Comments - Subaru BRZ a Sales Hit in Japan

Published: Mar 31, 2012
Description: Yes, we know there's been a lot of news this week regarding the Subaru BRZ. While we're certainly not trying to show any sort of bias towards the car, we still can't help but be impress...
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No Pistons Mar 31, 2012
They need to lower the price, for Nevada there is already a 5k mark up on them and in a lot of other states as well, only a few dealerships are actually selling them at 25k
Paul Lissona Mar 31, 2012
Haha yah Ik their used to people just wanting a to b transportation. Hopefully this changes it.
Justin Singleton Mar 31, 2012
I want to wait for the brz sti ....only thing I dislike about the car it the tail lights the brz sti's look so much better...
Knox Ferraro Mar 31, 2012
Wait, people want to enjoy driving their car? Toyota must be so confused.
Raymond Reynoso Mar 31, 2012
Well that's a full second faster
Matt Piccolo Mar 31, 2012
@ Phillip, they got like 6.3... Their was an artical on it a few days ago
Phillip Holbrook Mar 31, 2012
Meh if it was inside line that got that 0-60 I'm not too worried. The editors at Motor Trend and Car and Driver can actually drive, we'll see what they get.
Carlton Salmon Mar 31, 2012
How is the Toyota GT86 selling in comparison?
Peter Winter Mar 31, 2012
Its amazing! A solid performing driver oriented car selling well in Japan. Amazing. Its gonna sell well her too.
Matt Piccolo Mar 31, 2012
Good job subaru... I'm happy to hear the majority of people are picking the manual!!! And that it's selling welll
Description: The BRZ went on sale in Japan last February and will go on sale in the U.S. on April 20th. What's especially interesting is that an incredible 60 percent of the car's buyers are younger than...
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Maury L. Meredith Apr 01, 2012
This car looks like the Hyundai Genesis Coupe.
Patrick Schalk Mar 31, 2012
I don't smoke weed but I sure do like RT Challys. Anyone who says otherwise can suck it. Any Hemi Chally is gonna be fun
Brad Vanderveen Mar 31, 2012
@bob I don't think that's wrong I'm from Canada and I have 2 buddies who have them.
Bob Jones Mar 31, 2012
@ Brad "I am against it because it is against the law." IMO that's a terrible reason to be against it, people have to question laws rather than blindly accept them. To stay on the topic of cars since this is Carbuzz, do you also think that R34 GTRs are bad cars just because they're illegal in the US?
Mikey Jimenez Mar 31, 2012
Weed is by far the safest drug out there. By legalizing it, there would be less crime and murder but our government is to dumb to figure that out.
Mikey Jimenez Mar 31, 2012
God made weed Man made beer In God We Trust Hahah to true, @vincent Cali does have the best of the best tho.
rockstarTc Mar 31, 2012
@brad you probably just got skunky kind, normally it makes you feel good, and it shouldnt be illegal, i did an 9 page paper on it and their is no real reason why it should be illegal, and the fda doesnt want to test it cause it will show that it doesnt have any harmful effects in moderation.
Vincent Butler Mar 31, 2012
Well brad. I'm sure you smoke some WACK shit like stress. Or you didn't know what you Were doing lol. I live in Cali I have my medical Card :) a shop is down the street from my house hehe.
Brad Vanderveen Mar 31, 2012
Dang iPhone auto correct. "did it 3 times and never liked it once"
Brad Vanderveen Mar 31, 2012
I completely disagree with you I've done it 3 times with 3 different kinds and me we liked it once. I am against it because it's against the law and it's the right thing to do also I don't know if you can tell or not but "stoners" r super distinctive
rockstarTc Mar 31, 2012
Haha i like how were discussing weed, but yeah people who are against it are people who havent tried it, it isnt bad and much less harmful then squares and alcohol. So besides getting the r/t instead of the srt i would say that was a real good day! haha
Bob Jones Mar 31, 2012
Exactly Devin, it's unbelievable that harmless weed is illegal while alcohol and tobacco legally kill thousands of people every year.
Devin Babyn Mar 31, 2012
I don't smoke anymore but I did quite a bit for awhile and there's nothing wrong with it. Hell smokes and booze is worse then weed by far
Das Stig Mar 31, 2012
And who forgot hitlers birthday?
Nick Sti Mar 31, 2012
@Brad, that's what I meant 1) Buying that car 2) Doin drugs
Brad Vanderveen Mar 31, 2012
@nick, Bryan's only mistake was buying the rt and and not the 6.4 L v8 srt. The challenger was the right choice. And yea weed is gay.
Nick Sti Mar 31, 2012
Brian, you made two mistakes that day
Das Stig Mar 31, 2012
Said thd next car I get is going to be a manual but when I found a non m z3 coupe I had to have it because theres only 600 in north america.
Antonio Falsetti Mar 31, 2012
Yea manual or nothing for me. Btw 4/20 is my birthday so I guess it's a sign from above for me to buy this car and I just might.
Carlton Salmon Mar 31, 2012
Great to read that nearly two thirds are ticking the manual option
Riley Di Pol Mar 31, 2012
Looks like it has a mustache
Brandon Carr Mar 31, 2012
Needs a good looking hood scoop
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Apr 01, 2012
Is that the original design for the front bumper?? I thought it was more dynamic?
Douglas Dielle Apr 01, 2012
God it looks cheap and is ugly.
Jackson Michael Mar 31, 2012
At least we don't have to worry about ricer painting the hood
William Downs Mar 31, 2012
he just a hater trolling for comments
Jv Mar 31, 2012
There's no minivans I know of that can do 0-60 in under 7 seconds. I personally love this car.
William Downs Mar 31, 2012
I can't wait to get mine its such a great looking car
Bobby Comment Apr 01, 2012
It was a joint project with Toyota who is selling the same car as a Scion so it actually is within the Toyota brand lineage. It looks a hell of a lot like the late 90s Celica. Too bad Toyota didn't do a better job holding up its end of the partnership. I doubt Subaru expected Toyota would just blow the dust off an antiquated design when agreeing to take on the chassis work and letting Toyota d...
Jason Colkitt Apr 01, 2012
First off.... Celica is Toyota.... And brz is Subaru. So why would it succeed a car that's not in the company's range to begin with?
William Downs Apr 01, 2012
nope ae86 scion TC is celica
Hamza Hamid Mar 31, 2012
@M 616, pretty sure that's what this car is succeeding..
M 616 Mar 31, 2012
looks like the toyota celica
Kiichi Rivera Apr 02, 2012
@Tommy it has nothing to do with color. Paul said he didnt like the plastic thing, and people replies saying it's a rear diffuser and is useful for areodynamics/suspension (which is a selling point)
Tommy Trinh Apr 01, 2012
I don't think the color of the diffuser has a role to play in aerodynamics. The lack of color coding is to do with keeping the price down.
William Downs Apr 01, 2012
yup there very important. to aerodynamics
Douglas Dielle Apr 01, 2012
Paul that's known as a rear diffuser ✌
Jackson Michael Mar 31, 2012
I think it looks better with it than without it
Paul Roberts Mar 31, 2012
The black plastic dosnt look good! I hate how a lot of cars have it now days