Posted on: Mar 30, 2012
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SRT Tease 2013 Viper Interior Shot

With a highly polished interior, the new Viper looks to have the makings of a true American supercar.
Ahead of its debut at the New York Auto Show, SRT has released the third official teaser shot of the new Viper, following shots of a carbon-fiber air vent and an outline of the front-end & headlights. The main surprise of the interior reveal is that the Viper looks to be getting a major interior upgrade. Leather adorns the dash, contrasting red stitching is holding everything together, and the passenger grab handle appears to be wrapped in Alcantara or suede. There are also a couple of flashes of what could be aluminum or chrome trim.
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Confirmation of a six-speed manual transmission has also been made via this interior teaser shot. It's unlikely SRT will release another teaser image prior to the car's unveiling, as the debut of the new Viper is planned for 4 April when SRT will broadcast the actual reveal live online. Get it in your diaries.

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by Adam Lynton
SRT Tease 2013 Viper Interior Shot
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