Comments - AC Schnitzer Brings a Pair of BMWs to Geneva

Published: Mar 08, 2012
Description: German tuning firm AC Schnitzer wasted no time in getting their hands on a pair of BMW's latest models: the M5 and the newly redesigned 3-Series. Called the ASC5 Sport, their tuned M5 sedan boast...
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Description: Painted in a matte blue paint, we think it's a simple yet elegant interpretation of what's already the world's finest super sports sedan. In addition to the ASC5 Sport, AC Schnitzer als...
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Paul Lissona Mar 09, 2012
2.0 four cyl turbo or the 335i is turbo six.
Scott Gracey Mar 08, 2012
Generation* not change lol
Scott Gracey Mar 08, 2012
Newest/next change all come Standard with turbo inline 4s
Luke Murray Mar 08, 2012
I want the blue one looks dank
Paul Lissona Mar 09, 2012
They look really good, ready to run you off the road haha.
Darius Glover Mar 08, 2012
That 3 series looks awesome
Nick Benz Mar 08, 2012
Oh but it looks so mean!
Aislin Cooper Mar 08, 2012
The air intake on the M5 looks kinda weird with that grille
Kiran Ravindra Mar 09, 2012
2 different sets of wheels on the left and right sides? What?
Max Delena Mar 08, 2012
It's the size of a 5 series, holy crap
Nick Benz Mar 08, 2012
I think they could give up the rims on this side.
Carlton Salmon Mar 08, 2012
Love the colour of the 3-Series.
Luke Murray Mar 08, 2012
BMW is back in the game in terms of design flare!
Charlie D'Amato Mar 08, 2012
I don't really like the paint or wheels on either of them, but the performance mods are hard to argue with. That 2.0T I-4 seems pretty robust and it's already usurped the EA888 as best of its breed.
James Lynch-Sarasek Mar 08, 2012
I love matte paint if it's done well. Such as this
Carlton Salmon Mar 08, 2012
Hasn't matt paint had its day?
Michael Lopez Mar 08, 2012
I'm loving this paint job
Brandon Carr Mar 09, 2012
I just wonder why, of all the beamers, they decided to tune the huge executive sedans!? Why not an m3?