Posted on: Apr 10, 2012
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Justin Bieber’s Chrome Fisker Karma Caught by the Worst People on Earth

The do-nothings of TMZ have a go at Justin Bieber and his chrome Fisker Karma.
Apparently when Justin Bieber goes to Chik-fil-A, it's a big story for the people over at TMZ. The no-goodnicks of the paparazzi industry fawned (and attempted to ridicule) the Canadian pop-star and his girlfriend for his Karma at the drive-thru.

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"I'm like whaaaat? That's Justin!" Right... and good for you, you saw the Biebs. Seriously, who cares if Bieber and Selena Gomez enjoy themselves some number 1 combos? You just definitely don't want to spill those sodas in your $100,000-plus plug-in electric hybrid. Apparently the Biebs' manager gave him, as Dan Neil describes it "the world's most interesting car," as a birthday present on the popular-to-women daytime TV show 'Ellen'. Nice chrome Karma JB, you've successfully managed to breach the uber-rare popularity threshold of 'people somehow care about what you eat.' At least you have enough class to do it in style.


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