Description: Volkswagen showed up at last year's Frankfurt Auto Show with six variations of the Up! - The Buggy Up!, Up! Azzurra, GT Up!, Eco Up!, Cross Up! and e-Up!. The German automaker will be bringing fo...
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Patrick Joseph Mar 05, 2012
As versatile as a Swiss army knife. I love how VW doesn't take itself too seriously. They're really good at dealing with the public. They find funny way to put things down to the people all the time.
Description: The German sense of humor isn't lost in translation, as they are opening the show with their Swiss Up! Concept. Painted with the Swiss flag on the side with Tornado Red exterior paint with a cont...
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Description: Its bright Burnt Orange exterior finish and roof box with searchlights set the X Up! apart from its many siblings. The fourth and final Up!-based concept heading to Geneva is the Cargo Up! Concept. As...
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Matt Piccolo Mar 05, 2012
Looks 2 gens old already :( come on vw... They have yet to please me with any of their new designs :(
Patrick Joseph Mar 05, 2012
If you think about it. Making a budget car so small and so minimalistic. It's as good as it gets. It's really simple. But it doesn't look that cheap.
Wissam Nasr Mar 05, 2012
The design is growing on me