Comments - Brabus Goes for the Ultimate 120 in Geneva

Published: Mar 08, 2012
Description: Brabus, the German tuning company, is best known for their work added power and performance to normally hum-drum vehicles. Case-in-point: their latest program which focuses on the Smart ForTwo Cabriol...
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Description: The Smart ForTwo now puts out 118hp and 118 lb-ft of torque out of the little plant for performance times of 8.9-seconds for the 0-62mph sprint and a top speed of 112mph. It is certainly no 800hp V12 ...
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Paul Lissona Mar 08, 2012
It seems like it should be a little faster 0-60, Ig the transmission is slow idk.
Description: The interior receives a pair of Recaro racing seats, Brabus' own steering wheel, stainless-steel pedals, revised instruments and plenty of colored accents. Brabus has said that production of the ...
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Michael Gallagher Mar 09, 2012
Couldn't you buy a m3? You could buy a used Maserati (don't know why you would..) could buy a vintage Drumset, create your own recording studio and start a making more then 60k to buy a car
Frank Alberto Baez Mar 09, 2012
Bravo. 60k for that.
Rudolf Dassler Mar 08, 2012
That's a bargain for being a brabus...
Nathaniel Young Mar 08, 2012
A mustang? You could get an rs3 or an a1 quatro
Axel Cousins Mar 08, 2012
U could get a mustang instead of this piece of shit. The mustang is a lot nicer looking and a lot more powerful than this crappy golf cart.
Michael P Ross Mar 08, 2012
€46,000 for a small, slow, ugly car? You know that it will sell though. Proof of the negative correlation between wealth and intelligence.
Emil Kleijsen Mar 08, 2012
That's alot of money for that car..
Jason Levy Mar 08, 2012
That is the most expensive golf cart I have ever seen
Jason Anaya Mar 08, 2012
The rims actually don't make it look like a ricer! I must say, well done.
JGL Scuderia Mar 08, 2012
they are cool though
JGL Scuderia Mar 08, 2012
that is some big rims compared to the cars size.
Adam Lopinsky Mar 09, 2012
Those seats! Me gusta
Tomas Franquelli Mar 08, 2012
That's actually really nice-looking.