Comments - Citroen DS4 Racing Concept is One Serious Hot Hatch

Published: Mar 09, 2012
Description: Citroen Racing's engineers have taken all their multi WRC winning expertise and applied it to the DS4, which represents a significant evolution from the DS3 Racing limited edition. The concept fe...
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Noel Gonzalez Osito Mar 10, 2012
The rear windows don't open, oh well... I'd like to be in the driver's seat; who cares about rear windows! :)
FoxRS Mar 09, 2012
I hate that the rear windows don't open in any way.. stupid
Description: A modified chassis is 35mm lower, 55mm wider at the front, and 75mm wider at the back than the production DS4, and sits on specially-designed two-tone 19-inch alloys that house massive 380mm diameter ...
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Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Apr 09, 2012
*Pierre. Do you think I would drive anything Russian? Haha! No thanks, I wouldn't even stand close to it!
Puneet Dass Mar 10, 2012
This in white would look great
Zaire Wilkins Mar 09, 2012
whoa this is better than the veloster
Pierre E Jean Mar 09, 2012
Sorry Dimitry but I wouldnt drive any Russian car even with a gun on my head
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Mar 09, 2012
Looks pretty cool, but I would never drive this type of car. I prefer when only the engine is size of this. Also it's French, so nothing special.
Kev Berkel Mar 09, 2012
I love that front end
Malcolm Bryant Mar 09, 2012
2011 ford edge running lights
Fabian Pioro Mar 27, 2012
Looks like they ganked the front end styling of the Evo X...
FoxRS Mar 09, 2012
I just saw the standard DS4 in the last hour. it's really beautiful..
Matthew Reindorp Mar 09, 2012
But it's not a scirocco so urrrm shut up? It's a DS4-R nothing else... It's what citroen have made it to be... You can't make acar that doesn't look like something else anymore... It simply cannot be done so say why you like/don't like it instead...
Andreas Gerlach-hansen Mar 09, 2012
I see VW scirocco in the back
Chris Dimattia Mar 09, 2012
Really? You are kidding right?