Comments - BMW M135i Concept Live Shots from Geneva

Published: Mar 08, 2012
Description: It appears as if an M-badged BMW 1-Series hatchback will never make its way to the streets. Well, BMW has attempted to quench our 'desire for a BMW performance hatch' thirst by unveiling the...
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Description: The M135i Concept reveals redesigned front and rear fascias, bigger brakes and M-badged 18-inch wheels. The BMW F20 1-Series on which the M135i Concept is based hasn't made its way across the pon...
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Das Stig Mar 09, 2012
This thing would be extremely rare like the z3 m coupe.
John Serely Mar 08, 2012
Stripes have to go, but besides that I would have no trouble picking this over the current 1 series M, or an a3 or the upcoming B class
Jamal Afzal Mar 08, 2012
Alright VW R36, let's race...
Andrew Hossann Mar 08, 2012
That stripe makes it look retarded
Mark Suvorov Mar 08, 2012
Back looks like polo isnt it
Eddie Filipovic Mar 08, 2012
These wheels look much better in real life.