Comments - Gumpert Apollo Enraged Arrives in Geneva

Published: Mar 04, 2012
Description: Having been informed just last week that Gumpert was bringing two new models to the Geneva Motor Show, we now have the first live image of what appears to be the Gumpert Apollo Enraged being delivered...
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Chris Morrow Mar 04, 2012
Where is Gumpert based? I wonder if "enraged" is a horrible translation for what they want it to mean.
Hendrik Reimer Mar 04, 2012
Pagani called their new car the huyara... When gumpert heard about that, they took on the challenge and came up with the palexpo-.-
Michael Beach Mar 04, 2012
"I drive the new pissed off Gumpert"
Chris Penza Mar 04, 2012
I agree, the names horrible, but the cars are beautiful
Edin Beka Mar 04, 2012
Who comes up with these names? Horrible
John Serely Mar 12, 2012
Defiantly in my top three dream cars, whith out a doubt
Luke Murray Mar 05, 2012
Very nice lines has a kinda maclaren bonnet looks menacing lets see it get out through its paces as it looks ready to compete with the big boys
david Mar 05, 2012
that's a nicelooking car
Devin Mortenson Mar 05, 2012
For a second I thought that the car had a Lamborghini badge on it.
Dan Rather Mar 05, 2012
Top gear definitely said the car was ugly.
Brady Fereday Mar 04, 2012
There is no room for error on that trailer lol xD
Billy Hartman Mar 04, 2012
that looks beautiful
Jackson Michael Mar 04, 2012
That's one delicious exterior
Nick Smith Mar 04, 2012
Even if some people find it "ugly" (which I don't), you have to love how unique and ridiculously powerful it is
Isaac Rezkalla Mar 04, 2012
Im going to have to get one of these some day
Justin Harris Mar 04, 2012
I thought this car wasn't half bad when Clarkson said it was ugly. Now it looks amazing and all they added was a few details and a paintjob!
Thibault Leroy Mar 04, 2012
wheres that mother of god meme when i need him
Pfc Tomb Mar 04, 2012
Wow. Thats all I can say.
Kolton Carthel Mar 04, 2012
Am I the only one who noticed Joe Pesci?
Chris Penza Mar 04, 2012
This car is almost perfect
John Serely Mar 04, 2012
I kinda like the way it looks
Zachary Fix Mar 04, 2012
It look like a Veyron and a viper had a child and this was the result
JGL Scuderia Mar 04, 2012
this looks mean and ready to jump into the air and bite your throat.
Connor Wagner Mar 04, 2012
This thing is awesome
Stephen Cobbs Mar 04, 2012
I remember they showed this on Top Gear and called it "ugly". I couldnt see the ugly at all.
Drake Hughes Mar 04, 2012
Gotta love the Apollo
Kent Richardson Mar 04, 2012
To me it looks like a combination of the bugatti veyron and the dodge viper with it's own unique style.