Description: The Infiniti Emerg-e has just touched down in Geneva and the concept has already garnered great acclaim. The hybrid concept features incredible styling with serious supercar performance for a revoluti...
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Zaire Wilkins Mar 19, 2012
to me they look just ad good
Alex Leu Mar 08, 2012
Might not be as fast as a Nissan GTR but definitely looks a lot better
Michael Gallagher Mar 08, 2012
That is one slick concept. Hope it makes it into production
Alex Semaan Mar 08, 2012
This looks like a car from hotwheels
Dillon Dixon Mar 08, 2012
Am I the only one you sees a lot of Huayra in this?
Andrew Hossann Mar 08, 2012
Is that blue window tint?
Cho Dan Mar 08, 2012
It's great no matter what it's drive train is.
Isaac Rezkalla Mar 08, 2012
Would be great is it wasn't a hybrid
JGL Scuderia Mar 08, 2012
that looks alright. not really liking it
Description: With a combined total output of 402hp, Infiniti's first-ever supercar can blast off the line to 60mph in 4 seconds and has a driving range of around 300 miles. Its EV range is 30 miles.
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Zachlajoie Mar 10, 2012
I still can't buy into electric cars yet. there have been some story's out there about how in japan they are polluting the surroundings faster form the way the electricity is "made." also having to replace the battery around every 4 years or so for a staggering amour of money makes me unhappy as well. also what happens with the old battery's? if not properly disposed of they are super hard on the ...
Cho Dan Mar 09, 2012
Phil, I'm down with electric motors and the incredible power and torque they can make INSTANTLY. My point was that petroleum is in almost everything we use. I agree that we need to preserve oil and I have no problems with hybrids or pure electrics.
Phillip Fitchew Mar 09, 2012
I just think its people being stubborn and set in their old ways. They don't even consider the stats or facts For instance: electric motors produce maximum torque at 1 RPM. Do you know how sick that is? Name me any gas engine that does that.
Phillip Fitchew Mar 09, 2012
gas... to me only sounds like you want to see everything come to an end even faster. Again, I like speed and power, too. But there's more than one way to skin a cat, right? Hybrids and EVs should be welcome by all car fans.
Phillip Fitchew Mar 09, 2012
@Cho You're 200 percent right. That's why it's so critical of us to conserve the stuff, you guys. Once we run out of oil, it's a wrap. So if you like cars, it's best to embrace the use of less of the resource. But whining about an attempt to save
Adam Zarytsky Mar 09, 2012
Every electric car comes with the supercar purists whining. Wake up, this car performs great. Ever heard of the fisker karma
Justin Routh Mar 08, 2012
I think it'll be a good nsx competitor
Cho Dan Mar 08, 2012
Cave man with NO modern conveniences oil will continue to be in our future, Phil.
Cho Dan Mar 08, 2012
Phillip, without petroleum (oil) this car, or any car, will never see the light of day. Every machine tool used to manufacture anything uses oil for lubrication. Everything manufactured is done so on the back of oil. Unless you want to live like a
Michael Lewis Mar 08, 2012
The design is incredible. As the owner of a G37 I can see where the designers are coming from and love it. Dear Nissan, please make this and take my money already!
Phillip Fitchew Mar 08, 2012
at an uncontrollable rate. Or keep facilitating millions of deaths in the conflicts surrounding the acquisition of this shit. We could keep holding ourselves back... Or we can evolve and break ourselves from our habits. Where do you stand, Dan?
Phillip Fitchew Mar 08, 2012
So NO, everything isn't better with 5.0 liter engine. And no, they shouldn't "leave the hybrids to the Prius." there needs to be a change and cars like this represent the first steps of that change. Or we could keep milking the planet of resources
Phillip Fitchew Mar 08, 2012
oil, right Dan? So please take all the EV/Hybrid hate and do something else with it. I like power and big engines as much as the next guy. But you have to realize that that shit has to stop and it has to be sooner rather than later.
Phillip Fitchew Mar 08, 2012
Look, Dan. The point is that they wanted to make a hybrid with super car numbers. They understand that things are changing and the way we are living now isn't sustainable. You know that right, Dan? You know that eventually we will run out of
Phillip Fitchew Mar 08, 2012
distance without using gas, Dan. Do you really think Infiniti couldn't have put an efficient gas engine in this shell had they wanted to, Dan? You know that the VQ37 is one of the great gasoline engines currently in production, right?
Phillip Fitchew Mar 08, 2012
Alright Dan. The car does 0-60 in 4 secs, Dan. It can't be too heavy if it can do that. Second, the car's emphasis is not on performance as much as it is lower emissions, Dan. It doesn't matter if 3 miles or 300, the point is that you travelled
Dan Ruth Mar 08, 2012
He's not being ignorant, its the truth. Adding electric motor to cars adds about 800-1000 lbs, honestly make a car light and refine its gasoline engine and it will get good mpgs. Leave the hybrids in the priuses.
Phillip Fitchew Mar 08, 2012
Not sure if you're trolling... or just incredibly ignorant...
Matthew Paul Mar 08, 2012
If it can only run on electric for thirty miles. Dint put a freaking electric motor in it.
Matthew Paul Mar 08, 2012
Ooh! 30 whole miles!
Description: "I am very pleased to introduce you a new exploration of Infiniti design language and advanced technology. We have designed a shape of real energy and elegance, and one with the emotional flow yo...
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Mark O. Hunt Mar 10, 2012
Exactly what Clayton said. Beautiful car. Lexus = predator mouth.
Tyler Cook Mar 24, 2012
So your saying it's just a coincidence that they look so much alike!? I'm not buying it.....
Zaire Wilkins Mar 14, 2012
no car design is ever copied this was probly in the making since 2007 every car takes 3-5 years to design
Adam Zarytsky Mar 09, 2012
Yeah this totally looks like the NSX. How could I miss the sharp edgy lines on this car?
Ning Ge Mar 09, 2012
Yeah, only the first super car maker is awesome, others are all copycats and should go hell lol
Tyler Cook Mar 08, 2012
Hey Acura we really like your design for the NSX so we decided to use it too. Thanks, - Infinity
Humza Husain Mar 08, 2012
No... 402 hp= ENGINE + hybrid... If you replace the engine then is would be 420+ hybrid
Zaire Wilkins Mar 08, 2012
how bout the V8 from the M56 402hp+420hp 822hp :)
Johnny Hoover Mar 08, 2012
Would it be to much to put the Gtr engine one the rear of this beast!
Carlton Salmon Mar 08, 2012
That is one stunning looking car.
Borphan Limthong Mar 08, 2012
That women took all the toilet paper and wrapped herself in it
Puneet Dass Mar 08, 2012
That's a good looking ass