Comments - Ferrari F12berlinetta Makes its Live Geneva Premiere

Published: Mar 07, 2012
Description: There's no question about it: the all-new Ferrari F12berlinetta is downright gorgeous. Even in pictures, it's evidently clear this is a very special Ferrari and could very well go down in hi...
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Loren Salushi Mar 07, 2012
Ur right it is a 6.3L
Michael Kozlowski Mar 07, 2012
Uhh someone correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the FF have a 6.3L V12??
Cian Rules Mar 07, 2012
Gosh i wonder what it is hhmmmm why cover it when everyones seen it
Description: Not only is it smaller and lighter than the 599 Fiorano it replaces, but Ferrari's new flagship is also more efficient, with 30 percent better fuel economy. In addition, it has a lower center of ...
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Description: In terms of exterior styling, we absolutely love it, but a few have found it a bit polarizing, but overall it's a worthy successor to not just the 599, but also many of Ferrari's most famous...
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Mike Bradnan Mar 15, 2012
Absolutely beautiful!! Love at first sight for me!!
Brad Vanderveen Mar 09, 2012
All this aventador talk. Are you kidding me!!?? The lambo might be faster but the styling on this Ferrari is amazing. The lambo may look alright but it looks like every other lambo. Lamborghini has one design. One. All they're cars look identicle.
Pratik Parija Mar 08, 2012
What looks & sound! Awesome!
Steven Schott Mar 08, 2012
If Ferrari wanted to beat Lamborghini in 0-60 and top speed, they would. They're more focused on making a car that has incredible driving dynamics. Whereas Audi(Lamborghini) only cares about making money.
Steven Schott Mar 08, 2012
It will make the aventador it's bitch on the track; which is pretty much what both companies are aiming for. The Ferrari looks like arms fantasy car, while the Lamborghini looks like a little girls fantasy car. Ferrari wins again; hands down.
Justin Routh Mar 08, 2012
@Thibualt youre not gonna go from 0-60 or hit top speed on a race track therefore those numbers dont mean anything. Avendator is only faster on launch because of AWD
Thibault Leroy Mar 08, 2012
well actualy the avantador is faster in both acceleration and top speed and its AWD so no the F12 is not better than the Avantador
Steven Schott Mar 08, 2012
Holy shit. I can't stop watching this video. This thing beats the crap out of the Aventador, for me. Wow! It's absolutely beautiful from every angle, it sounds amazing, it's super fast, and it handles like a true sports car. Can't wait to see more.
Josh Melhorn Mar 07, 2012
I'm sorry, but if I had to choose this or the Lamborghini Aventador, I would go Lambo all the way. Too much FF for me. Plus the Aventador is just gorgeous
Zack Herzer Mar 07, 2012
Nm the whole video was awesome except for the stupid music, should have been classic Italian music.
Zack Herzer Mar 07, 2012
That video was so. Awesome at the beginning
Thibault Leroy Mar 07, 2012
@Alex yea i know i see the supra in it too
Alex Souvall Mar 07, 2012
Not so much from the back, but at other angles it looks kinda like a Toyota supra. Just more edgy and with a face...
Steven Schott Mar 07, 2012
The racing look, not the luxurious, blow your mind, pull up to the red carpet, look. I love it.
Steven Schott Mar 07, 2012
This car deserves a standing ovation. I think it's exterior is absolutely stunning in every way. I would have preferred them use a new interior scheme than they're used to, but it still looks great. You just have to remember that they're going for
Jesse Krim Mar 07, 2012
Rear is also almost exactly like the FF. C'MON FERRARI! We wanted a new car! Not a spin off of all the other recent ones!
Jesse Krim Mar 07, 2012
@leroy, I couldnt agree more! The car doesn't look that totally amazing, I think it's all the hype that people have built up and they can't bring themselves to see the car and see its not that cool. Grill-FF headlights-FF and 458, side-599
Thibault Leroy Mar 07, 2012
for some reason i dont really like the looks of it. i mean at first i really liked it and stuff but then when i look at it now it just doesnt look right with that hole in the hood and the rear doesnt look righ either. it feels like they took every ferrari and put it into one its like incest and this is what came out
Matthew McKernan Mar 07, 2012
Thats an awesome video. I love this car!
