Description: The Opel Ampera, the European version of the Chevrolet Volt, has won the Car of the Year (COTY) award for 2012. The award was decided by a jury of 29 senior European journalists from the leading motor...
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Description: The Ampera received 330 points easily beating the Volkswagen UP! with 281 points, and the Ford Focus with 256 points. The Range Rover Evoque ranked fourth with 186 points in front of the Fiat Panda wi...
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thelornin Jun 27, 2012
But the the UP! won the worlds best car 2012
Description: The competition is open to all cars from all countries that are available in at least five European nations and are expected to sell 5,000 units annually. Past award winners used the prestige extensiv...
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Bill Bailey Mar 09, 2012
Batteries are not the way foward.
Christopher Hines Mar 08, 2012
Global warming is not real !
Buddy Robinson Mar 07, 2012
Dumb, I mean the volt. Go get a Prius and save your hard earned money. I respect Eco cars but ive gotta say, I hated the volt
Jason Brown Mar 07, 2012
It is sad to see such a great car and idea be put in hold.
Jason Brown Mar 07, 2012
Sulfur based. They are talking about reducing electric cars to help improve air quality there. Not what you would have thought. So the problem is the price of these things. At 40k you can buy other a Prius and many years of gas with the savings.
Jason Brown Mar 07, 2012
Not sure the environmental impact has anything to do with it. Take a look at China, they are having huge unexpected problem from all the electric cars now. The power plants that generate all the electricity are mostly coal, and mostly the high
Justin Pedoto Mar 07, 2012
maybe its because people see that the environmental impacts are higher than the gas benefits, and that the batteries can only take you 40 miles on a charge
Colby Church Mar 07, 2012
I think they're nice. And well built and engineered.
Forrest Wood Mar 07, 2012
The government is the only one buying and using these POS cars
Donald Pittman Mar 07, 2012
Go look up the Cadillac volt concept car, saw it in person and it looked great ( it wasn't really called a volt but I forgot the name, it's based on the same platform).
Daniel Marino Mar 07, 2012
I kind of like the front of the volt better. This looks very Honda-ish
Igor Natsioks Mar 07, 2012
Because its in Europe :)
Ovais Mirza Mar 07, 2012
Why does this look more badass...
Colby Church Mar 07, 2012
With some 18 inch black glossy wheels this wouldn't be bad.
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Mar 07, 2012
It looks like the rice burner "my Honda is faster then your Mazda" version of the volt..
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Mar 07, 2012
Deff better looking than volt