Posted on: Mar 06, 2012
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HAMANN memoR Based on the McLaren MP4-12C Surfaces in Geneva

A complete aero package developed for the MP4-12C has just been unveiled at Geneva.
The tuning specialist's remit for their take on the MP4-12C was to reduce the concave surfaces, implement essential F1 features, adapt GT3 elements both aesthetically and functionally, and create a relief with exciting light shade contrasts. The result is a complete remake of the supercar, boasting a large front splitter, upper and side wheel arch forced vents, ground effect door sills and an extended rear diffuser with large rear wing that combine to afford it aerodynamic balance as well as a new racing look.
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Finally, the Germans fitted a triple exhaust and two different wheel sets to the memoR. No performance upgrades to the car was made, while the interior was modified without detailing to what degree.

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by Adam Lynton
HAMANN memoR Based on the McLaren MP4-12C Surfaces in Geneva
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