Description: With the exception of SEAT, Spain is not often associated with modern auto production. And while we think that SEAT has tons of potential, there's also another automaker looking to make its mark....
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Matt Robbins Mar 12, 2012
The exhaust will make no deference in it's overall feel. It can make it louder, more aggressive yes; but it can do nothing for it's firing order that makes it buslike Check for yourself:
Matt Robbins Mar 12, 2012
It's very possible, just not from the factory since they are bound by the EPA and phony Obama regulations. Which if you had read my posts Mikey, you would understand how that affects car manufacturers and HP numbers.
Michael Kozlowski Mar 08, 2012
I wasn't hating. All I said was that I wanna see the NEW viper throwing out numbers like this because its not even near impossible.
Drew J. Kleyweg Mar 08, 2012
his point is, people were hatin on the viper. this has the same engine so they are being ignorant for hating.
Justin Routh Mar 08, 2012
Matt it could sound alot different... Ever consiter the upgrades they do to the engine plus theyre gonna be using a complete different exhause system
Michael Kozlowski Mar 08, 2012
Because you're clearly being the "adult" Matt with your "rebuttal" comment. Btw next time I want to know a useless story about boutique auto whatever I'll ask. But, cool story Matt. And my mom is vewy prowd of me like you said.
Matt Robbins Mar 08, 2012
Way to be incapable of forming an adult rebuttal Mikey. I'm sure your Mommy's vewy prowd.
Matt Robbins Mar 07, 2012
Since they have zero R&D into the engine they can invest that money into improving the performance of whatever base engine they've chosen for their car. Brilliant really
Matt Robbins Mar 07, 2012
Lol at the two tool bags below me. This is the same odd firing V10 as in the Gen III Vipers so it's not gonna sound on bit "better". As for the HP difference, boutique auto manufacturers have more wiggle room with emissions than the big guys. Also..
Scott Gracey Mar 07, 2012
Yeah this V10 makes the viper look like a piece of shit haha
Ross Taylor Mar 07, 2012
@Phillip...check out the Agera R...or the Veyron...maybe the Hennessey Venom too....wayyyyyy more power..of course its turbo'ed and not N/A, but the drivetrain doesnt know the difference...power is power...
Ross Taylor Mar 07, 2012
You dont see those cars having drivetrain issues...and they have 200+hp more than this car.., ..people need to do some more research lol
Ross Taylor Mar 07, 2012
I couldn't agree more Matt, 840 hp is a lot, but not THAT much when you consider the hp of a pro street/funny car/top fuel car, and not to mention the Veyron and Agera R and other hypercars that pack over 1000 hp with no driveline problems/failures..
Nick Benz Mar 07, 2012
Jimmy yea but it made its debut at geneva. The past article was a Leaked: article
Michael Kozlowski Mar 07, 2012
Take notes SRT...I wanna see the new viper cranking out some numbers like this!!
Nick Benz Mar 07, 2012
Yo Carbuzz. When are you gonna do an article on the new A class? I wanna see it
Tomas Franquelli Mar 07, 2012
Most comments on this forum are absolute drivel nonsense. Which is why I don't normally comment. Haha
Mike Lee Mar 07, 2012
Haha i tend to agree Matt. Most comments i c are ppl tryna sound like an expert car engineers and/or designers. Cant just respect the professionalism and intelligence that is required to build and market these cars.
Matt Robbins Mar 07, 2012
Lol those aren't the most educated comments y'all have ever made. Can't tell if you're hating, or just stupid
Level Up Customs Mar 07, 2012
The torque converter will be destroyed. who ever is driving will have fun doing it.
Phillip Greene Mar 07, 2012
Might be a chystler motor and why? Cuz no car and history has ever had that much power right?
Danny Alvarado Mar 07, 2012
@Bob I thought the exact same thing!
Bob Jones Mar 07, 2012
Youtube makes supercars now?
JGL Scuderia Mar 07, 2012
ferrari performance but not as exiting and flamboyent. just not as good as a ferrari. but it looks alright
Serg Tarasyuk Mar 07, 2012
Reminds me of a lotus
Level Up Customs Mar 07, 2012
it looks like a super car I can never afford and probably will never see. I do like those projector headlights though.
