Description: Although it's nearly 30 years old, the Mercedes-Benz W124 has gone down as one of the German automaker's all-time best sedans. During its lifetime, there was also some performance versions b...
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Paul Lissona Mar 31, 2012
I had one that unfortunately needed head gasket,, I liked it a lot though.
Description: Yes, very impressive. Now enter longtime Mercedes aftermarket tuning firm Brabus. Some of those E500s ended up with Brabus and they gave them some extra special attention. The result was the "6....
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Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Apr 01, 2012
444 HP, just like the Boss!
Dan Rather Mar 31, 2012
That's a very good 0-60 time for car of that size that's close to twenty years old.
Ole Martin Hoel Mar 31, 2012
It was allright in '94 I guess..
Matt Piccolo Mar 31, 2012
Nice top speed... But that isn't a very good 0-60 for almost 450hp
Description: No information was given regarding model year or pricing, but it's not likely to be cheap. For those who are interested, Brabus requests that inquiries be made directly to them via email or phone...
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Steven Schott Mar 31, 2012
This car is so beautiful. I would love to own this. I hope whoever gets this car, really enjoys it for all it's worth.
Rudolf Dassler Mar 31, 2012
Best E ever! I love them!
Carlton Salmon Mar 31, 2012
Looks gorgeous and stealth-like. Basically you'd be buying a nearly 30 year old brand 'new' car. I'd reckon it'd probably be selling for around £60k upwards on rarity alone. Imagine how it must sound when you bury your right foot for the first time?
Cory Allen Mar 31, 2012
That looks awesome!!!
John Serely Mar 31, 2012
It may not be the fastest or best looking car for the money, but I bet it would be fun to own
Joe Fats Harper Mar 31, 2012
@Pavel It says 252 kilometers, which converts to 157 miles.. It says km above the gauge
Pavel Kleymenov Mar 31, 2012
You meant 252 miles? Unless pictures lie. But anyway you look at it, it's a bran new car!
Nick Benz Mar 31, 2012
You could serve a buffet off that engine cover.