Comments - 2013 BMW M6 Rolled Out at Geneva

Published: Mar 07, 2012
Description: Compared to its predecessor, the new M6 has a far more aggressive facade that's better in tune with its newly improved power capabilities. Out goes the naturally aspirated V10 and in comes the ne...
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David Martinov May 20, 2012
I gess you never owned a m6 or vette before I can tell by your comments when somebody trashing Bmw quality with corvette dude my bar stools more comfy then corvettes
Vincent Chen Apr 27, 2012
The corvette probably had better g's because it ran into a pole. Don't be stupid. Everyone knows an m3 is faster around a track
Ferrari360guy Mar 08, 2012
you vette people never get it. we like the other cars for quality, and no the vette is not european quality.
Chris Bridgers Mar 08, 2012
Corvette=muscle car BMW=sports coupe If your going to compare cars, atleast use common sense. The corvette is crap handeling and has a horrid interior compared to the BMW.
Mikey Jimenez Mar 08, 2012
@russel fiber glass buddy. Corvette>BMW
Zmallz Matt Mar 08, 2012
Made of plastic??? Seems like someone's been watching a little too much top gear.
Russell Mar 07, 2012
BMW is just better, and this car shows it. I would never buy a Corvette, its made of plastic.
Nour Ahmad Mar 07, 2012
A BMW or a corvette any day...BMW quality and class is 100 times better than the corvette
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Mar 07, 2012
I a bmw guy but im not a big fan of the 6 series price tag. But its still one of the best looking cars in around
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Mar 07, 2012
If you think that a merc looks better than this than you clearly havnt seen one in real life.
Timothy Hooker Mar 07, 2012
Sports car with a BMW badge....winning
Justin Routh Mar 07, 2012
Terrible performance to dollar ratio? Thats because its not just made for performance, its also a luxury car. Its much bigger and heavier than the vette. Thats why its apples to oranges when compared to the vette.
Byakka Hirakawa Mar 07, 2012
I think if ur not going to talk about the car of the topic U really should leave a comment, lol
Hendrik Reimer Mar 07, 2012
The Ariel has even less hp and is even quicker-.- and cheaper o.O
Phillip Holbrook Mar 07, 2012
It's no different than the car mags that keep comparing the Camry and Cruze or the Mustang and Corvette. Or better yet when they compared the Charger, G8 and E-class Mercedes. Like I said was just an observation.
Brad Wood Mar 07, 2012
I was just thinking how perfect the old "apples-to-oranges" statement is for that ridiculous statement you just made.
Phillip Holbrook Mar 07, 2012
Not trolling, my stepfather will hopefully sell a few of these for Bimmer. And I especially love the 6 series, it is by far one of the sexiest cars on the road. Just had to point out my observation.
Phillip Holbrook Mar 07, 2012
Lol I was just commenting how the base Corvette's 0-60 in 4.1 is remarkably quick, and here is a vehicle with 100 more horses and a slower 0-60 to back up that claim. :)
Description: An aerodynamically-sculpted carbon-fiber double-bubble roof affords the car a great two-seater look, while new to the 2013 M6 are carbon ceramic brakes, the first time this has ever been offered as an...
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Luis Acin Mar 07, 2012
If BMW want to win the new York auto show tay need to stop using the same Car form.😄
Donnie Mar 15, 2012
The new car looks great but i like the v10 in the old car.
Daniel C Coța Mar 08, 2012
Does look a bit like an elongated m3, great looking car, shame about the engine. Rip na v10 :(
Vito Portanova Mar 07, 2012
That's hot!! Want it in alpine white!!
Abraham Mendoza Mar 07, 2012
Looks good. Too good....
Rudolf Dassler Mar 07, 2012
Soooo effing beautiful! Best beamer to date, except for the 507...
Carlton Salmon Mar 07, 2012
Soooo love this M6 - a vast improvement over the previous model in every way. Would love to see it in metallic black with a cream interior, just like my E24 M6. Could do with sexier wheels though...
Luke Schichtel Mar 07, 2012
R those the laser headlights?
Michael Evans Mar 07, 2012
Love love love now want it in black with the dark brown seats
Justin Chaplin Mar 07, 2012
I second everything that people below me said
Tim Butler Mar 07, 2012
It kinda looks like last years m3 it might just be the angle though
JGL Scuderia Mar 07, 2012
it looks soo much better than the old one.
Hendrik Reimer Mar 07, 2012
Where is the like button???
Kenneth Williams Mar 07, 2012
A big upgrade from the past one
Rami Wilson Mar 07, 2012
Did BMW fire their design chief? Their cars are starting to look good again.
Nicholas Britt Mar 07, 2012
I wanna see booty pics too, not of the car but girls of Geneva motor show
inflyte21 Mar 07, 2012
the front clip is reminds of the z8. sweet
Rithhin Jawahar Mar 07, 2012
Why are there so many pictures from the same angle?? -.-