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Published: Apr 10, 2012
Description: An Audi R8 limo and a Ferrari Limo are nice, but they are nowhere near as awesome as a stretched American muscle car. European supercar limos have been nabbing all of the headlines as of late, but it ...
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Chris Penza Apr 10, 2012
Who needs a limo when it's probably cheaper to rent the real thing?
Brandon Carr Apr 10, 2012
I agree with that last paragraph... I'd rather be in a viper limo!
Description: There's a good chance that only one stretch Dodge Viper RT may be in existence. That may be one too many depending on how much of a Viper purist you consider yourself to be. This limo was built b...
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Josh Banning Apr 29, 2012
Dont see how that's anti american
Mark A. Young Apr 11, 2012
@Jake wasn't thinking, my bad.
Dale Schroeder Apr 11, 2012
Richard Hammond's stretched MG roadster is still the best open-top limo, only because it was made to be silly on purpose. This is just silly for all the wrong reasons.
Taggart Wilber Apr 11, 2012
When I think of muscle cars I think of Chevelles, Buick GSXs, Chargers, 4-4-2s et cetera. I bet you guys think Corvettes are muscle cars too. . .
Jake Marra Apr 10, 2012 town cars
Mark A. Young Apr 10, 2012
Waste of a great car. Leave the limos to the ford town cars and hummers.
Mikey Jimenez Apr 10, 2012
@Justin back in the 60's it wasn't all about the 1/4, muscle cars were often used for midnight cruising and family cars.
Alex Leu Apr 10, 2012
Chop this us and hope to reform it back into a proper viper?
Lou Guerrero Apr 10, 2012
And yes, Buddy. You're an order of Mcnuggets from being a completely certified moron, sir.
Lou Guerrero Apr 10, 2012
Useless. Let it be know: I HATE LIMOS! With FIRE!
Chris Redfield Apr 10, 2012
Buddy's comment may have been the most uneducated comment in carbuzz history
Justin Routh Apr 10, 2012
Buddy after that comment, you should give up on life. You know the viper held the record for the ring right? Lol and you said it cant corner gtfo
Chris Penza Apr 10, 2012
This just isn't right
Dave Stewart Apr 10, 2012
Love how many people are real car enthusiasts but everyone argues and gets angry at eachother grow up and enjoy car news sports,muscle,exotic who cares its a cool car
Vince DeMasi Apr 10, 2012
Just cause its a fast American car doesn't make it muscle someone below me had the definition of a muscle car and the viper isn't that it's s supercar IMO
Pierre E Jean Apr 10, 2012
Thats just hideous
Abraham Mendoza Apr 10, 2012
Not a muscle car, its a damn scary sports car!! And that's a terrible limo idea!!
Dillon Dixon Apr 10, 2012
I agree that it's not a muscle car.
Brandon Carr Apr 10, 2012
@Zachary YES! I agree!
Jason W. Evers Apr 10, 2012
Not a musclecar.
Zachary Maurer Apr 10, 2012
Can we all agree that it's just fugly?
Patrick Schalk Apr 10, 2012
That V10 sounds NOTHING like a muscle car. Buddy's lack of knowledge amuses me.
Mikey Jimenez Apr 10, 2012
a large V8 engine is fitted in a 2-door, rear wheel drive, family-style mid-size or full-size car designed for four or more passengers. Sold at an affordable price, muscle cars are intended for mainly street use and occasional drag racing.
Buddy Robinson Apr 10, 2012
That's gross, the limo part, and since when could a viper safely go around a corner? Muscle car
Austin Otto Apr 10, 2012
Most definitely a muscle car. A badass one at that
Patrick Schalk Apr 10, 2012
The Viper is in no way, shape, or form a muscle car. It does not embody what a muscle car is AT ALL.
Mikey Jimenez Apr 10, 2012
Well unlike you guys I agree with Jack, it may not be exotic but it's certainly a supercar.
Cody Jacques Apr 10, 2012
hahaha Jack just go ahead and delete this app! You cant redeem youreself after that statement.
