Comments - 2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Has its World Debut

Published: Mar 07, 2012
Description: For those who thought that Mitsubishi was on its way out, the Japanese automaker would very much like to remind us that that simply not true. While they've discontinued once popular models such a...
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Luis Lujan Mar 08, 2012
Fail. Mitsu needs to go away.
Clint Edwards Mar 07, 2012
I think I'd rather have a Can-Am Outlander
Description: For 2013, this all-new Outlander will be making its way to showrooms and Mitsubishi is anxious to tell us that the CUV is truly new from the ground up. This new mid-size CUV features the automaker&apo...
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Luis Lujan Mar 08, 2012
V6 are the epitome of mediocrity. Either you care about MPGs or BHPs. Middle of the road, gray area engines are for wankers.
Simon Trépanier Mar 08, 2012
Those engine choses are for Europe for sure... There's a V6 plan for USA market, No?
Description: Mitsubishi also cut overall weight through optimization of the body structure and further use of high-tensile strength steel pressings. Along with many new advanced safety features, Mitsubishi is clea...
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Rick Feeney Apr 06, 2012
This is awful!! I'll take a Sport instead!
Paul Lissona Mar 10, 2012
Haha like a joke, suv uh not as bad maybe.
Luis Lujan Mar 08, 2012
That dead ostrich around her waist, someone remove it!!
Buddy Robinson Mar 07, 2012
What happened to their new grill theme?
Igor Natsioks Mar 07, 2012
Fill in the blank: she is _______!
Paul Lissona Mar 10, 2012
Yah I remember those monteros but nobody bought mitsubishis here.
Chad Hunter Mar 07, 2012
Is that a pic of the Montero at the top right? I think they still make them its just not sold here anymore. Poor U.S. sales
Jesse Williams Aug 02, 2012
It would look better without the light bar.
Simon Trépanier Mar 08, 2012
No longer a compact SUV... Is it replacing the Endavor?
Chad Hunter Mar 08, 2012
Lol yea forgot about the Eclipse
Buddy Robinson Mar 07, 2012
Sad Chad, the 2g eclipse turbo 4wd was a rocket
Chad Hunter Mar 07, 2012
The last generation outlander looked real nice before they changed the front grille. Now it just looks like crap. The evo is the only Mitsu i would touch.
Josiah Thomas Clements Mar 07, 2012
Ew... Horrible. Just horrible
Rick Feeney Apr 06, 2012
Looks outdated and cheap! Take a que from Hyundai
Esteban Copaja Thielemann Mar 13, 2012
At least the interior looks good
Dale Schroeder Mar 07, 2012
Bland inside and out, and the performance specs are pretty unimpressive too. I don't see this standing out in an already over-saturated market.
Simon Trépanier Mar 08, 2012
Those pics are from an car show in Europe (Geneva?) where the manual tranny is avaiable. The article talks about the transmission that will be avaiable in USA.
Bob Jones Mar 07, 2012
Yeah that definitely looks like a stick, why's the article say its only available with a slushbox or CVT?
David Munasinghe Mar 07, 2012
A real stick shift for a change. :)