Comments - Toyota Ft-Bh Hybrid Concept Finally Revealed in Geneva

Published: Mar 06, 2012
Description: The lightweight, next generation, small gasoline-electric hybrid concept was today unveiled by Toyota at the Geneva Motor Show. The Ft-Bh (Future Toyota B-segment Hybrid) is extremely fuel-efficient w...
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Knox Ferraro Mar 07, 2012
For 112mpg, I'll probably stop caring what it looks like.
Trent Griffin Mar 06, 2012
I commend them for pushing the envelope.....even if they pushed it in the wrong direction...nobody said "it looks like (some other car)" from any angle...
Description: This it achieves via an ultra-efficient powertrain made up of a 1.0-liter, two cylinder gasoline engine, and by having a curb weight of just 786kg, and reduced air resistance (0.235 drag coefficient)....
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Chris Dimattia Mar 06, 2012
Blah blah blah.... Nobody wants a lightweight hybrid tin can in the US. Except for that awful Prius, that smug ppl drive. We will choose safety over mpg every time. What good is mpg when a big SUV slams into your lil car?
Luis Daniel Angilello Mar 08, 2012
It looks like some Japanese guy took a shit and slapped 4 wheels on it.
Knox Ferraro Mar 07, 2012
Toyota says it's "designed to evoke images of the flowing wind." Basically what they're saying is its designed to not be seen by the human eye.
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Mar 06, 2012
I pray that this stays a concept, then again.. if japan wanted to start war with the Europeans again, they could just drive this down the street and every sane European would kill themselves
Hektor Yberg Mar 06, 2012
If i would ever see one of those on the street I would shit my pants and call the police for ugly warfare!
Trent Fiala Mar 06, 2012
Another ugly looking piece of shit from Toyota!
Nick Schnee Mar 06, 2012
Those lights are hideous.
Description: Ultra-thin shell seats provide comfort and more rear legroom, while a center display shows rear views via the three body-mounted cameras. A rear-view mirror boasts ambient superimposed display providi...
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Alexander Seth Jun 10, 2013
What is the songs name
Description: Toyota says the idea behind the concept is to make an affordable, ultra fuel-efficient four-seater, although a production model shouldn't be expected for a few years, if at all.
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Dan Kelly Mar 06, 2012
Yeah, lets hope for never if it would end up looking like this thing....gross
Newarun Begum Mar 29, 2012
Looks worse than the prius
Knox Ferraro Mar 07, 2012
Really though, this is awful, hilarious, and interesting all at the same time. Mar 16, 2012
This car is really weird looking
Sherwin Antoine Mar 07, 2012
Oh no...I think Toyota has run out of ideas. The new Camry looks like a grown up Corolla - now this!!!! I hope this Never goes into production.
Mike Conrad Mar 06, 2012
Roofline looks a tad low in the back, not much headroom at all.