Comments - Unique of the Week: 1985 AC Cobra Mk IV

Published: Mar 31, 2012
Description: It goes without saying that gearheads everywhere are quite familiar with the AC Cobra. By the time the great Carroll Shelby began stuffing Ford V8s in them in the early 1960s, the body that was built ...
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Description: No immediate replacement came. However, that changed in 1982 when the Mk IV Cobra was launched. It was even built by the same people who produced those original AC Cobras in '60s. Although it has...
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Jared Palmer Apr 01, 2012
I have seen quite a few originals, AC and Ford, 260, 289 and 427 even had the chance to sit in a Dragon Snake (427 w/ 4 duces drag pack car)
Jared Palmer Apr 01, 2012
@ Matthew, how many decades did the 427 cobra hold the 0-100-0 record? These things were unbelievable accelerating
quadrophine Mar 31, 2012
this is like porn for me.
Chris Penza Mar 31, 2012
I've seen so many cobras and only one of them is real
Thomas Mackey Mar 31, 2012
These things were wicked fast. Still are. Plus they look fantastic.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 31, 2012
Hell, they were some of the fastest back in the day. 427 models hit 167 back in the 70s!!!
Matthew Reindorp Mar 31, 2012
Fastest? You can't of been in many nice cars then? They weren't famed for their speed
Jared Palmer Mar 31, 2012
Been in a lot of nice cars but the 427SC was the fastest and most memorable for me. Will always be one of my favorites.
Matthew Reindorp Mar 31, 2012
Got a friend with a 427 cobra and it sounds awesome!
Micah Buffat Mar 31, 2012
Those cars are the best defiantly my favorite
Description: All told, these 'reborn' Cobras took over 900 hours to construct from start to finish. Production lasted until 1995, with less than 84 units built every year from 1986 onward. All told, only...
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Tj Blankenship Apr 01, 2012
Salisbury transmition? Sounds sloshy haha
Micah Buffat Mar 31, 2012
900 hours to make? Wow no wonder there so rare
Description: He also claims that it's only been gently used throughout its life, with only about 1,000 miles put on the car every year. It's in excellent shape both inside and out and still has the origi...
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Tim Preisinger Apr 01, 2012
Yes they are. My friends father has one with a 427. Gave me a ride in it, so much fun just being in the passenger seat. Nothing else like it.
Pompey Paul Mar 31, 2012
Very nice but I prefer the blue with white stripes more
Abraham Mendoza Mar 31, 2012
Yeah, I'm sure classic car collectors look for cars that cost more than 10 million...
Matthew Reindorp Mar 31, 2012
Classic car collectors would definatley look elsewhere first... 250GTO etc etc
Abraham Mendoza Mar 31, 2012
I don't think so. Maybe if it were made in the 70s.
Nick Steiger Mar 31, 2012
This car has got to be on the top 10 list for classic car collectors.
Ben Mossing Apr 02, 2012
Did the ACs have i6s before?
quadrophine Mar 31, 2012
who needs power steering? if you live in the city, you'd never need free weights, parallel parking would be all the diesel you'd need.
Vince DeMasi Mar 31, 2012
The good ol days when there was all engine in there no bs stuff or sensors