Description: Ferrari has achieved a unique double win with its latest releases, the F2012, the new F1 car and their new GT car, the F12berlinetta. The former is regarded by pundits as an ugly duckling (like most o...
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No Pistons Mar 03, 2012
And it's also the inspiration of the f12s design
Chris Penza Mar 03, 2012
Why not? The 575 is the predecessor to the 599, and the f12 is the 599's successor
Pratik Parija Mar 03, 2012
Why is there a Ferrari 550/575 on the 1st page? Lol
Description: There is nothing wrong with that; for generations F1 cars used to have all kinds of aerodynamic devices over, under and on the sides of the car. Those devices gave the cars unrealistic shapes and were...
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Humza Husain Mar 07, 2012
Yes, they are kidding... Didn't you read the sarcasm in their comments
Nick El-Khoury Mar 05, 2012
Tell me you guys are kidding...
Josiah Thomas Clements Mar 04, 2012
The Fisker karma is just a hyped up Toyota prius.
Elijah McCord Mar 04, 2012
The FF came out before the Velostet and it's a three door. The Veloster is a four door.
Cody Fullerton Mar 04, 2012
The FF is just an overpriced Veloster :)
Mario Callirgos Mar 04, 2012
If anyone else can find examples of stupidity feel free to chime in.. The M3 is just an overpriced mustang GT!
Mario Callirgos Mar 04, 2012
Ya justins right The 911 is just a hopped up beetle also, The GTR is just an upscale EVO X.
Justin Merriott Mar 04, 2012
All it is is a high end corvette
Timothy Hooker Mar 03, 2012
Not worthy of price tag....js
Efthimis Deftereos Mar 03, 2012
just can't get enough of "her"!!!
Description: The fact is, however, that motorsport fans prefer their adored racing cars in unique shapes as single-seaters, prototypes, sport scars, or all other sorts of categories. The unique design is important...
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Michael Beach Mar 03, 2012
I love me some sport scars
Description: A front-mounted engine is the norm, since the car's proportions in this configuration are much better-looking than that of any other configuration. The long hood and the big radiator and the shor...
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Cody Fullerton Mar 04, 2012
They looked great on the 458, but the minute they stretched them out to accommodate the FFs goofy grin, they were ruined
Matthew McKernan Mar 03, 2012
There having financial issues, there was an article on it a few weeks ago
Steven Schott Mar 03, 2012
Their designs for Ferrari are gorgeous.
Buddy Robinson Mar 03, 2012
Because their newest cars are not beautiful, striking yes, but pretty? Haha. No.
Steven Schott Mar 03, 2012
Why is Pininfarina having trouble?
Kev Berkel Mar 04, 2012
@pistons I agree. It's similar to the FF. the FF's grille is atrocious... This is similar but it's not as bad.
No Pistons Mar 03, 2012
I'm sorry but the grill kills it for me :(
...theskipper2 Mar 03, 2012
Looks like an expensive Mazda concept car with that smiley face grill. Overall a good looking car but not a big fan of the grill.
Mario Callirgos Mar 03, 2012
Mr. Enzo Ferrari is dead.
Dennis Prow Mar 03, 2012
Mr Enzo Ferrari Sir, I would like to say this car could be much more... Curvy. But i will also say that function has clearly taken presidence. Function over athstetical design is what puts you up top. Great job once again.
Chris Penza Mar 03, 2012
This car is better every time I see it
Steven Nevets Mar 03, 2012
Please Ferrari! Make it a GTO!
Justin Routh Mar 03, 2012
I doubt it. They've only used the gto name a couple times and they just used it for the 599 so im guessing we wont see gto again for awhile
Steven Nevets Mar 03, 2012
Sorry, F12BerlinettaGTO
Steven Nevets Mar 03, 2012
Anybody know if they're going to make a 612 GTO? I would think so...
Daniel Bellafonte Mar 03, 2012
It looks so menacing!
Maury L. Meredith Mar 03, 2012
Is that smiling at me with those sinister eyes?
Joel Hayes Mar 03, 2012
Curves are better than straight lines.
Matt Moeller Mar 03, 2012
Oh man that is goo looking. Ferrari FTW !!!
Description: The grille is more dominant than in the previous 599 GTB, and the profile lines have a better flow. The proportions are also excellent, while the two double exhaust pipes out back are the two extremes...
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Description: When the Geneva Motor Show's first press day opens next week it will be hot around the Ferrari stand - red hot. Hundreds of journalists will scramble to watch Ferrari President Luca di Montezemol...
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Bob Jones Mar 03, 2012
@Quinn the F2012 is Ferraris new Formula 1 race car, and the F12 is their new GT street car.
Quinn Rogers Mar 03, 2012
what is the F2012? isn't it f12?
Steven Nevets Mar 03, 2012
How is this plain? There is only so much you can do with a front engined GT. Seriously, there are tons of curves and details to this. It looks great!
Chris Gaines Mar 03, 2012
it's like an adult diaper
Rob walker Mar 03, 2012
I don't understand people raving about this. It is so bland! Aventador, Pagani, Aston Martin, McLaren all better looking. I even prefer the FF!
Domi Bsaibes Mar 03, 2012
The more i look at it the more i like it
Jason Dannheim Mar 03, 2012
Agreed Matthew. That small lip should've curved around a quarter of the tail lamp then gone straight down the fender/bumper, quickly fading into it.
Matthew Reindorp Mar 03, 2012
I don't like the back end T shape...
Dylan Moss Mar 03, 2012
@Paul-- The 8C isn't exactly an original design. But yes it does.
Robin Ramirez Mar 03, 2012
It looks more like the Ferrari California to me.
John Serely Mar 03, 2012
@paul I see it in the tail lights a little
Steven Nevets Mar 03, 2012
They don't look that much alike other than the tail lights and quad exhaust.
Paul Beausejour Mar 03, 2012
Am I the only one that finds it looks similar to the Alfa Romeo 8C?
Dennis Prow Mar 03, 2012
I want an f1 with turn signals, 2 brake lights and i want to drive it on the streets of Miami to mock heavy lamborghini murcielagos!
Pratik Parija Mar 03, 2012
This was very simple
Walker Carroll Mar 03, 2012
Prettiest f1 car they ever made
Kevin Irish Mar 03, 2012
You mean to remain in contact with as much of the racing surface as possible.
Mac Cook Mar 03, 2012
To adithya, the use of negative camber is normally to allow the outside wheel to remain in contact with as much of the tire as possible for better handling. It wasn't designed to be for looks originally
Adithya Chandrasekhar Mar 03, 2012
Is is just me or has the front end got some negative camber???
JGL Scuderia Mar 03, 2012
the new f2012 looks fantstic. just hope its as good as driving as it looks.
Max Garcia Mar 03, 2012
F2012 looks like it's ready to eat u with the big gap
Ken Kirtland Apr 14, 2012
stupid new noses.