Comments - A New Baby Hot Hatch: Ford Fiesta ST Revealed

Published: Mar 06, 2012
Description: Ford has been no stranger to building hot hatches - in Europe. Now that the American automaker is moving further along with their acclaimed 'One Ford' global marketing and engineering plans,...
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Tim Callahan Dec 27, 2012
Want it!!!
Mattaius Younger Mar 06, 2012
Probably not the Falcon....more likely the new Falcon will be the same as the Mondeo in Europe and the same here etc...same design different names
Bob Jones Mar 06, 2012
Does "One Ford" mean that we'll get the Falcon in the US?
Teddy MacDonell Mar 06, 2012
please bring over the focus rs!
BurlyDolphin Mar 06, 2012
I hate how the front grille looks like that of an Aston Martin .
Trent Griffin Mar 06, 2012
Looks like the old ZX3 a bit
Dan Kelly Mar 06, 2012
The front end is so much better than the ones ford were using on the focus and fiesta for their last models
Rudolf Dassler Mar 06, 2012
I must be ill, but I actually like the front of it... The rear, not so much, but this looks mean! Good job, Ford!
Jonathan Machiavelo Mar 06, 2012
3 Door for USA PLEASE!!!!
Patrick Schalk Mar 06, 2012
Not bad. I really like this.
Description: The last time a Fiesta ST was sold, it was only available in Europe. Ford wants everyone to know this isn't the case this time around. And that's a good thing, a very good thing. Powered by ...
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Rudolf Dassler Mar 06, 2012
U easily squeeze out 250 hp...
Hank Austin Mar 06, 2012
It's not very far from something like a GTI in terms of horsepower... It's also a bit lighter so that sorta makes up for it
Devin Babyn Mar 06, 2012
This is a mini or intro type hot hatch. It's also lighter then the rest of em so it doesn't need as much power. The focus ST is the real hot hatch
Alex Leu Mar 06, 2012
I don't know..hatchbacks like the gti or wrx appeal to me a bit more but this is a lot more inexpensive
David Justice Mar 06, 2012
Nice looking car but probably underpowered if it's suppose to be the sporty version.
Description: Other added technologies include Ford's Torque Vectoring Control system and three Electronic Stability Control modes. Ford proudly states that both technologies were put to the test on Germany&ap...
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Riley McKelvie Mar 06, 2012
I really like the back, not so much the front, too high up or me
Thibault Leroy Mar 06, 2012
i see some aston in this
Jason Anaya Mar 06, 2012
The rims are nice but they don't go with the car.
Luis Lujan Mar 08, 2012
I wonder what it sounds like.
Devin Babyn Mar 06, 2012
Well unless the average euro is 5' 120lbs they aren't gonna fit to comfy
Riley McKelvie Mar 06, 2012
Little too obnoxious
Rudolf Dassler Mar 06, 2012
If the person is european, yes... =)
Devin Babyn Mar 06, 2012
Can a person fit in that middle seat?
Scott Harrington Apr 13, 2012
I want them for my s10 lol
Matt Moeller Mar 06, 2012
A fiesta with better seats than a corvette, nice.
Victor Castillo Mar 06, 2012
Ofcourse.. Theyre recaro
Patrick Schalk Mar 06, 2012
Those seats are sweet
Devin Babyn Mar 06, 2012
I like the seats, that's about it. Everything else looks like a stock fiesta from here
Riley McKelvie Mar 06, 2012
Nice layout, wish I waited for things like this to come out! Jumped too quick on the standard 2012 focus