Comments - Video: Helicopter Crash During Top Gear Korea Stunt

Published: Mar 04, 2012
Description: First and foremost, nobody was seriously hurt or killed neither in the helicopter nor on the ground. Unfortunately, doing high-profile stunts always carries a risk (just ask Richard Hammond). This lat...
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Description: However, the pilots lost control and a local resident just happened to catch the crash on video. Amazingly, both pilots not only survived, but they were treated on the scene by paramedics and were abl...
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Christopher Hines Mar 05, 2012
The original top gear so great ! Tanner homo top gear sucks is that how we really want cars to be shown to the world from America by a drift racing jackass!
Max Garcia Mar 05, 2012
It's actually a ah1 cobra guys
P_R_N_D Mar 05, 2012
maybe this was staged too... like when Tanner Foust "accidentally" flipped the Suzuki Samurai
Elijah McCord Mar 04, 2012
@Cho I thought it was the AH-6 Little Bird not the Apache
Jason Brown Mar 04, 2012
Joe yes they have filmed in other countries. And the reasons why top gear Korea filmed in Az. is to get that chopper on film. Korean military will not permit top gear to use/film their varrient of the AH1 Cobra. So it must be done in the US.
Austin Bride Mar 04, 2012
So that's more than 10 mil right there right?
Alex Pritsert Mar 04, 2012
They was lucky that it was sand and not rocks!!!
Cho Dan Mar 04, 2012
AH-1 Cobra. They also buy the AH-64 Apache.
Cho Dan Mar 04, 2012
South Korea is one of our allies, they buy our military hardware all the time. The AH-64 Cobra is one of the pieces they buy.
Buddy Robinson Mar 04, 2012
That is one tough bird
8cyl4thekill Mar 04, 2012
@michael yeah wats up with that "topgear south korea filmed in arizona" lol showcaseing a u.s military helo and a vette
Dave Stewart Mar 04, 2012
Joking aside good thing their ok
Elijah McCord Mar 04, 2012
That's what happen every time I hear "enemy cobra incoming"
Michael Evans Mar 04, 2012
Um why talk about Korea when filmed in Arizona um something is not right
Stephen Cobbs Mar 04, 2012
Leave the Top Gearing too the professionals.
Cho Dan Mar 04, 2012
That's one tough chopper!
Trent Griffin Mar 04, 2012
Ummm do you think there is a reason the helicopter was retired much?
Description: According to Coolidge Police Chief Joe Brugman, it was the helicopter's safety gear that saved the pilots. Initial reports so far have indicated a mechanical failure of some sort, but nothing is ...
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