Comments - McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Gets its Race Livery for 2012

Published: Mar 05, 2012
Description: Last year we saw the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 racer hooked up with Gulf racing livery and this year we have the same British racing-spec ride given new looks thanks to two teams. Dorr Motorsport from Germa...
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Description: United Autosports revealed their MP4-12C GT3 at the McLaren showroom in jolly ol' London. The white racecar made its appearance in front of such notable figures as McLaren Automotive chief Ron De...
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Chris Penza Mar 05, 2012
This looks great, but I prefer the gulf livery
Sean Bray Mar 05, 2012
@justin. Nice! Seeing as sponsorship is usually by size of the stickers how could anyone think they would just pay for a huge white block on the side of the car......some people's children
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Mar 05, 2012
What a bunch of dumb-arses. Don't you watch any car racing? Premio (or whatever) sponser the race or series so their logo goes at the top of every number.
Dillon Dixon Mar 05, 2012
Yeah it's definitely for the number.
Paul Trahan Mar 05, 2012
I hope they do put the numbers there that way it will break up some of that empty white space.
Thibault Leroy Mar 05, 2012
o ok i see well i have to agree with you there
Phillip B Jong Mar 05, 2012
Paul, I'm guessing the huge white spot is for the cars' number
Paul Trahan Mar 05, 2012
I'm not saying they don't need sponsors. I'm saying that Premio could of designed something better that goes with the car.
Thibault Leroy Mar 05, 2012
yea but to pay for the car and the team you NEED the sponsors
Paul Trahan Mar 05, 2012
The Premio sponsors kill it. It would look a lot better if it wasn't for those.
Dillon Dixon Mar 05, 2012
This thing is sweet!
John Raymond Mar 05, 2012
Ahahahahaha love the giant gran turismo smh forza a way better sponsor
Nick Sti Mar 06, 2012
Probably 18 front and rear. Rear looks like it has more rubber
Jason Levy Mar 05, 2012
Random I know but anyone know what size rims it has on it?