Comments - Valmet Dawn, a Radically New Take on the EV

Published: Mar 09, 2012
Description: Motor show exhibitors were obsessed in the last few years with EVs. However that was not the case in Geneva where the attention was focused more on real cars rather than on imagined ones. That didn&ap...
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Micah Campbell Mar 11, 2012
Looks like a car melted
Jacob Silva Mar 10, 2012
I honestly cannot think of anything to say that has already been said about this atrocity.
Cody Jacques Mar 10, 2012
Luis is right. A child could build a better car.
Micah Buffat Mar 10, 2012
I don't under stand the point
Tom Katt Mar 10, 2012
No one is looking at that slug!
Tom Katt Mar 10, 2012
Even it's a concept, that's a waste of money realizing this thing.
Robin Ramirez Mar 09, 2012
This shit is ugly! Dumbest idea ever.
Paolo Prezioso Mar 09, 2012
At least the wiesmann display in the back is nice
Luis A Villalpando Mar 09, 2012
Uuuuuummmmmm, what is this? This "car" wouldn't work even as a Hot Wheels car. Honestly a 5 year old could design a more realistic car
Theo Hubbard Mar 09, 2012
Hey look. A 1 cm change in road lev SCRAPE!!!!!
Kevin Rehbock Mar 09, 2012
Did they leave it in a microwave and forget about it for 5 minutes?
Victor Castillo Mar 09, 2012
Notice how everyone is trying to ignore it lol
rockstarTc Mar 09, 2012
wow and I thought my car had bad ground clearance, this car has no chance on any road
Igor Natsioks Mar 09, 2012
No one thinks outside of the box....
Raymond Reynoso Mar 09, 2012
Zero drag, looks like a child designed this.
Matthew Crighton Mar 09, 2012
Its a concept, not a production car. It doesnt drive on city streets
Lyomp Mar 09, 2012
Imagine hitting a pencil or something going down the highway. This is a horrible design.
Jonathan Tjandra Mar 09, 2012
If big show sit on that thing i belive it will never move
Tim Preisinger Mar 09, 2012
I don't even know what the hell I'm looking at!
Andrew Grimm Mar 09, 2012
He must like slammed cars.
Michael Horne Mar 09, 2012
But watch out for potholes....
Description: It supposed to be very aerodynamic and efficient, with wheel hubs covered by elegant lids and body lines flowing like sand dunes. The chassis is of a two seat construction, just like a racing sports c...
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Description: Also occupying different market segments both brands are experiencing nowadays existential threats. They also plan on building the Marussia B2, Russia's first high-performance sports car.
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Abraham Mendoza Mar 09, 2012
I wanna see more Marussias put here.
Cody Jacques Mar 10, 2012
... there is no door just hop right in the top
Micah Buffat Mar 10, 2012
Probably was easy to make they just took a blow torch to a plastic frame of a car and presto!
Eun-seok Kim Mar 10, 2012
this is a vacuum cleaner.
Max Delena Mar 10, 2012
Car in the back, is super cool
Cho Dan Mar 09, 2012
Nice hardwood flooring. I love the color.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 09, 2012
That Marussia looks fantastic back there. Do an article on that.
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Mar 09, 2012
Batmobile had sex with the Audi from I-robot
rockstarTc Mar 09, 2012
No the hypodisk is for when some one looks at it you can get them to believe its actually a car.
Chris Dimattia Mar 09, 2012
Scoop up road kill and cook it. Awesome!
Zach Paiz Mar 09, 2012
The black car behind it doesnt look sp bad
Tj Blankenship Mar 09, 2012
Dammit.... the Prius suddenly doesn't look so bad. :(
Sam Oglesby Mar 09, 2012
Why is there a hypnodisc on it
Dale Schroeder Mar 09, 2012
I wish my car had a glowing hypnodisk on the front. ...that IS the front, right?
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Mar 09, 2012
Or whatever that thing is!
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Mar 09, 2012 can cook food with the grill?
P_R_N_D Mar 09, 2012
seriously....c'mon....what the hell am I looking at here?!
Clayton Corley May 19, 2012
iPad = steering wheel
Micah Buffat Mar 10, 2012
I don't know flux capacitor meets robot vacuum cleaner
William Forgham Mar 10, 2012
Anyone else see the iPad in the steering wheel?
Max Delena Mar 10, 2012
Is that a time machine on the back of that car
Matthew van der Linde Mar 09, 2012
Hit a speed bump and you die
Reid Huff Mar 09, 2012
I see some weissmann in the back.
Will Conover Mar 09, 2012
Is that the google chrome logo at the bottom of the screen
Elijah McCord Mar 09, 2012
Hmm... maybe back to the future did predict the future correctly. *sarcasm*
P_R_N_D Mar 09, 2012
it looks like a fkn paddle boat with a Mr. Fusion engine!
Adam Fox Mar 09, 2012
All that work to make this aerodynamic and they left the motor hanging out like this?
Noel Gonzalez Osito Mar 11, 2012
So, it scoops up road kill, cooks it on the burner, swallows it and turns it into juice for the electric motor... How far we've come!!!
Nicolas Blake Mullen Mar 09, 2012
The disc is the second seat to sit on
Adam Fox Mar 09, 2012
Someone watched too much Star Trek and decided to put a deflector dish on the front
JGL Scuderia Mar 09, 2012
it might be some intake system that is a bit weird. and the plate looking thing might be a speed bump detector. cause this isnt gonnna go over speed bumps
Tj Blankenship Mar 09, 2012
What ever you do, don't look directly into it!
David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 09, 2012
no, it eats them for energy..
JGL Scuderia Mar 09, 2012
it can shoot dinner plates.