Description: The Final Edition MF3 roadster, dubbed the 'Scuba Mobil' and created by Sieger (a fashion house), made an appearance at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Wiesmann's final MF3 can be summed up...
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Paul Lissona Mar 09, 2012
Will do that to car, mistake ha.
Knox Ferraro Mar 08, 2012
So apparently BMW is selling engines left and right.
Description: The Final Edition hits 62mph in only 4.9 seconds and can reach a top speed of 158mph. 18 models each sporting a unique design have been produced of the MF3 Final Edition, marking its 18 years on the m...
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Nick Benz Mar 08, 2012
My john cooper will do those times
Paul Lissona Mar 09, 2012
Yah Morgan sounds right I like those too.
Emil Kleijsen Mar 09, 2012
I've always thought of Weismann as some kind off German Morgan or a mix between Morgan and TVR, and IMO that's a great mix!
Noel Gonzalez Osito Mar 09, 2012
I think this car is beautiful and sexy enough without the stripes.
Cody Fullerton Mar 09, 2012
Lambo have been attention seeking for their entire existence.
turbo_geoduck Mar 08, 2012
cool-looking car. the headlights are kinda weird, though.
Paul Dickey Mar 08, 2012
What's wrong with a car company wanting more attention? Isn't that kind of the point?
Noel Gonzalez Osito Mar 08, 2012
Saw this on Top Gear once and it was awesome. It's beautiful if u can overlook the tv test pattern paint job, wish someone would make one cheap enuf I could own. Hehe
Paolo Prezioso Mar 08, 2012
Weismann still makes nice cars, they just want to make themselves better known now so they can have more buyers
Micah Buffat Mar 08, 2012
It does not look modern it kinda looks old fashioned I like it
JGL Scuderia Mar 08, 2012
weismann used to make nice cars now they are trying to get alot of anttention
Aislin Cooper Mar 08, 2012
I think it looks pretty cool
Carlton Salmon Mar 08, 2012
Great car, bad paint job IMO.
Paul Lissona Mar 09, 2012
Yah it's pretty nice thë blue helps.
Andrew Hubbard Mar 08, 2012
Perfect for the car!
Noel Gonzalez Osito Mar 10, 2012
Needs a other set of lights in the back doesn't it?
Jerry Cole Mar 08, 2012
I'd keep the back yellow, and put stripes on the hood only
Hektor Yberg Mar 08, 2012
Is that a car or a yellow t##d?!
Chris Dimattia Mar 08, 2012
Which ones launch the missiles?
John Serely Mar 08, 2012
I love the rear ends of these
Sylvan George Mar 08, 2012
Excellent paint job!!!!