Description: Set to be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show, this is the most powerful C-Class in the world. Dubbed the Brabus Bullit Coupe, the car is based on the standard C-Class Coupe but under the hood lies th...
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Ducati Manning Mar 06, 2012
That's not entirely true Anthony. Diesel pickup frames can survive more than 2000 ft lbs of torque without modification.
Shiv Shukla Mar 06, 2012
EPA Est. Highway: 0.5 MPG, City: Unfeasible, Track: PRICELESS enjoyment, around half the track at least, 0.1MPG @ Neutral. Hehehe Legend-wait for it....DARY
Anthony Villa-Garcia Mar 05, 2012
@Nick, the frame itself can only handle so much, a new frame would essentialy make them build a whole car. As for the tranny, there are reasons why the venom, ssc, veyron, are over a million dollar. The parts are custom built.
Nick Pietropaolo Mar 05, 2012
how come American brands can put down that much torque without much upgrades to the trans such as a upgraded torque converter and not much else.???? r their trannys really not that strong.?? and the American cars can put it to the ground also.just take a look at some of the Hennessy tuned vehicles like the 1,000 HP camaro package u can get...
Brandon Lidy Mar 05, 2012
Yeah that much torque in such a small car would be killer
Jason Brown Mar 05, 2012
Brad, reduction of torque can be done many ways, in this case through the ECU. Im assuming reducing fuel input in one or more cylinders. You can always web search it for exact details.
Brad Henson Mar 04, 2012
I'm curious, how do they limit the torque output?
Carlton Salmon Mar 04, 2012
It's easy to say build a stronger transmission which of course is entirely feasible but that wouldn't make putting 1047lb-ft through the tyres any easier - with that much torque it would simply spin in every gear. Gorgeous car though - I'm a fan.
Nick Benz Mar 04, 2012
@knox you couldnt have said it any better haha
Carlton Salmon Mar 04, 2012
1047lb-ft of torque is enough to kick-start a small planet!
Knox Ferraro Mar 04, 2012
Igor Natsioks Mar 04, 2012
That's enough torque for the world to turn!!!
Description: As a consequence, it can sprint from 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds. Putting that in perspective, that's a massive half-a-second quicker than the 6.2-liter V8 C63 AMG Black Series. It can also shift...
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Greg Lewis Mar 05, 2012
I think the big three have a happy place right now for the average joe, 400-500hp. im content with my 305 ponies
Greg Lewis Mar 05, 2012
Yeah, at some point that much hp is stupid. Most people who can afford this car can't handle the power. I myself couldnt...
Peter Fasulo Mar 05, 2012
Ford fan obviously is a redneck who doesn't know a thing about cars or an amazing amg engine and look at that car.. It beautiful
Brandon Lidy Mar 05, 2012
Does it matter what badge is on it? They said 230 which is plenty for me regardless of the brand or make
Payne Hodges Wilson Mar 05, 2012
Ford fan that would be the point. The fun of this car is trying to control the power. Just because it doesn't have a stupid ford badge on it doesn't make it pointless.
Jason Brown Mar 05, 2012
The C-AMG 6.3 is a beast to handle and drive on it's own especially with the traction control off. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to handle this trying to accelerate less than 4 sec. To 100km/h.
Dan Rather Mar 05, 2012
Something different there's more to cars than 0-60 times. Not many cars have this much power or torque I'm sure this thing is a rush to drive.
Dan Rather Mar 05, 2012
@ ford fan also you could get a stock GTR and destroy a ford gt what's your point comparing a ford gt to this is like comparing apples to oranges. People who buy this are after s
Dan Rather Mar 05, 2012
@ ford fan a c63 isn't a $40k car
Ty Piper Mar 05, 2012
It's for multi millionaires who just want a tire burner... Id get one if I had millions to spend on cars
Jackson Michael Mar 04, 2012
Maybe the people buying this don't want a Ford.
Andrew McNeal Mar 04, 2012
I like it, looks cool and not many cars can hit 230 mph. Not sure if I'd pay 600 grand for it though, I could buy two or three cars with similar performance for that price.
