Description: Those looking to get a 2LT or 2SS trim level coupe or convertible can upgrade to a 45th Anniversary Edition Camaro for just $1,375. For that you get Carbon Flash Metallic paint, a unique stripe packag...
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Taylor Little Apr 08, 2012
Never been a fan of the weak convertible top on a muscle car. T-tops are more than welcome though.
Brad Hickey Apr 01, 2012
Yes. It still counts. Never does it say 45 consecutive years. It is 45 years since the first camaro. You don't have to be non stop.
Jeremy Phillips Apr 01, 2012
Does 45 really count since they skipped a few years
Jackson Michael Mar 31, 2012
I agree with Chris, actually. I think that the challenger is the best muscle car revival. The new Camaro seems too aerodynamic to be named after a muscle car.
Chris Penza Mar 31, 2012
No tim I mean I just don't like the looks of it
Humza Husain Mar 31, 2012
I just saw the coupe 45th like 5 mins ago in town lol
Bob Jones Mar 31, 2012
Yeah you can get the RS appearance package with any trim.
Daniel Marino Mar 31, 2012
Yea the RS is a separate package that you can choose to get or not.
Zachary Maurer Mar 31, 2012
Just as a question, can you get a RS/SS trim, like on the 67' 68' 69' models?
Ben Koch Mar 31, 2012
Our dealership had one out feont in december... and theres a guy that owns one now so im confused
Tim Preisinger Mar 31, 2012
How come? Nothing wrong with a Camaro showing those europeans how it's supposed to be done on a road course. :)
Chris Penza Mar 31, 2012
The 1le really disappointed me. It just doesnt seem right for a muscle car
Patrick Schalk Mar 31, 2012
That's a pretty pod price for that package. I'd get it on an SS. Looks great. But I still want that 1LE!
Description: VIN 001 is to be auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson on April 6th, with proceeds going to the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, whose mission is to prevent, detect and eradicate all forms of cancer....
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Geo M Apr 03, 2012
Damn yuppies at Barret Jackson killed the automotive hobby.
Emmanuel Irizarry Apr 01, 2012
I would appreciate it if the red on the hood was symmetrical
Trent Bourgeois Mar 31, 2012
I'm liking the stripes.
Chris Penza Mar 31, 2012
This is cool. I'd pay an extra 1375 for this
Evan Jordan Mar 31, 2012
I saw one of these on the road a week ago. I thought it was amazing
Jackson Michael Mar 31, 2012
They've been out for like 3 years, of course they look similar.
Paul Roberts Mar 31, 2012
Camaro are all the same thing. Chevy plz freshen up the design!
Rami Wilson Mar 31, 2012
You guy's are Quick!
Connor Wagner Mar 31, 2012
From this distance shot u can't tell it's a convertible
Benjamin Davidson Apr 02, 2012
I'm surprised the steering wheel wasn't shipped upside down.
Cody Andree Mar 31, 2012
To chevy does has a problem with there steering wheels. I don't get y like man just copy someone who is doing it right lol
Chris Penza Mar 31, 2012
The 2008 camaro's wheel was a lot cooler IMO
Chris Bridgers Mar 31, 2012
I dont like the gauges, seats look sharp though
Daniel Marino Mar 31, 2012
The 2010 and 2011 steering wheels look much better. They should've kept the "camaro" on it instead of changing to the Bowtie
Robert Priestap Mar 31, 2012
Chevy has a real issue coming up with some appealing steering wheels but I still think this wheel looks much better than the Vette!
Jackson Michael Mar 31, 2012
I've always said the wheel would be more at home in a Cruza.
Raymond Reynoso Mar 31, 2012
Yeah I agree that Chevy symbol on the wheel does suck.
Chris Penza Mar 31, 2012
Me too. But the wheel sucks
Patrick Schalk Mar 31, 2012
I really like those seats.
Elijah McCord Apr 01, 2012
Yeah talk about awkward
Jackson Michael Mar 31, 2012
It would be pretty awkward of someone had a Camaro with SRT seats.
Aaron Crisp Mar 31, 2012
SRT8 would look better :) sexy car though.
Goran Kotevski Mar 31, 2012
Good value for money car.
Brad Hickey Apr 01, 2012
Also, I like the GT500 as well as the ZL1 before you go all "LOL BOWTIE SHIT FANBOY" So please. View a car in what it was designed to do and what it is meant to be. Rant length record?
Brad Hickey Apr 01, 2012
Its just so frustrating to see people bash cars like this with such a blatant bias. Its disgusting and extremely frustrating. Sorry for the rant, it has been building for some time lol.
Brad Hickey Apr 01, 2012
I know this is unrelated and all, but my frustration has been building with all these stupid ass one sided interior wars. People need to accept that these cars are not built out to the nines so you can bathe in alcantara (which the ZL1 has btw).
Brad Hickey Apr 01, 2012
And then the day before he was bashing the zl1's interior calling it crap etc. IMO if you did a comparison, the camaro interior (at least for the ZL1) is superior in quality to the gt500's.
Brad Hickey Apr 01, 2012
It is sometimes worse, and has twice the plastic. The best thing i have seen to date was a mustang fanboy calling the gt500's interior spartan like and bare and that it was a good thing because you then focus on driving.
Brad Hickey Apr 01, 2012
Don't go splitting hairs. The point still stands that you guys endlessly bash on all chevy interiors and compare them to lambos. Does nobody else see the stupidity in this? What boggles my mind more, is that the mustang interiors are never even bashed.
Mikey Jimenez Mar 31, 2012
You guys sound so dumb comparing a $300,000 car interior to a $40,000 car interior.
Mikey Jimenez Mar 31, 2012
You're paying 40 grand for this. if you're so unhappy with the interior then you can re a poster it for lower than 5grand and it's still cheaper then your ga* a$$ lambo!
Stephen Cobbs Mar 31, 2012
Lamborghini would not approve.