Description: The tuning specialist's remit for their take on the MP4-12C was to reduce the concave surfaces, implement essential F1 features, adapt GT3 elements both aesthetically and functionally, and create...
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Description: Finally, the Germans fitted a triple exhaust and two different wheel sets to the memoR. No performance upgrades to the car was made, while the interior was modified without detailing to what degree.
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Adithya Chandrasekhar Mar 07, 2012
The roof scoop does work
Tj Blankenship Mar 06, 2012
The car is in the "come at me bro!" stance.
Nick Benz Mar 06, 2012
James there are so many things on cars that are for looks and not function. It doesnt matter that much. Unless it is just lame like a civil spoiler from autoparts warehouse
James E Caldwell Mar 06, 2012
They need to stop ruining great cars. They added a roof scoop, but douse it actually function? I'm sure they will sell a few in the middle east.
Fabian Pioro Mar 27, 2012
Even tho black&red are very complimentary colors, it's very hard to make them look good on a car without making it look cheesy. I'm afraid this is a fail.
Pratik Parija Mar 06, 2012
Sexy & my favorite color combination
Michael Evans Mar 06, 2012
Love it more then original
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Mar 06, 2012
I guess, it's just to show what wheels you can get.
Shiv Shukla Mar 06, 2012
Wheels on each side differ.
Jason Anaya Mar 06, 2012
Nice, but too much red
Steven Nevets Mar 06, 2012
Oh, and I called it a rapist vehicle, not a racist vehicle.
Steven Nevets Mar 06, 2012
C'mon FordFan, a lifted pickup? Better than a Mclaren? Seriously?
Shawn Griffith Mar 06, 2012
The wheels on the other side are billeted deep dish wheels. These are surface wheels. Same spoke design, different depth design.
David Cho Mar 06, 2012
The rims are black on this side the others are red
Michael Beach Mar 06, 2012
Maybe I missed something in the article but this side has different rims
Steven Nevets Mar 06, 2012
I'm sure it is, Marcus. If you're referring to that rapist truck in your profile pic, then you're clearly an expert on taste.
Omar Iqbal Mar 06, 2012
Looks too "riced" imo, and im actually a McLaren fan so im not hating..just not diggin this
Brad Henson Mar 06, 2012
Those brake rotors look too small
Newarun Begum Mar 29, 2012
The back just looks weird
Chris Kuyumdzhyan Mar 07, 2012
Exhaust is a nice touch, body kit is ehhhh.
Will Watashi Mar 06, 2012
No need for that rear bumper
JGL Scuderia Mar 06, 2012
really goos job on the exhaust
Paul Konstek Mar 06, 2012
They say you can't buy taste, thats horrible
Chris Clark Mar 06, 2012
Yeah, those exhausts look really cool
Brett Cohen Mar 06, 2012
Love the triple exhaust pipes so cool
Chris Kuyumdzhyan Mar 07, 2012
So is this a double spoiler?
Cody Matthews Mar 06, 2012
Yeah middle one is just for looks.
Wissam Nasr Mar 06, 2012
They ruined a clean look
Nicolas Blake Mullen Mar 06, 2012
I don't think it's a triple exhaust
Alan Bradford Cassell Mar 06, 2012
Don't really think a couple of germans can beat Mclaren at aerodynamics.
Brandon Contreras Mar 06, 2012
The middle one looks like it doesn't function and is just for looks...
Joseph Myers Mar 06, 2012
The red exhaust is sick
Bob Jones Mar 06, 2012
I love the simple steering wheel, compared to Ferraris F1 inspired wheel covered in buttons.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Mar 06, 2012
They r smart and made a leather steering wheel. I sat in a Murcielago SV with a suede and it was really tough on the hands cause it was a used one
Michael Gallagher Mar 06, 2012
Suede with carbon fiber? Very nice