Comments - The Chevrolet Volt: On Life Support?

Published: Mar 05, 2012
Description: Fresh from a strong sales surge in February and encouraged by President Obama's pledge to purchase a Chevy Volt when his presidency ends in "five years' time," GM announced the sus...
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Jason Brown Mar 06, 2012
Innovative setters like GM because they don't know how to market their product correctly. You guys are lucky to be able to buy cars at reasonable prices. Just about every car you can buy cost double in EU and Asia.
Jason Brown Mar 06, 2012
American complain it was a waste of Tax payers money, but this car was conceived many years before the blowing up of the pension problem which effected GM's financial portfolio. America once led the world with innovation and now so many poo-poo the
Jason Brown Mar 06, 2012
You are absolutely right Patrick! This is the first time in a while where every other car manufactures are playing catch up to an American auto comp. there is a reason why this won the car of the year award in EU for 2012 and 2011 in N.A.
Patrick Schalk Mar 06, 2012
The problem is price. The Volt is just too expensive.
Das Stig Mar 05, 2012
With all the money they wasted they could have just given me a few lmp1 cars which I could then,drive around the gm factory for 24 hours holding my middle finger out of the window.
Randy Geniec Mar 05, 2012
Kolton that is the funniest thing I have heard all day! It is estimated that each car cost GM (oooops us the taxpayers) $250,000 to produce. Why would anyone spend $46,000>? Good question that is why the people coming in to look at the Volt are buying the Chevy Cruz at 40mpg for half the cost. Steering decide.
Trent Bourgeois Mar 05, 2012
@ dillan Well the problem with the Prius is that once you drive it, you officially come out of the closet. It's really a gay car.
Dillon Dixon Mar 05, 2012
Yeah but you could buy the top of the line Prius for this. As much as I way the American car to win, the Prius is such better value. Toyota did it right with the Prius. It is the hybrid everybody knows and that actually works well.
Eugene Beche Mar 05, 2012
If you live in the US and you want a Prius how bout you support the damn economy and buy a volt
Malachi Monteiro Mar 05, 2012
That car was a good looking concept car, but the design of the production version is not good looking, Chevy is weird that way, they are really good at ruining designs.
kolton Mar 05, 2012
lol. First, Obama thinks there are 57 states and now he thinks 10 months is five years.
Trent Bourgeois Mar 05, 2012
Obama's little conception is failing like his presidency.
Matt Robbins Mar 05, 2012
I'm sure every driver was saying/thinking; " Yep, there goes my tax dollars down the drain just so a few pompous, a$$ hole, hippies can think they're saving the world.."
Phillip Greene Mar 05, 2012
Iv seen a few the black one looks pretty cool it be a sweet little domestic tuner if it had a real engin
Zachary Hollopeter Mar 05, 2012
The Alewife parking garage in Cambridge Massachusetts was built with chargers for electric cars. That was decades ago. I doubt they have been used once. I did see a Volt on the road for the first time last week. Drivers were all looking at it and pointing as if they saw a Delorian.
Phillip Greene Mar 05, 2012
The ev indestry should be killed off so they can spend money on things that matter like biofuel and making sure the vett contnues to murder the competition
Luis M Lopez Mar 05, 2012
It's a plug-in hybrid car. Sure you can travel 100 miles (and back).
Ryan Douglas Hie Mar 05, 2012
I've seen plenty Volts on the streets in and around Oshawa. These were likely driven by GM execs. I bet sales would have been noticeably better if they were able to make it a 5 seater.
Brad Wood Mar 05, 2012
I wonder I they will ever be honest about how much money they lost on this project, including all fed grants and incentives. I doubt they will, as it will murder the electric car industry.
Natalino Monastra Mar 05, 2012
Until there are Electric car filling stations, I do see the Volt as a car that has an advance over gas powered cars. What if I drive 100miles then fill up and drive more. Oops, can't
Adam Lopinsky Mar 05, 2012
Huh, didn't know it was that rare still. I've actually seen one on the road.
Randy Geniec Mar 05, 2012
Yeah. Tesla's look great until you dont charge them for a while and they BRICK ending up costing you $40,000 for a new battery. DOH
Matt Piccolo Mar 05, 2012
Ya back of this is unbelievably bad
Kevin Irish Mar 05, 2012
You do realize hybrids use gas too right. You don't have to worry about "filling" your battery just to drive. Now if you own a Leaf, well...
