Comments - Volkswagen Reveals Updated Cross Coupe Concept

Published: Mar 04, 2012
Description: As the Geneva Motor Show opens later this week, Volkswagen has just released details regarding the updated version of last year's Cross Coupe concept. For anyone who can recall, the German automa...
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Cole Rocheleau Mar 04, 2012
86 the chrome and it would be a lot better.
Terry Loux Mar 04, 2012
Looks decent just clean it up a bit. Get rid of the silver on the bottom and change out the flashy rims.
Justin Harris Mar 04, 2012
I like it. Its unique and different from VWs usual design. And I already know if they put this into production, its going against the Porsche Cajun and slaughtering the Dakar.
Imminentvictory Mar 04, 2012
Vw design hits an all new low! Stop wasting money of crap like this and just bring the damn scirrocco stateside!
Avery Williams Mar 04, 2012
I thought there were LED lights going across the front grille.
Matt Piccolo Mar 04, 2012
Hate the grill or whatever those Crome thing are running to and from the head lights
Description: All told, fuel consumption in the New European Driving Cycle comes in at 157 mpg. And like the upcoming next-generation Golf, the new Cross Coupe concept is underpinned by VW's new Modular Transv...
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Description: The concept is also capable of going up to 28 miles on electric power alone at speeds up to 75 mph. Since this is the second Cross Coupe concept that VW has done, we wouldn't be surprised to see ...
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Aaron Snyder Mar 04, 2012
It won't come to the US. They do this all the time tease some cool concept of a car or suv and never bring here. Getting tired of their excuses. Put your money where your mouth is. If They really want to be number one.
Cole Rocheleau Mar 04, 2012
And again, get rid of the tacky ass chrome.
Cole Rocheleau Mar 04, 2012
If they replaced the tails with euro golf R tails this would be sexy.
Matthew Crighton Mar 04, 2012
Lmao the front is european and the back is asian
Walter Alexander Thomas Mar 05, 2012
From the wheels and the front finder, it reminds me of a Jeep Cherokee.
Walter Alexander Thomas Mar 05, 2012
I get Jeep from this