Comments - Ferrari to Get $50m Annual Bonus in F1

Published: Mar 30, 2012
Description: Ferrari, the biggest name in Formula 1, has agreed a new deal with Bernie Ecclestone in return for an annual 'bonus' of $50m on top of the TV revenue it's entitled to from Formula One ...
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Jackson Michael Mar 30, 2012
That, and they're not Fiat.
Dale Schroeder Mar 30, 2012
No wonder Ferrari doesn't bother trying to make cars that are affordable or designed for standard markets. They don't have to when F1 straight up hands them huge piles of cash for just showing up!
Description: Ferrari recently withdrew from FOTA, the teams' organization that in 2009 threatened to create a breakaway series. Bernie Ecclestone, FOM chief executive, announced during the Malaysian Grand Pri...
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Description: It is expected that Frank Williams, a longtime Ecclestone acquaintance, will sign up to the agreement shortly. Mercedes Benz is the last big team not to agree a deal, and it looks as if the German man...
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Tajul Islam Apr 01, 2012
Brawn Honda? SBF - Scuderia Brawn Ferrari? Hmmm?
Indy Heer Mar 31, 2012
Well brawn gp could be back but without an engine!! Mercedes deserve the same amount as McLaren and red bull!!
Joseph Yeow Mar 30, 2012
If Mercedes withdraw, welcome back Brawn GP!
Description: So now it seems as if Ecclestone has signed the team to his plans till the end of the new Concorde agreement that runs to the end of 2017. By then he will be 87. His plans might include an IPO of the ...
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Tajul Islam Apr 01, 2012
No no inital public offering.