Timothy Hooker Mar 04, 2012
Put a BMW badge on it and it might be worth that....JS
Jackson Michael Mar 04, 2012
I'd definitely pay that much for it
Hendrik Reimer Mar 04, 2012
Ppl don't get the point of such a thing. It's not to buy yourself the best performance car for the least money possible. It's about exclusivity! If I buy one of these, I already own tons of other cars (at least I think so :)
Anthony Smith Mar 04, 2012
For that much u could buy a c class and build it how I want
Anthony Smith Mar 04, 2012
For that much I could buy and design
Ben Lardner Mar 04, 2012
Insanly crazy for merc, But I would get it.
Domi Bsaibes Mar 04, 2012
Brabus>any other tuning firm
Johnny Francis Mar 04, 2012
This is way over the top. But I guess it's still awesome haha.
Otnay Nat Mar 04, 2012
To each their own I guess. I would buy a supercar and twin turbo it .. Ie lp700, Still have some extra money, more head turns and more ear to ear smile riding around town
John Serely Mar 04, 2012
@hendrik lol your totally right
Michael Douglas Mar 04, 2012
Kinda expensive. For that money i could buy a v12 s class and make it go faster while getting me a massage and maybe if there is enough cash after have a blowjob machine
Trent Griffin Mar 04, 2012
$600k for performance I could get for 1/3 the price 1/10 the price? I pass
Hendrik Reimer Mar 04, 2012
Oh and awesome car!!!
Hendrik Reimer Mar 04, 2012
A guy which would post a picture with his nude 'body' is a COLOSSAL IDIOT...
Igor Natsioks Mar 04, 2012
Lol you are one for stating that comment. It's one of the shortest of the Mercedes, and quite agile. Lighter then it's bigger brothers. And now with amazing performance. What more do you need?. 4 doors? Reclining seats? D
Shiv Shukla Mar 06, 2012
Proper Merc? Lol, like the cute shiny ones that attract females? Hell no it isn't! This one attracts motor junkie chics that know how to lube a crankshaft =)
Ty Piper Mar 05, 2012
What the hell is with the chunky ass front clip and nothing to match it in the rear? Too much contrast I think....
Payne Hodges Wilson Mar 04, 2012
I would rather have this over any Bugatti just because it's not way over the top flashy. It has a few touches here and there to indicate its not just a normal c class but still could fly under the radar
Jackson Michael Mar 04, 2012
When you buy a Bugatti, everybody knows you're made. Brabus isn't as well known.
Brandon Whybrew Mar 04, 2012
let Jeremy Clarkson drive this and he will have the tires gone in 3 minutes
Henz Herrero Mar 04, 2012
Visit brabus website and ull think twice.. It might not be on par with bugatti but its pretty damn close..
Jackson Michael Mar 04, 2012
Owning a Brabus is nothing like owning a Bugatti, price and performance wise
Matt Piccolo Mar 04, 2012
That's sweet!!!! But not 600k sweet
Josiah Thomas Clements Mar 04, 2012
They nerd the c coupe in Forza 4!!
Sam C-h Mar 04, 2012
@Danyaal yer but this will destroy a 458 and a Gallardo.
Danyaal Farooq Mar 04, 2012
I would rather by a 458 and a gallardo
JGL Scuderia Mar 04, 2012
looks like a proper brabus
Sam C-h Mar 04, 2012
This with the Prior Design body kit they showed yesterday would be PERFECT!
Henz Herrero Mar 04, 2012
Omg this thing is sooo HOTTTT!! Branus is super expensive but they know how to tune cars.. If only i have that kind of money, still dreaming of the brabus GLK..
Zachary Maurer Mar 04, 2012
Dan Rather Mar 05, 2012
Seeing as though a cts v has a curb weight of 3600 and the c63 before it has this engine swap weighs 3900 I don't think the cadillac is the fat one. For the record I think the bullit is awesome and so is the c63 I just think your comment was ignorant
Ty Piper Mar 05, 2012
Ohhhh can we guess who here bases all opinions that they have on cars off of the british top gear?
