Comments - 2013 SRT Viper Revealed (in die-cast form)

Published: Mar 04, 2012
Description: Sorry if we misled anyone with that title, but it is a Sunday after all and we wanted to get your attention somehow. Anyway, while we're still a little over a month away from the all-new 2013 SRT...
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Description: Now remember, this is a 1:64 scale die-cast model, so it's a bit hard to see many of the styling details. Still, we can get a decent glance at the car's overall shape (which hasn't chan...
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Austin Bride Mar 04, 2012
That was a test mule you Spode
Justin Harris Mar 04, 2012
Its actually the other way around Michael. All the spy photos have the front covered. The back is just like previous models.
Michael Gallagher Mar 04, 2012
Does it ever change much? Then again, I'm not a big viper fan so I don't pay to much attention. I know the back end seems to change a lot from generation to generation
Christopher Hines Mar 05, 2012
I hope it makes it all the way around the loop on my sons hot wheel track looks heavy!
Jackson Michael Mar 04, 2012
There was an article in Car & Driver about this car about a month ago which included pictures. It looked much, much better than this.
Antonio Falsetti Mar 04, 2012
I love the viper and this is just plain wrong.
Austin Bride Mar 04, 2012
Sadly I hate the front end
Ryan Patrick Clauson Mar 04, 2012
The front looks like a Mercedes SLS to me and the rear kind of looks like a Maserati to me. Idk if I like it.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 04, 2012
I quite like it. No rear hatch, LED head lamps, naked woman on the beach, it looks good to me.
Riley McKelvie Mar 04, 2012
I was excited for something new. This looks like a small makeover. Almost identical. It doesn't look bad, it just looks exactly the same
Steven Nevets Mar 04, 2012
Looks too much like the old one. With all the hype I hope this isn't it. Needs more originality!
Clint Edwards Mar 04, 2012
I preffered the SRT-10 over the GTS, but I'm gonna love this thing regardless
Shawn Griffith Mar 04, 2012
Well, when you consider how crazy that last ACRs looked, then look at this, it does look subtle. It's the front end that's throwing me off, it needs to look like it's about to chew you up and spit you back out.
Jaff Mar 04, 2012
The front end kinda looks like a rx7 fd
Alex Leu Mar 04, 2012
Yeah it looks a bit toned down
Ricardo Rodriguez Mar 04, 2012
This viper looks good but the best looking viper in my opinion is the 1996 Viper GTS blue with white racing stripes.
Tanton Stoneman Mar 04, 2012
Viper? Subtle? Wow, first time I have heard those two words in the same sentence.
Shawn Griffith Mar 04, 2012
Yeah, it does look like one of the older models, doesn't it? I'm not sure if I'm a fan or not. I loved how aggressive the models became through the years with styling, I was expecting this one to look outrageous. This seems so subtle.
Jimmy Williams Mar 04, 2012
If it looks anything like this, then oh my god. Time to change my boxers again.
quadrophine Mar 04, 2012
I hope this is what its gonna look like. the gts was my number one favorite childhood car.
JGL Scuderia Mar 04, 2012
think this is a hot wheels! but that dosent matter it looks terrible
Trent Bourgeois Mar 05, 2012
Bring on the supercar war in the American region.
Lee Cascio Mar 04, 2012
I can already see those diamond shaped led tails this thing is gonna be gorgeous.
Tanton Stoneman Mar 04, 2012
If they re-do the GTS I will be so happy! The GTS was my favorite Viper!
quadrophine Mar 04, 2012
it looks so much like the gts... am I having a wet dream is the viper gonna make its way back to the number one spot in my heart like it did when I was 14?