Comments - Unearthed: 1992 Toyota MR2 Turbo

Published: Mar 31, 2012
Description: With the release of the Toyota GT-86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ, we thought it would be interesting to look back at another highly regarded Japanese sports car. No, we're not referring to the ...
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Michael Ly Apr 28, 2012
Looks like a stock engine tho, does not say anything about a flex fuel conversion, does no one else get way I'm saying?
William Downs Mar 31, 2012
ehh i wouldent dought that I had an old 87 with a manual and I think the 1.5 and got like 30, I know its not common but does happen with old civics.. u can look around online and u can check if u don't believe
Abraham Mendoza Mar 31, 2012
Yeah Paul, that's like Hybrid numbers right there. Chevy Cruze numbers too.
Matt Piccolo Mar 31, 2012
@ Paul... I can bet u it doesn't cuz that's better than the new civic, elantra, Mazda 3 etc
Vincent Butler Mar 31, 2012
Because Its not Stock
Michael Ly Mar 31, 2012
Has anyone else noticed he's putting E85in? Did they make it to accept ethanol? Cuz that doesn't seem stock
Paul Lissona Mar 31, 2012
My 92 civic lx sedan gets 33 city 40+ freeway, 5 speed. It's slow but it's good for mpg etc.
Devin Babyn Mar 31, 2012
VTEC's that old get mid 30's
Matt Piccolo Mar 31, 2012
This car is 20 years old though so that's not too bad!!
Alex Leu Mar 31, 2012
My friend has one and he gets about 21 mpg city?
Description: However, their original idea was not to build a sports car, but designers still looked for engine placement and drive method alternatives. When the first prototype was ready in 1981, Toyota opted to g...
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Jose Derueda Apr 01, 2012
With the whole new toyota line up i doubt something will change has been making some pretty ugly cars recently
Kumar Desi Mar 31, 2012
That's about to change bro... Real soon
Vincent Chong Mar 31, 2012
Toyota are still known for that. Sucks that all the fun cars are no longer under the Toyota brand.
Cho Dan Apr 01, 2012
John, that's awesome! I love that design and that's great mileage for a '96. I BF has a '93 300z convertible with 27k miles. Looks brand new.
John Hansell Apr 01, 2012
I love my midnight blue "96 300 ZX Twin Turbo. Only has 68,000 miles too.
Pi Ka Chu Apr 01, 2012
Why does this picture make me feel that the car is floating.....
Leo Castillo Apr 01, 2012
2nd best Toyota ever
Emmanuel Irizarry Apr 01, 2012
1 pot-hole and the car is done
Adam Fox Apr 01, 2012
I've got a '90 MR2, still running strong. Bright yellow, t-tops... it's a great car for a spirited summer drive.
Rami Wilson Mar 31, 2012
I've had a Fiero. I stand behind my statement. Drop in an LS 1 and your in business.
Jackson Michael Mar 31, 2012
I just noticed this uses biofuel
Trent Griffin Mar 31, 2012
I love my 88 Mr2 T-bar...superb handling!
Matt Piccolo Mar 31, 2012
Srry fiero... Dumb auto correct
Matt Piccolo Mar 31, 2012
@ rami... Theirs actually a firaro in my town like 2 mins away... It's a nice car but I think I'd rather this
Rami Wilson Mar 31, 2012
I'd rather have a Fiero.
JGL Scuderia Mar 31, 2012
a word that fit this..... cool
Matt Piccolo Mar 31, 2012
2nd nicest Toyota ever lmao
Abraham Mendoza Mar 31, 2012
These MR2s were so badass, I'd really like one.
Dylan Bruder Mar 31, 2012
Only model of mr2 I like I'd actually own one if I could find one
Frank Dreitlein Mar 31, 2012
I betcha that north pole express is faster.
Kumar Desi Mar 31, 2012
I heard people will kill and yes really kill for this car
Jackson Michael Mar 31, 2012
That actually looks nice
Cho Dan Mar 31, 2012
I had a '91 MR2 Turbo, white with T-tops. That was a fast, fun little car!
Kenneth Williams Mar 31, 2012
That color is too bright in my opinion.
Patrick Schalk Mar 31, 2012
That's a good lookin MR2. Very tastefully done.
William Downs Mar 31, 2012
thing is gorgeous those rims really set it off
Knox Ferraro Mar 31, 2012
I would've killed for one of these. On another note, how are "ricey" and all variations thereof not pejorative terms?
Matt Piccolo Mar 31, 2012
I love the mr2... Such a nice lookin car!!!!
Description: The MR2, on the other hand, was a two-seater with a lightweight body and solid handling. Power came from a naturally aspirated 1.5-liter straight-four engine with 112hp mated to either a five-speed ma...
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Description: Power came from a 2.2-liter straight-four with 130hp again mated to the same transmission options. The MR2 Turbo came with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four with a total of 200hp and was mated only to the...