Aaron Crisp Apr 10, 2012
The Viper is a muscle car! Get some knowledge. Super car, exotic car, sports car, muscle car.. Everything.
Description: What happens when you add 140 inches to a Dodge Challenger SRT8? You get the Challenger SRT8 limo. This massive people movie was made by L.A. Custom Coach Inc. and features a full bar and a row of not...
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Brandon Carr Apr 10, 2012
Couldn't be complete without uncomfortable seats!!!!
Dave Stewart Apr 10, 2012
Looks good but at same time it doesn't. I'd ride in it
Knox Ferraro Apr 10, 2012
Challengers activate my fizz.
Description: Very few Mustang limos exist in the wild, which is probably a good thing. This stretch Mustang is operated by Ontario's (Canada) Preferred Limousine. Several more Mustang limos exist throughout N...
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Ryan Spencer Apr 11, 2012
To a classic!? Why!? I could understand an escalade or a 300C, but not a classic mustang. Or a new challenger, camaro, or viper for that matter...
Dale Schroeder Apr 11, 2012
The lines on this are so weird. It really does look like the car's sagging in the middle.
Jitendra Patel Apr 10, 2012
is it suposed to bend
Alex Leu Apr 10, 2012
That's cause everyone loved them when they came out
Jackson Rojas Apr 10, 2012
Looks good... For a limo
Justin Routh Apr 10, 2012
My favorite car ruined
Teddy MacDonell Apr 10, 2012
yeah I bought a '66 two years ago for about 6k. unless its a fastback or has matching numbers, these mustangs aren't hard to come by
Jackson Michael Apr 10, 2012
It started off ugly, they just made it uglier.
Jerrel TioFelix Neal Apr 10, 2012
They should be shot for that.
Dave Stewart Apr 10, 2012
They are cool cars to see but yea there is still alot around that look crappy but this limo just seems like it would not be satisfying in anyway haha
Tj Blankenship Apr 10, 2012
I agree with Rami. They are a dime a dozen. I can get one for under 5 grand around here. There's at least 4 on Craigslist right now.
Rockesh Boulder Apr 10, 2012
I hope it was a replica
Jack Thomas Apr 10, 2012
What about the back door actually being a front door
Dillon Dixon Apr 10, 2012
They ruined a great car! And they did a horrible job with it to! What were they thinking?
Rami Wilson Apr 10, 2012
And it's not a shame everybody saved them so they are a dime a dozen.
Rami Wilson Apr 10, 2012
That's hardly American muscle evan with a 289.
Description: "Steal" is the best way to describe this stretch Camaro. This limo has an all-black exterior and a futuristic, LED-filled interior. The asking price for this limousine is a mere $30,000, or ...
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Carl ed Dec 17, 2012
I love camaros espicaly with the black paint job and the rims! sweet
Jacob J Mills Nov 11, 2012
I would pay 30k
Payne Hodges Wilson Apr 11, 2012
To bad it has the v6 in it. Talk about seriously underpowered for the weight of this "boat".
Jake Marra Apr 10, 2012
Its nt 300k its 30k go back in the chevy archives and you'll see it in their and it says the same price
Chad Hunter Apr 10, 2012
Nice touch with the gullwing doors!
Andrew Hossann Apr 10, 2012
Gull wings are sweet
Dave Stewart Apr 10, 2012
Actually looks well built my favorite I would say.
Rockesh Boulder Apr 10, 2012
Oh gosh, read it again. I'm the idiot. Sorry Brandon
Rockesh Boulder Apr 10, 2012
@Brandon Common sense would tell you that it was a typo. It's probably 300k
Dillon Dixon Apr 10, 2012
At least this one is done right. It looks way more solid than the others.
Brandon Carr Apr 10, 2012
30 grand for this? SOLD!
Bryan Maletta Apr 10, 2012
That looks really nice!
Jacob J Mills Nov 11, 2012
That 30k had to be a typo
Dave Stewart Apr 10, 2012
That's actually pretty neat