Emilio Luelmo' Mar 04, 2012
Don't compare a fat American car with a beautiful German piece of art.
Kan Wes Mar 04, 2012
Those wheels look too much like the cts v.
Tanton Stoneman Mar 04, 2012
A v12 c-class. How "classy"
Matt Piccolo Mar 04, 2012
Actually the civic didn't take the lights from this, it got it's tail lights from the accord coupe...
Jason Levy Mar 04, 2012
Looks like a $600 grand civic si and the spoiler just makes it look more like a civic IMO.
Michael Riley Mar 04, 2012
love it but polish/chrome the tailpipes :)
Bala Uncc Mar 04, 2012
yes civic copied tail lights from C-class...
Victor Takhanov Mar 04, 2012
Everything else is awesome though.
Victor Takhanov Mar 04, 2012
Rear reminds me of a civic. Ew. And I don't like the spoiler. IMO though.
Phillip Fitchew Mar 05, 2012
@ Jackson: More like Brabus = Speed M = Overall enhanced performance
Phillip Fitchew Mar 05, 2012
@Al: The point isn't to make an M3 killer. Brabus makes rockets.
Henz Herrero Mar 05, 2012
You guys must not have seen their brabus GLK.. Once a fastest suv or still is, not sure if the tuned cayenne is the fastest but the GLK is a fking beast
Daniel C Coța Mar 05, 2012
The brabus B looks like it was designed in ms word
Dan Rather Mar 05, 2012
I kinda wish they kept the Mercedes emblem it doesn't flow well without it
Ty Piper Mar 05, 2012
Why can't people realize that brabus makes no claims to good track times? I bet this thing will empty it's gas tank and eat it's tires faster than an m3 and IMO that's just as bad ass as a good lap time
Mike Bakhsheshi Mar 04, 2012
Not feelin the B emblem
Jackson Michael Mar 04, 2012
AMG= Speed M Division= Handling
Josiah Thomas Clements Mar 04, 2012
The c coupe AMG is better than the M3 IMO. It just looks mean, which is a good thing.
Max Müller Mar 04, 2012
Read the text: the transmission isn't strong enough for more torque! And it weights very much more than a m3!
Al Tungupon Mar 04, 2012
All Brabus does is incorporate all that power and torque for brochure purposes. You just can't put them into good use. At 800 hp, it should have a much faster 0-62 time. A 500 hp car with a good chassis can manage the feat in about the same time. Needless to say, the launch is messy and by the time you complete your first lap, the tires need to be changed already. It's certainly no way of making...
Dickson Lui May 11, 2014
Love this pic the angle is so perfect
Abraham Mendoza Mar 04, 2012
That looks....simple.
Mark Ridenour Mar 05, 2012
Omg that red piping is hideous!
Greg Lewis Mar 05, 2012
Ty, nice catch! It does stick out like a sore thumb, doesn't it?
Emanuele Sant?n Mar 05, 2012
Its the pedal handbrake in mercedes
Ty Piper Mar 05, 2012
Also some car company should design a better looking seat belt buckle.....
Ty Piper Mar 05, 2012
Aaahhhh.... For the love of god stop making black with red accent interiors!
David Eslava Mar 04, 2012
If this had a manual there would be no human leg capable of dealing with the clutch.
Avery Williams Mar 04, 2012
It's an automatic but I wished they made it manual.
Heshoo Hanna Mar 04, 2012
Interior looks it's from the c class black
Lyomp Mar 04, 2012
I didnt even notice those.
Chris Trotter Mar 04, 2012
Looks to me to be an auto since it has paddle shifters
Lyomp Mar 04, 2012
Well it looks like a manual lever
Lyomp Mar 04, 2012
Is it automatic or manual? I see no clutch pedal but a manual gear lever.
Michael Beach Mar 04, 2012
WTF did they replace the carpet with?
Alex Smith Mar 04, 2012
Looks very sporty inside
Knox Ferraro Mar 04, 2012
All this performance and it has a kick-style emergency brake?