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Jon Ashley Apr 01, 2012
I miss these days of toyota. The days of the celica, MR2, and supra
Leo Castillo Apr 01, 2012
Te 1990's were the best years to make cars
Jared Palmer Mar 31, 2012
The 200 hp base for the hp market used a 2.0 liter twin cam similar to what was offered in the 86-9? Celica gts
Phillip Holbrook Mar 31, 2012
Lol faster than a BRZ and the GT86.
Roberto Arteaga Mar 31, 2012
Japan started with a 200hp base, then up to 225hp in 1993, and 245hp in 95' or 96' if im correct. Awesome cars
Cody Jacques Mar 31, 2012
Thats partially because of it's transmission
Mr Two Mar 31, 2012
wonder why they de-tund the 3sgte for the usa market..
Matt Piccolo Mar 31, 2012
Good 0-60 for that amout of power
Shazam Hanif Apr 05, 2012
Car is a beast. I have seen this car on YouTube before.
Jerry Cole Apr 02, 2012
C watcha did there mikey
Micah Lau Apr 01, 2012
I'd say it is more like Shanghai Noodles, yeah, just a little tamer.
Emmanuel Irizarry Apr 01, 2012
I like it, and yes it does look ricey
Kevin Rehbock Mar 31, 2012
Nice and clean, definitely not a ricer.
Frederick Perez Mar 31, 2012
greddy body kit-nice!!
Kai Andrew Carlson Mar 31, 2012
Never been much of a fan, but this is nicely done.
Dan Kelly Mar 31, 2012
I think this was the best body style for the MR2. Still looks good today
Brandon Carr Mar 31, 2012
*Subaru copyright this paint combo* Jk I'm really not sure
Pompey Paul Mar 31, 2012
I love the gold and blue combo
Description: Unlike the previous MR2s, the Spyder, by its name was an open-top roadster powered by a 1.8-liter straight-four with 138hp. One of the ways it was unique from its MX-5 and Honda S2000 competitors was ...
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Cho Dan Mar 31, 2012
The S2000 is a great car but relies on a high-revving motorcycle engine whose power band is high end of it's RPM range. It would not own a MR2 Turbo.
Abraham Mendoza Mar 31, 2012
Leave them alone, this is their trolling den.
Thomas Mackey Mar 31, 2012
You figure that out on your own? And since when do mr2s suck? My local autocross has s2k's and mr2s....they are equal almost 100% of the time.
Cham Khiev Mar 31, 2012
S2k will own this car
Description: Some of the upgrades he's done so far include new wheels and tires, an added ATS Racing Garret kit, a side mount intercooler, race bearings, a multi layered steel head gasket, and various other p...
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Robert Young Mar 31, 2012
That's what I run in my Nova SS. Hell it dyno'd at 430hp/360tq
Phillip Holbrook Mar 31, 2012
12.25 is booking it, would surprise more than a few cars at the stop light.
Thomas Mackey Apr 01, 2012
@micah: 1. It's my opinion. 2. Don't be a dick. 3. Learn how to type.
Micah Lau Apr 01, 2012
@Thomas: Those stretched tires are not particularly find of how you look.
Frederick Perez Mar 31, 2012
94+ tail lights are great compare to 90-93 MR2's
Thomas Mackey Mar 31, 2012
Hate the stretched tire look.
Clint Edwards Mar 31, 2012
Good looking car, but he could've downsized the tips. Those are about as big as the stacks on my truck
Andrew Hossann Mar 31, 2012
I like the black rims better
Kenneth Williams Mar 31, 2012
Glad he went with the gold xxr's instead... Well hopefully
Stephen Tyler Learn Mar 31, 2012
The exhaust is there because it is a performance upgrade who cares what it looks like this car is quick
SupaDupaMe Mar 31, 2012
One hell of a car... In my opinion
Alex Leu Mar 31, 2012
Yeah those pipes kind of stick out
Andrew Grimm Mar 31, 2012
Trent, atleast I understood your joke lol
rockstarTc Mar 31, 2012
I spy a blow off valve!!
Trent Bourgeois Mar 31, 2012
Wait, that's an engine?
Logan LeMonnier Mar 31, 2012
Love the cross pieces above the engine
Justin Tucker Mar 31, 2012
That's exactly what it is. Best sounding blow off I'm my opinion:)
Kenneth Williams Mar 31, 2012
That's what it looks like unless it's a knockoff. But he looks like he cares about his car so it's Probly real. Lol
William Downs Mar 31, 2012
I'm not huge on Turbo tech... what's the point of an accumilater on the intake pipe. identified that an air conditioning thing
Kevin Rehbock Mar 31, 2012
They're accumulators
Bob Jones Mar 31, 2012
Nevermind I was looking at the wrong pipe, haha I actually have no idea what those are.
Bob Jones Mar 31, 2012
I think they're just bolts to clamp the pipes together.
William Downs Mar 31, 2012
what are those 2 valve looking things sticking off the pipe going to the intake manifold