Description: As the dust settles on Geneva we've taken a time out from reporting on the latest and greatest concepts and tuners from Europe and revisited the familiar, yet fascinating, world of Chinese cars. ...
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Andy Kleschick Mar 08, 2012
this is wrong on soooooo many levels.
Description: Especially once it's been decked out with flowers and fitted with a karaoke machine. That said, the car is nine meters of stylish, tinted-window bling that any newlywed would love to be paraded a...
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Alexander Gomez Mar 09, 2012
WAIT! So you're trying to tell me this ISN'T a Bentley!?
Caribbeanenthusiast Mar 09, 2012
who would b so dumb to mistake this for a bentley?
Chuoc Shan Lam Mar 08, 2012
My friend got married in the uk and a identical car like this turned up with the altered bentley badges.
Carlton Salmon Mar 08, 2012
Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!! :-(
Brendan Bell Aug 16, 2012
Wow! It's a.... A.... Bentley 300? Wtf
Brandon Whybrew Mar 08, 2012
its in china not usa
Brandon Whybrew Mar 08, 2012
why does it have usdot on it?
Eric Michalak Mar 08, 2012
And the chrysler badge is still on the back. Sad.
Blake Hetherington Mar 08, 2012
not a good bentley copy at still looks like a 300c........whoever paid for that should be embarrassed
Jamie Perigo Mar 08, 2012
Dummy left the 300 badge on trunk lid
Carlton Salmon Mar 08, 2012
SMILE - you've just been whisked away from your wedding in a Bentley lol! Maybe they've just noticed the 300 badge on the back and realised it's not a Bentley after all?