Comments - Gumpert Apollo R and Apollo Enraged Are Unveiled

Published: Mar 06, 2012
Description: It's no secret that the Gumpert Apollo is not the prettiest car in the bunch. While it looks outright menacing, but when compared to other world class supercars coming from Lamborghini and Ferrar...
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Andy Kleschick Mar 08, 2012
increased demand from asia? bet half go to china and get ripped off of.
Dillon Magee Mar 06, 2012
The Apollo is beautiful!
Cody Matthews Mar 06, 2012
It's not ugly at all to me.
Dan Kelly Mar 06, 2012
The old white and blue one was ugly...this one looks awesome
Shaylen Kumar Patel Mar 06, 2012
I thought the said apollo r and apollo engaged. Haha
locke Mar 06, 2012
i think it looks awesome
Nick Benz Mar 06, 2012
Oh come on its not that ugly.
Noah schlegel Feb 24, 2013
it is a good looking who wouldn't by it Lamborghini mercy
uptown Mar 07, 2012
I love the looks of this car
rockstarTc Mar 06, 2012
Wow I really like the look of this car, I dont understand why they think it looks ugly
Dillon Magee Mar 06, 2012
I love that color and stripes on this car.
Cody Matthews Mar 06, 2012
I just don't like the dorsal fin intake. I like the other flatter ones.
Nam Doan Trinh Mar 06, 2012
Can't this car theoretically drive upside-down with it's amount of downforce?
Paul Konstek Mar 06, 2012
Respect....great car!
JGL Scuderia Mar 06, 2012
only a few changes. not liking the name but the car is awesome
Swarun Kulasekaran Mar 06, 2012
I think it's beautiful, especially what's underneath. But if you think it's ugly, you also need to consider the aerodynamics of the car, it has the same kind of curves as a Bugatti, which allows it to be a 'supercar'
Timothy Hooker Mar 06, 2012
This looks amazing. Where's my checkbook....cause I need to pay rent...not buy one of these ....that would be silly
Description: The Apollo R, shown in a black-red-gold foil, features a newly modified 4.2-liter V8 with a higher supercharging pressure, ignition, and control time adjustments. In addition, there's a special r...
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Dillon Magee Mar 06, 2012
I wonder if it's faster 'round the 'ring than the Zonda R.
Description: The second model unveiled is called the Apollo Enraged. With a total of 780hp, Gumpert claims it has the racing sports genes of the Apollo R, but in this case is street legal. Tipping the scales at 2,...
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Andy Kleschick Mar 08, 2012
well we can probably all guess that it will be just as expensive if not more than a bugatti because only 3 will be made.
Matthew Reindorp Mar 07, 2012
'unique' the gullwing and SLS have doors like the hyuara. These doors are 'unique'
Dillon Magee Mar 06, 2012
Doesnt the Huyra have doors like that?
Andy Clouthier Mar 06, 2012
Coolest car name ever. Enrage. Awesome.
tofastforlove Mar 06, 2012
nice car! awsome pic!
Kent Richardson Mar 06, 2012
This thing is going to eat you while you're sleeping.
Alexander Seth May 20, 2013
Damn that looks so good
Charlton Cruz Sep 03, 2012
seriously, i don't see how anyone thinks this is ugly
e.m Mar 19, 2012
every thing looks good on this car
Sam Oglesby Mar 07, 2012
It reminds me of the NSx r with that air intake on the roof
Cody Matthews Mar 06, 2012
Ugly? What ugly? It's gorgeous!
Adam Roeger Mar 06, 2012
It's the Enraged edition. That's the coolest thing I've ever heard. Imagine the Toyota Camry Enraged.
Bobby Mccracken Mar 06, 2012
I just plain fail to see the ugly in this car.
Zachary Sindelar Mar 06, 2012
I see why batman gets all ladies.
Matthew Reindorp Mar 06, 2012
HOLY S***... Rest of my life crisis just began :D
SupaDupaMe Mar 06, 2012
This looks like Vader's personal car..... Dark Side!
Andy Kleschick Mar 08, 2012
oh my god that apollo r is amazing!!!!!
Irish Mar 07, 2012
Is that a real gumpert race car in the background or just a mock up? They both look shit hot.
Jimmy Williams Mar 07, 2012
How do you get in?! Easily the smallest door opening I've ever seen.
Cody Matthews Mar 06, 2012
Look at that spoiler!
Matthew Reindorp Mar 06, 2012
It's not ugly it's a wonderful looking Machine!
Bayo Araujo Mar 06, 2012
@Einstein Its the same Ugly car, except the beauyiful racy paint job.
Tyler Torres Mar 07, 2012
Those lights look like the terminator.
Nick El-Khoury Mar 06, 2012
Downforce, and lot of it.
rockstarTc Mar 06, 2012
@Carlos I was seriously about to put the exact same thing you said haha
Dillon Magee Mar 06, 2012
This is a car that means business.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Mar 06, 2012
Now thats a rear diffuser:)
Skye Sativa Mattfeldt Mar 06, 2012
The reason why it looks so busy is because everything on this car has a purpose
Dylan Bruder Mar 06, 2012
The whole car is busy in my opinion I agree it's not beautiful by any means but somehow still looks good
rockstarTc Mar 06, 2012
This one is ENRAGED!!
Matthew Reindorp Mar 06, 2012
No the R is the colourful one in the Background
Michael Evans Mar 06, 2012
Can server thanksgiving on that wing.
Austin Bride Mar 06, 2012
Then why does it have a license plate?
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Mar 06, 2012
Im pretty sure this the R wich isnt street legal
Matthew Reindorp Mar 06, 2012
Biggest diffuser I've seen on a street legal car ever