Description: Gemballa has been hard at work getting ready for this year's Geneva Motor Show. The Porsche tuning specialists have branched out of their comfort zone to work on a McLaren MP4-12C and then return...
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Cody Matthews Mar 09, 2012
But it's has a ton of power so you can't complain.
Rudolf Dassler Mar 08, 2012
Usually Gemballa make brutal cars... This just looks like s**t!
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Mar 08, 2012
I think it's really cool, but a bit too much!
Matthew Paul Mar 08, 2012
Oh god my eyes! These I forgot these guys were just as brutal as hamman and mansory. This is a crime against nature.
Rudolf Dassler Mar 08, 2012
Both are rather ugly. I prefer stock...
Pierre E Jean Mar 08, 2012
Great kit on the Cayenne but those green seats ...
Aislin Cooper Mar 08, 2012
I usually hate Cayenne tuners... Or rebadges or whatever. But that's not too shabby I guess
Description: The completely customized model was, in a former life, a Porsche Cayenne and now it boasts some serious power in the form of 721hp. Bigger brakes of the Brembo variety have been added to control the p...
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Description: The Gemballa GT, based on the McLaren MP4-12C, is another example of a tuning company taking liberties with the supercar already designed and engineered for near perfection. The Gemballa GT features a...
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Carlton Salmon Mar 08, 2012
@Justin couldn't agree more mate. Love the colour of this car but not such a big fan of the wheels.
Justin Chaplin Mar 08, 2012
R.I.P. To Uwe Gemballa...glad to see his company is still alive a kickin
Matthew Paul Mar 08, 2012
Surprisingly tasteful compared to their other works. Well done.
Andrew Hossann Mar 08, 2012
My bad it is a mclaren hah
Andrew Hossann Mar 08, 2012
It says it's a gemballa gt. But it's really nice anyway
Rudolf Dassler Mar 08, 2012
Oh my god... Sexy car, sexy colour!
Description: Getting back to the Porsches, Gemballa's take on the new 2012 Porsche 911 was quite simple and elegant. A set of straight-swap new front and rear bumpers along with side skirts were created almos...
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Description: Gemballa's final model at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show was an Aerokit for the 958 Cayenne. The kit features, predictably, an aerodynamic body kit including new carbon fiber front and rear spoilers ...
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Nick Schnee Mar 10, 2012
The Cayenne looks like a fat V8 Vantage now! :D
Andrew Holland Mar 08, 2012
I hate at car shows where the cars are so shiny that they always look bad in phoos
Matthew Paul Mar 08, 2012
Very classy, I'm impressed.
Miles Drinkwater Mar 08, 2012
Looks like they parked under a tree
Matthew Paul Mar 08, 2012
*gouges eyes out with a fork at this monstrosity.
Steven Nevets Mar 08, 2012
That Mclaren looks really good. The rest, not so much.