Chang Chen Mar 07, 2012
The front looks a bit like that Mexican "super car".
Description: The automaker claims the Spano can hit 62 mph in only 2.9 seconds. Yes, we're talking about Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari F12berlinetta fast. Constructed of such materials like titanium, carb...
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Ferrari360guy Mar 07, 2012
thats fast but both the lambo and ferrari have 100 less hp and are that fast. give the ferrari and lambo 840hp they would be really fast.
Level Up Customs Mar 07, 2012
where is the youtube link so I can witness this rocket launch
Description: For those fortunate enough to have the dough to grab one, they will have official bragging rights to claim that their Spano, built by a small Spanish boutique company, is faster to 62 mph than the als...
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Pratik Parija Mar 08, 2012
A Ferrari is a Ferrari
Jason Brower Mar 07, 2012
More common, and I'm sure in a decade it will be widespread. Just look at turbocharging, it did the same.
Jason Brower Mar 07, 2012
@Michael, but those impractical cars become test beds for technology that makes its way into road cars. Look at carbon fiber, a decade ago if you had suggested putting it into any non-hypercar you would have been laughed at. Now it's becoming much
Jean Jbeily Mar 07, 2012
Buy a 911 turbo S which can go from 0-100 faster and with much better price
Bob Turefannt Mar 07, 2012
But the real question is. Does it blend?
Michael Beach Mar 07, 2012
Would simply be too high for 99.99% of people. They're not gonna waste their time.
Michael Beach Mar 07, 2012
All the major car companies can build 900hp cars with sub 3 second 0-60 times. They can all use carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, bullshitanium. It's the fact that the car will be astronomically expensive to r&d, test and build that the retail price
Zachlajoie Mar 08, 2012
the lines on this car are fantastic.
Jason Brower Mar 07, 2012
Those wheels kind of remind me of blq's
rockstarTc Mar 07, 2012
wow looking at it in the front it looks dull, but now looks amazing gorgeous lines with the power to back it up, damn!
Dustin Emerick Mar 07, 2012
What's its top speed
Level Up Customs Mar 07, 2012
if I could afford it I would keep it in a glass case! This thing is s trophy
Dillon Magee Mar 07, 2012
Wow. That's impressive.
Timothy Hooker Mar 07, 2012
Beautiful body. This looks way better than the new Ferrari....Said it!
Jacob Lerklint Mar 07, 2012
Hate the look of this thing
shabbat73 Mar 12, 2012
The front looks fine but the interior and the rear look awful. I will take a Ferrari over this any day
Ben Watson Mar 07, 2012
Can't say i like the wheels.
rockstarTc Mar 07, 2012
yeah you can buy a kit and do that on any car, you just would need to shave off the door handles
Jerry Cole Mar 07, 2012
That technology isn't new! My dad got that on his '86 corvette about 7 years ago
Casper Due Hansen Mar 07, 2012
@Badoor. I guess they're using the same technology as on the McLaren MP4-12C. It's a kind of a touch surface that allows you to open the door with just laying your hand on the spot where the door-handle normally would be
Badoor Nasser Mobarak Mar 07, 2012
Where IS the door handle¿¿...
Level Up Customs Mar 07, 2012
I like the hidden door handle
Jackson Michael Mar 07, 2012
I like the oval around the door
Abdul Koli Sadik Koli Mar 08, 2012
The sides jus like a bugati..
rockstarTc Mar 07, 2012
Yeah I think they look more like Spano tail lights, could be wrong...
Jerry Cole Mar 07, 2012
IMO, I dnt c any of those resemblances.. All I see is uniquely raw style!!
NalaKing Mar 07, 2012
Gumpert Apollo rear lights
David Tyler Mar 07, 2012
porche mixed with mclaren mp4 and bugatti veyron is wha i see
Badoor Nasser Mobarak Mar 07, 2012
Noooo the porsche taillights
Peter Squire Mar 07, 2012
The rear is from telsa IMO
Jack Hufford Mar 07, 2012
That rear looks pretty sweet.