Logan LeMonnier Mar 05, 2012
The fisker karma is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. I was disappointed when I found out it was a hybrid
Cody Andree Mar 05, 2012
Problem with hybrids is they look like hybrids. Look at the fisker karma. Pretty ugly still but doesn't look like a hybrid so it's alright
Knox Ferraro Mar 05, 2012
Agreed. The problem is the styling, not the engineering.
Description: Currently there are over 3,500 unsold Volts, including demo cars. A year ago Chevrolet had high hopes for the range-extender vehicle, with predicted sales of 60,000 units for 2012. The suspension of p...
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Phillip Holbrook Mar 05, 2012
Plus it was the republicans that ok'd the bailout to begin with!! Ford, GM and Chrysler got an "advance" while Bush was in office before any bailout money was actually issued. Man and take credit for pushing American cars back on top globally..
Zachary Hollopeter Mar 05, 2012
That bailout has brought the city of Detroit back to life. It shouldn't have come to that in the first place but the action was necessary.
Description: President Obama was personally accused as being the Volt's chief sponsor mainly because its development cost hundreds of millions of dollars but was kept on the production line only because of go...
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James Buster Mar 05, 2012
If it was not electric I would like it
Greg Lewis Mar 05, 2012
If it was under 20k, and had a lil better styling, I still wouldn't buy it! But sure that others would. Not everyone wants style, power, and luxury. They want means to get around. But it has to be priced right.
Logan LeMonnier Mar 05, 2012
Yeah @clayton are you serious? It's not horrible but its not luxury either. If I'm paying 40k for a car I want something other than plastic on the dashboard
Payne Hodges Wilson Mar 05, 2012
I sat in one and was very unimpressed. I even sat in the concept volt a few years back and wasn't even impressed then. It's a cheap wanna be luxury interior. And no one can say that they haven't tried to market it there's tons of commercial for it.
Rene Deniz Mar 05, 2012
This car is ugly!I did sit in one and was not impressed poorly desighned in and out like all GM's vehicles
Kevin Rehbock Mar 05, 2012
Or how about GM hasn't marketed the car enough or educated their potential customers about how it works.
Steven Wilson Mar 05, 2012
I think it is the prettiest car on a Chevy lot. Still, it is overpriced, electric, and government owned, so that is three strikes your out!
Mark Ridenour Mar 05, 2012
Looks like they started out ok in the front of the car and by the time they got to the rear they had gotten bored and pencil whipped it. Sad.
Greg Lewis Mar 05, 2012
The back end does look a lot like other hybrids... Bland
Mark Ridenour Mar 05, 2012
"but honey, my foot is already on the floor. Lean forward dammit!!"
Rene Deniz Mar 05, 2012
Lol cross your fingers!
Cody Andree Mar 05, 2012
Hold on betsy, were gunna try to make it up
Chris Dimattia Mar 05, 2012
Haha! Got 4 hrs to wait? What if someone is ahead of you? Still haven't seen an e85 pump.
dr.Automotive Mar 06, 2012
some of you need to grow up
P_R_N_D Mar 05, 2012
You still get like $8K from the government so it doesn't cost $40K oh and Timothy is in the lead for the most racist comment so far lol
Randy Geniec Mar 05, 2012
Love the yellow shirt in the background with Obama on the front. LOL
Timothy Hooker Mar 05, 2012
He is wondering where the bling is. What, no 22"s
Mark Ridenour Mar 05, 2012
@Greg - very good point.
Kevin Irish Mar 05, 2012
He looks confused, haha.
Greg Lewis Mar 05, 2012
But in the end, we live in such a great country, you can gripe about how much you hate the current president. Some countries you'd "disappear" for these comments. (I voted for the other guy) lol
Chris Dimattia Mar 05, 2012
Only the top 5% can by this $40k POS. honey, instead of a Lexus, let's get a volt. Oh, and we need another $2k to get the 240v charger installed. And, Obama promised to raise our electricity bills. I've only seen 1 on the road here.
Matt Robbins Mar 05, 2012
This pic represents all that's wrong with America right now. Pretty ironic
Trent Bourgeois Mar 05, 2012
Chevy cruise > Chevy volt. Sorry Obama.
Phillip Holbrook Mar 05, 2012
All Presidents are tool's, they are becoming more and more like figureheads.
Cody Andree Mar 05, 2012
Hes a tool. There I said it
Michael Gallagher Mar 05, 2012
He's black!! There, I started it for you. anyway, it is an overpriced car. I was never a fan and never will be.
Nick Sti Mar 05, 2012
Let the political racism begin