Michael Ioia Mar 07, 2012
Just awesome!!! Love it
Zack Herzer Mar 07, 2012
Damn those are 2 awesome cars
Timothy Hooker Mar 07, 2012
Put the cover back on. I'd rather stare at a 458.
Vic Orutsahakij Mar 10, 2012
250GTO is a good front engine Ferrari. But way expensive....
Daniel Hendrickson Mar 09, 2012
i like the car but it seems like every new ferarri has to have the same head lights and rear lights.
Kaden Dauter Mar 09, 2012
It looks fantastic, but Ferrari don't have a very good front engine history.... Seeing as how the 599 handles like crap and the FF is very unbalanced, hope this works!
Nick Christensen Mar 08, 2012
More like the California and ff had a baby. Check the side lines. Straight from the californja
Max Delena Mar 07, 2012
It's like a ff and a 599 had a baby
grant.c Mar 12, 2012
love this car... think the headlights look awesome.
Vic Orutsahakij Mar 10, 2012
Just it's sisters is ugly doesn't it's has too be ugly too!
Vic Orutsahakij Mar 10, 2012
But I think all cars manufacture have all their cars look similar to each other anyway...why ppl complain about it's look like the FF or California? It's a good looking car.
Alex Bouckley Mar 07, 2012
Is it really F12berlinetta not F12 Berlinetta?
Steven Schott Mar 07, 2012
It does look similar to their other cars, but their other cars are all unique and beautiful; so that's a good thing.
Nick Schnee Mar 07, 2012
Alex, that's exactly want I meant to say. This is a revamped FF, with a touch of California.
Alex Nelson Mar 07, 2012
Bland as in it looks like half their other cars that are already out. If they want to make it a groundbreaking car, they need a groundbreaking look, not just copy pastefrom the rest of their line up
Steven Schott Mar 07, 2012
Ferrari needs to ax the FF, and rename the California. Then they'll have an incredible line-up.
Steven Schott Mar 07, 2012
Bland? What the shit is bland about this car? It's evil, extreme, and GORGEOUS!!
Avery Williams Mar 07, 2012
So much better looking at it in person.
Nick Schnee Mar 07, 2012
I really don't see why everyone is obsessed with that car. It's bland, doesn't have any exotic, nice looking details and the rear is but a fail.
Justin Mather Mar 07, 2012
I love the headlights, they give the car a sinister look.
Logan Oleary Mar 07, 2012
My two favorite Ferraris.
JGL Scuderia Mar 07, 2012
just absolutly stunning
Carlton Salmon Mar 07, 2012
Me too but I prefer the wheels it had in all the official press photos.
Rami Wilson Mar 07, 2012
I would Take the F12 Berlinetta over the 458 any day.
Timothy Hooker Mar 07, 2012
This is a bit plain. The 458 is pure exotic.
Dillon Dixon Mar 07, 2012
Give me the 458 spyder in the back
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Mar 07, 2012
Finally a good angled pic
Hayden Davis Mar 21, 2012
the FF and california had a tard baby
grant.c Mar 12, 2012
not sure about that rear window
Matt Piccolo Mar 09, 2012
I like it, it's different!!
Isaac Rezkalla Mar 07, 2012
Im not liking that back
grant.c Mar 12, 2012
like the 458 spider even more in the back.
Vic Orutsahakij Mar 10, 2012
It's look like Alfa 8c more than it's look like the FF. And that is a good looking car!
Matt Piccolo Mar 09, 2012
That rear is really different and I really like it!! :D
Mark Hewlett Mar 07, 2012
Just as ugly as I thought it would be
Justin Routh Mar 07, 2012
I love it too. I love the entire car
Bob Jones Mar 07, 2012
Am I the only one that loves the back? It looks amazing, definitely my favorite part of the car.
Ignigena Quintus Mar 07, 2012
I was loving this car so much till I saw the back. I like the car anyway but it could have been perfect.
patrick Mar 07, 2012
I agree with Jacob the BA k to that is ugly
Jacob Lerklint Mar 07, 2012
I'd rather have the 458 spider in the back
grant.c Mar 12, 2012
what are the orange lights for?
Andrew Ground Mar 10, 2012
Love the angles and love the way they have tried to break up the normal GT depressing lines. Good job!