Joel Hayes Mar 07, 2012
Rear lights remind me of Gumpert
Luke Bailey Mar 07, 2012
or eclipse lights....
Level Up Customs Mar 07, 2012
They would have done well w/o the LEDs in the tail and headlights
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Mar 07, 2012
Ferrari front? I was thinking McLaren
Michael Beach Mar 07, 2012
Front end is Ferrari, middle is bugatti, rear is Audi
NML1998 Feb 06, 2014
back luks almost like mitsubishi eclipse
Pratik Parija Mar 08, 2012
Grand Theft Auto. Lol
Vito Portanova Mar 07, 2012
No I think same thing. It's ok. It just doesn't doing anything for me. Too alien like. Almost like the Lamborghini aventador.
rockstarTc Mar 07, 2012
@nikolaos how do you think its ugly??? I think your the only one that thinks that
wmg Mar 07, 2012
yeah I see a bit of the Apollo back there.
Nikolaos Falagaras Mar 07, 2012
ugly f___ing car,, it has no beauty at all,, even a Seat looks better,, you cant compare this with the new f12 not even the same class,, very ugly with no feeling what so ever!
Bill Bailey Mar 07, 2012
Looks like a toned down gumpert, dont like it.
Elias Harb Mar 07, 2012
We need bigger exhausts
Phillip Fitchew Mar 07, 2012
I think it looks amazing BUT... I don't like the red lettering, either, and the exhaust looks a bit restrictive.
Irish Mar 07, 2012
Level up iam guessing one might be a reversing light and the other for a hazard light, just a guess.
Level Up Customs Mar 07, 2012
Are those lights at the center bottom? why different colors?
Level Up Customs Mar 07, 2012
That's a nice behind!!
Jacob Lerklint Mar 07, 2012
Agree , it looks like an eclipse
Thibault Leroy Mar 07, 2012
the back looks like an eclipse for some reason
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Mar 07, 2012
As a spanish.... I couldn't be prouder too
David Eslava Mar 07, 2012
As a Spaniard, I couldn't be prouder
Peter Jalsaeng Kim Mar 07, 2012
the red letterings look cheap... IMO they shouldnt have done it in red
Timothy Hooker Mar 07, 2012
That's a beautiful rear
Paul Konstek Mar 08, 2012
How can a manual box change as fast as 200th of a second?
rockstarTc Mar 07, 2012
I dont think it looks bad, only think i would change, is add some white accents to the seats
Joshua Ryan Mar 07, 2012
Yeah this is one of the worst interiors I've ever seen.
Andrew Hornby Mar 07, 2012
On the auto vs. manual debate, manual boxes can be just as fast or even faster if you know how to shift properly. Auto boxes can be sluggish in their gear changes and weigh considerably more than manual boxes in most cases (i.e two identical cars)
Tomas Franquelli Mar 07, 2012
Also, bear in mind this was a flash camera, which makes anything look like shit...
Level Up Customs Mar 07, 2012
Yet the interior may be effective, the appearance is sub par.
Craig Smith Mar 07, 2012
Love the exterior, inside however… Wow that's crappy looking! To warrant the inevitable high price tag I'd want the interior to look great too! Overall package guys… don't forget that!!
Noel Gonzalez Osito Mar 07, 2012
"flappy paddles" and autos will be quicker, but they're just not as high on the coolness chart as a manual is. Slush boxes are kind of "girly". Testosterone driven creatures enjoy the feeling of roughing a cars gears into submission. Hehe...
Ignigena Quintus Mar 07, 2012
Just the esential. Basic. Raw. I like it very much.
Brandon L. Leak Mar 07, 2012
I know gear heads don't like autos, or paddle shift, but science speaks for itself. Manufacturers are going after 0-60 and 0-100-0 times. And autos and Ferrari like paddle shifting is proving to be much, much quicker than an old fashioned manual.
Aaron Abely Mar 07, 2012
Damn it's an slush box