Description: An extreme version of the successful Amarok pick-up has been presented at Geneva in the form of the Amarok Canyon Concept that illustrates how versatile pickup configurations can be created, in this c...
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Description: "By tuning its design to an extreme sport, we are bringing the original DNA of the Amarok into focus," emphasized Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, Head of Development at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle...
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Shelby Hunter Ginsberg Mar 08, 2012
Reminds me of a cross between an F150 and a Chevy Colorado.
Noel Gonzalez Osito Mar 07, 2012
Say does this truck remind any of you military folks out there of the little diesel ford rangers used down range?
Jerry Cole Mar 07, 2012
Looks like they slapped a Golf onto a truck chassis and gave it a truck bed
Brandon Lidy Mar 07, 2012
Yeah a bad ass truck at that. Wish they would send it state side
Aislin Cooper Mar 07, 2012
I had no idea Volkswagen made a truck at all
Matthew Paul Mar 07, 2012
I love the amorak, can't wait until it comes to Canada.
Description: Wheel housings were widened by 35mm on each side to accommodate large AT tyres mounted on 'Durban' type wheels painted in High Gloss Adamantium Dark. Two carbon-fiber kayaks are mounted to t...
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Nick Benz Mar 07, 2012
So you have a spot for your gear, but they forgot one: where are you gonna keep your case of beer?
Description: Power comes from a 2.0-liter TDi bi-turbo with 180hp and 295lb-ft of torque, while a switchable 4MOTION AWD system, reduction gearbox, and differential lock at the rear axle provides effective power t...
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Reece Rhys Loughmiller Aug 12, 2012
But will it Baja?
Waleed Alshahri May 03, 2012
It is not up to the expectation. I bought a 2012 amarok 2L bi turbo TDI 4Motion. It should be equipped with 4000 cc patrol engine at least to be as good as Fronteir.
Simon Trépanier Mar 08, 2012
US VW dealers said No to sell the Amarok. I'm not surprise: US buyers are not ready yet for a full seize pick-up with a turbo-diesel four and a manual tranny...
Matthew Paul Mar 07, 2012
They are bringing it (to Canada at least) by 2015 I believe, it will probably look different by then though
Patrick Joseph Mar 07, 2012
They will I heard today. At work the lads said VW plans on selling the scirocco in America. Didn't hear it myself but that's what the said.
Clint Edwards Mar 07, 2012
Funny how VW plans to become the world's biggest manufacturer, yet they won't even let us get the Scirocco
Mason Christopher Thomas Mar 07, 2012
I hate how all the really cool vw never come to America now a days.
Hektor Yberg Mar 07, 2012
Not even the ford mustang is buyable in Sweden so don't say that all the cool stuff is in Europe!!!
Brandon Lidy Mar 07, 2012
The Amarok has been around longer than the new canyons
Timothy Hooker Mar 07, 2012
Wow I love this.. bring to US! We never get the cool toys
Mike Lasenby Mar 07, 2012
Rip off of the gmc canyon IMO
Nicolas Blake Mullen Mar 07, 2012
I think it's awesome! I'd buy one
Joshua Ryan Mar 07, 2012
Why can't we have this in the US? Aghhhh!!!
Osian Williams Mar 07, 2012
Iv been in one of them their really nice my dads mate has one :)
Joseph Dalton Mar 08, 2012
This is very close to a Nissan frontier. unfortunately VW will not put Any real power in the small truck. As a result nobody will want to buy it.
Simon Trépanier Mar 08, 2012
The Amarok is much bigger than a Ranger. It's allmost as big as the F-150 !
Clint Edwards Mar 07, 2012
No big loss there, never was too impressed with the Ranger. Can't keep clutches in em and bleeding a clutch in one is about as fun as exploratory surgery
Bob Jones Mar 07, 2012
They still make Rangers, the new ones just aren't sold in the US
Ben Swain Mar 07, 2012
The ranger plant reopened a couple of months ago. And i think the vw truck is hideous. It looks like a Jetta and a Chevy cannon crossed paths.
Mike Truman Mar 07, 2012
There is no Ford Ranger anymore
Matt Piccolo Mar 07, 2012
I'd take it over all of them, ncluding the ranger!!!!, FOR SURE
Chris Tietjen Mar 07, 2012
I would take this over all the US small trucks.... Except for the ford ranger
Paul Lissona Mar 09, 2012
Yah whatever's in the bed looks bad but nice truck.
Tyson Broadbent Mar 07, 2012
Haha, or the river kayaks!
Jitendra Patel Mar 07, 2012
Those look like cadillac escalade taillights
Dale Schroeder Mar 07, 2012
@Jack: It probably won't. VW won't let us Americans have any of the fun stuff they make anymore.
Jack Thomas Mar 07, 2012
And you never mention if it will come to the us
Luis Lujan Mar 08, 2012
Haha! Nobody likes kayaking that much.
Boyd Boudreaux Mar 07, 2012
Looks like giant slippers