Comments - ABT Sportsline Brings a VW and Audi Lineup to Geneva

Published: Mar 09, 2012
Description: Tuning firm ABT Sportsline brought a great variety of tuned German-built cars to this year's Geneva Motor Show. Beginning with the Audi QS3, they increased total output from its 2.0-liter TDI fro...
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Ara Barseghian Mar 09, 2012
ABT is doing Audi RS job! I would like to see these are coming as Audi sport line rather than a third party tuneup!
Description: Also on display is their newly tuned VW Beetle. In addition to increasing the iconic model's 2.0-liter TFSI to a total of 240hp, the tuner has added a body kit made up of headlight masks, mirror ...
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Paul Lissona Mar 10, 2012
Yah the colors make it looks fake and dumb. Otherwise it might be ok.
Matt Piccolo Mar 09, 2012
Up isn't bad, hate all the colors on it though
Rudolf Dassler Mar 09, 2012
Yeah, looks beast! Strangely I like the Up! too!
Paul Lissona Mar 09, 2012
Reminds me of 1977 civic cvcc hatchback we had with "12 wheels ha.
David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 09, 2012
10-inchers right there..
Matt Piccolo Mar 09, 2012
@ Eric, audi's r sweet, and VERY sexy IMO.... But I'll take the blond please!! <3
Eric Michalak Mar 09, 2012
@Logan: the car is an Audi, so I seriously hope the answer is the women.
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Mar 09, 2012
Dibs on the blonde!!
Logan LeMonnier Mar 09, 2012
Not sure which is more sexually appealing. The car or the about both?
Tommy Broadbent Mar 11, 2012
Even with 240 striped horses, it's still a VW Bug. Porsche is more appropos anyways.
Logan LeMonnier Mar 09, 2012
Yeah not doin it for me
Nilesh Agrawal Mar 09, 2012
I might grab those!!!