Description: For a Mansory this isn't as outlandish as you'd expect, and simply gets some new bodywork up front including wider fenders, a new front apron, lip and wings, and a larger lower intake. What ...
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John Serely Mar 07, 2012
@mathew just wht I was thinking lol
Matthew Paul Mar 07, 2012
Oh god. Brace for impact...
Description: Reports suggest the power stands at 754hp and 553lb-ft of torque and that the supercar can now sprint from 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds and hit a 220 mph top speed, gaining 3mph on the standard Aventador.
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Adam SpankySlaps Mar 07, 2012
@steven I don't know if was official, but I've seen a video of a guy hitting above 230 in an Aventador
Steven Schott Mar 07, 2012
Didn't they find out that the stock ones top speed was mistaken and it actually went like 230? Or am I mistaken? Please know your facts before you answer my question.
Irvenderjit Singh Pannu Mar 07, 2012
Anyone else thinking about road rage
Irvenderjit Singh Pannu Mar 07, 2012
Yup stock does do 0-100 in 2.9
Faeez Saif Mar 07, 2012
0.1 second increase , stock does it in 2.9 secs
Hektor Yberg Mar 07, 2012
You can't use too much carbon fiber
Cody Matthews Mar 07, 2012
It wants to eat you soul!
Ross Taylor Mar 07, 2012
Those wheels remind me of the "salad shooter" wheels that 93-97 camaros often came with...each to their own i guess, but I think they are hideous. I do like the carbon fiber on the front valance though...
Boyd Boudreaux Mar 07, 2012
Bob that's like saying your teeth are to white
Brandon Whybrew Mar 07, 2012
@Chris. alfas ?? really though aren't pretty. lambos don't have to be pretty but they sure don't need to look this stupid. there's a difference between being shocking and hideously shocking
Rob walker Mar 07, 2012
Hi we're Mansory and we'd like you to give us a sh*t load if money so we can mess with your cars precision engineering, put a foil wrap on it and then spunk carbon fibre on every visible surface. Have a nice day.
Ben Arends Mar 07, 2012
Actually I like it. Outrageous. Lol
Antonio Falsetti Mar 07, 2012
Umm why do this to this car?
Paul Dickey Mar 07, 2012
Problem is once you get over the shock you realize how ugly it is.
Chris Hiatt Mar 07, 2012
^ as all Lambos should. If you want pretty, look at Astons or Alfas. This is about shock value, and Mansory delivered, again.
Timothy Hooker Mar 07, 2012
By throws it off I mean badly btw.
Timothy Hooker Mar 07, 2012
Agree on the wheels..throws it off. I usually don't like video game paint but this looks ok
Marc Jones Mar 07, 2012
Wheels are just incredible
Nick Pietropaolo Mar 07, 2012
this is unbelievable.its great.I wish I had one more now than ever.normally I would hate those wheels but with the body work on this I think they got perfectly
Rockesh Boulder Mar 07, 2012
Mansard is the best tuner!
Isaac Rezkalla Mar 07, 2012
This looks like a monster
Fabian Pioro Mar 27, 2012
Yea, wheels look like some painted sunfire rims!
John Serely Mar 07, 2012
Wow... This would certainly draw a lot of attention. As if the aventador did not enough attention before lol
Dillon Magee Mar 07, 2012
Not bad. On any other car, those rims would be hideous.
Matthew Reindorp Mar 07, 2012
Don't like the back end
Matthew Paul Mar 07, 2012
I didn't think it was possible to ruin an adventador to this degree.
Brandon Whybrew Mar 07, 2012
less is better in some cases on cars and this company doesn't understand this
Cody Matthews Mar 07, 2012
How have they ruined it? They improved it and added more appealing body features, accenting them with CF.
Axel Cousins Mar 07, 2012
It looks very cool. And also the McLaren. I like what they did with it.
Paul Pickard Mar 07, 2012
Mansory has done it again. They ruined another work of art.
Zack Herzer Mar 07, 2012
Ds3 rally car in the back is way better
Carlton Salmon Mar 07, 2012
Would've looked much cleaner of it were all the same colour, which I really like by the way.
Max Müller Mar 07, 2012
Well, that's called tuning and if you don't like tuning, you can buy/watch normal cars.
Antonio Falsetti Mar 07, 2012
that wing looks like it creates lift instead of down force.
Dom Nolan Mar 07, 2012
They need to make it all one colour and it won't look like such a mess
Tin Nguyen Mar 07, 2012
It looks like a matchbox car. Too much cf pieces everywhere.
Michael Evans Mar 07, 2012
Like the lights sort of need to bring the lights out
David Harris Mar 07, 2012
They made it look worse. It looks bigger
JGL Scuderia Mar 07, 2012
really like all the carbon fibre
Matt Wolodkiewicz Mar 12, 2012
The back end looks good to me but I'm not talking about the car
Forrest Wood Mar 07, 2012
That back end doesn't look good at all
Andrew Wright Mar 07, 2012
I can understand accenting with a little CF. This is not a little.
Brandon Whybrew Mar 07, 2012
they chose just random pieces for carbon fiber... either do the whole thing or none at all
Jason Brown Mar 07, 2012
You guys are right. A bit over the top on the carbon fiber. The car looks great as is...
Matt Wolodkiewicz Mar 12, 2012
Yup one of the ugliest interiors by far
Hektor Yberg Mar 07, 2012
That is the ugliest interior I've ever seen!!!!!
Timothy Hooker Mar 07, 2012
These seats want me to sit in them..come to me baby
Michael Evans Mar 07, 2012
Need lights in the orange trim of seats and you a tron seat covers lol
Thibault Leroy Mar 07, 2012
is it just me or did they take off the lambo badge on the steering wheel?!?