Description: Production has already commenced of the updated California with first deliveries scheduled for Europe, and with a 30kg drop in weight married to a 30hp boost in power, the mid-cycle refresh is certain...
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Cody Matthews Mar 08, 2012
It looks better but I still don't really like it. I prefer the mid engines.
Justin Harris Mar 08, 2012
Its a beautiful looking car for anyone who says it isn't. Its the fact that it had a Ferrari badge on it that makes it ugly. WE all expected a lot more from Ferrari in the vicious look department.
Dale Schroeder Mar 08, 2012
@John: And by entry level you mean a money sink for people who don't realize every Ferrari comes with huge maintenance costs. There's no such thing as a cheap Ferrari, except maybe a scrapped one.
Quinn Edgington Mar 08, 2012
U guys know why its faster a station wagon kicked its butt in a drag
Zachary Sindelar Mar 07, 2012
Ordinary cars are starting to look better than the expensive ones.
John Falcone Mar 07, 2012
I love Ferraris, but the California isn't my favorite. Its not a wicked performer and as far as Ferraris go, its not that expensive. In thirty or forty years, the California will serve the same purpose that the 308/328 does today. A great entry-level Ferrari.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Mar 07, 2012
For me it's the opposite, love the front, hate the back!
Abraham Mendoza Mar 07, 2012
I don't love it, but a lot of peo
Rudolf Dassler Mar 07, 2012
This has to be my least favourite Ferrari. The front looks dull.. I like the back though...
Buddy Robinson Mar 07, 2012
To be honest, this is the only production Ferrari I like right now
JGL Scuderia Mar 07, 2012
looks way better than the old one and the old one looked great
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Mar 07, 2012
I'll break the opinion pattern. This Ferrari is beautiful :)
Jack Higgins Mar 07, 2012
The most beautiful Ferrari.
Thibault Leroy Mar 07, 2012
i dont really like the california
Nick Sti Mar 07, 2012
The forgotten Ferrari. The back was a disaster
Description: As a consequence of these power enhancements and new chassis, manufactured using "cutting-edge aluminium fabrication techniques and construction technologies used by the Scaglietti Centre of Exce...
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Cody Matthews Mar 08, 2012
Yeah I would prefer to get the C6 Vette. Put a little money in it that ou save from not getting this and bam! Street killer.
Phillip Holbrook Mar 08, 2012
They are base vette 0-60 is 4.1
Devin Mortenson Mar 08, 2012
I actually like both cars but I am pretty sure the 0-60 time on this Ferrari and the standard corvettes are really close
Devin Mortenson Mar 08, 2012
Oh a $200,000 corvette what do you know
Matthew Paul Mar 07, 2012
Except it literally is gm's system. Also. RIP GATED FERRARI MANUALS.
Justin Routh Mar 07, 2012
Thats like saying theyre Audi's LED's on any car with led lights...
Phillip Holbrook Mar 07, 2012
Ah GMs magnetic springs
Description: With the 2013 California, customers get a more extensive choice of colors including two-tone finishes as showcased by the Geneva model, and modern reinterpretations of classic color schemes to ensure ...
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Bryan Bohling Jul 07, 2012
This is not the "girls" Ferrari. I bet 90% of California owners are men
Jonny Seegmiller May 07, 2012
I think it looks great
Stephen Reed Warren II Apr 11, 2012
Austin really? This thing is beautiful. It's my least favorite ferrari and sure, it's the "girl's" Ferrari - but dude it's still sexy as hell
Austin Oxner Mar 07, 2012
This might be the ugliest Ferrari ever. Not just this one. All the Californias. Just not a good looking car. You should really expect more from the likes of Ferrari.
Jackson Michael Mar 08, 2012
You probably could've only used like two comments and saved some space
Austin Oxner Mar 07, 2012
*put this out. Not outfits out.
Austin Oxner Mar 07, 2012
And I know just saying that is sacrilege, and the fact that I see that in this car is sacrilege. That is why they should have looked again before they outfits out.
Austin Oxner Mar 07, 2012
Like they wanted part Viper, part Aston Martin/Jaguar, and part (for some ungodly reason) Lexus SC-430.
Austin Oxner Mar 07, 2012
The lines are just awkward. Looks like a bridge car. Like they needed something to fill a gap in the lineup and just threw some stuff together.
Dillon Magee Mar 07, 2012
I like the lines of the car, but not the 2 tone color.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 07, 2012
Why couldn't they make coupes, it would weigh less and they could actually make a Scuderia version of it too...
Andrew McNeal Mar 07, 2012
Two tone would look good if it were in black or gunmetal grey.
Justin Tucker Mar 07, 2012
Ohhhhhh no, that two tone does not work
Steven Nevets Mar 07, 2012
Two tone with black or really dark grey top looks good.
Adam SpankySlaps Mar 07, 2012
Don't quite like the 2 tone, at least not these colors
Josh ?hompson Mar 07, 2012
I don't know how I feel about the two-tone
Stephen Reed Warren II Apr 11, 2012
The F12 is golden. The Cali is a "girl's Ferrari" okay... Still beautiful
Cody Matthews Mar 08, 2012
I don't like this or the F12
Devin Mortenson Mar 08, 2012
I don't get everybody if you like the F12 Berlinetta then why don't you like this they are so similar on the front end
Jackson Michael Mar 08, 2012
Dodge Neons make me scream
Bobby Junior Mar 07, 2012
No the Dodge Neon lights scream Ferrari
Trent Griffin Mar 07, 2012
Exhaust placement is wicked... The tai lights scream Dodge Neon though
Mike Bentley Mar 07, 2012
@Squire. I don't like this car and I love other Ferrari's.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 07, 2012
I really don't pike how they did the rear of this car. It looks really, really stupid.
JGL Scuderia Mar 07, 2012
your right. ( the guy with a seriously long name that is under my comment)
Petrolheadjack Mar 07, 2012
I think that child likes ferraris.. by the time he grows up though we will be using electricity.. @peter
Peter Squire Mar 07, 2012
Like everything and if u guys don't like this then u probably don't like other Ferrari's... Unless ur just copying way other ppl r saying... I think the lights r fine
Nick Sti Mar 07, 2012
The car itself looks like crap (on this angle)
Axel Cousins Mar 07, 2012
Ha!! it looks like bird crap is all over the car.
Erick Bernal Mar 07, 2012
Oo Berlinetta in the back haha
Justin Routh Mar 08, 2012
Duh theyre porsche rims. The porsche emblem is right there in the middle
Austin Oxner Mar 07, 2012
Aren't those Porsche wheels?
Max Garcia Mar 07, 2012
Brembo 2nd generation carbon ceramic brakes nice