80mpg! And with doors like that I would say that there isn't anything that isn't super about it!
Justin Routh Apr 10, 2012
I think he means if it were a diesel hybrid it would only be even more efficient
Cody Jacques Apr 10, 2012
with stats like that it really shouldnt be called a "super car" luxury car sure but theres nothing "super" about it.
Jackson Michael Apr 10, 2012
@Andrew I don't think you understand the point of the car...
Alex Mahat Apr 10, 2012
I wonder how affordable it's going to be
John Gomez Apr 10, 2012
saw this yesterday at the auto show, just amazing
Description: Overall, the i8 certainly looks intriguing, but we'll have to wait until spring 2014 to see it if it truly represents what could be the next generation of supercars.
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