Description: Nissan has just given the Invitation Concept its official debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The hatchback is meant to signal the Japanese automaker's innovative approach to developing a next-g...
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Dan Kelly Mar 06, 2012
Jesus, i just cant get over how goofy that grill looks. Its like a fish with a wedding band in its mouth
Description: The Invitation Concept showcases an "energetic design [to] bring fresh style, innovation and excitement to the mainstream market." As previously reported by CarBuzz, the Invitation Concept w...
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Description: In terms of safety and technology, the Invitation will be equipped with Nissan's Safety Shield alarm system and the parking-handy Around View Monitor system. The Nissan Invitation Concept is curr...
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Al Tungupon Jul 09, 2012
If only the Micra/March looked like this...
Trent Griffin Mar 06, 2012
Funky looking....I like it
Rockesh Boulder Mar 07, 2012
Make it! Down with the Fit/Jazz!
Nathan Geiter Mar 06, 2012
Finally not a terrible looking car from Nissan
Michael Evans Mar 06, 2012
Like all but the front but the rest and the dash look awesome