Description: Envia Systems of Newark, California has recently produced a new 45 Ah rechargeable battery cell producing a world record breaking energy density of 400Wh/kg. Current offerings on the market are no...
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Abraham Mendoza Mar 04, 2012
I'm sorry, but if electricity will be the mainstream source of transportation, won't electrical usage skyrocket and the price of electricity jump and gasoline will start to cost less and we'll be in the same situation now?
Kyle Cribben Mar 03, 2012
People don't realize that some of the electricity that is created is made from petroleum generators
Chris Penza Mar 03, 2012
In sorry, but an electric muscle car cannot be done
Jason Brower Mar 03, 2012
To all the people ranting about wanting to have your gasoline powered cars: technology like this may be the only thing keeping our combustion engines from going extinct soon. The more people who drive EVs and such, the more petroleum products for us.
Max Müller Mar 03, 2012
But this technology isn't ready yet, it's very hard to controll
KyleM Mar 03, 2012
This is an awesome break through! Hopefully this battery technology will trickle down to other products, such as smartphones.
Devin Babyn Mar 03, 2012
Dave electric cars have and can do all those things
Josiah Thomas Clements Mar 03, 2012
What the fudge are they thinking?!
Drew Storrusten Mar 03, 2012
Such a sad sad day. :(
Paul Lissona Mar 03, 2012
This is stupid, I really like the sound of actual engines.
Michael Gallagher Mar 03, 2012
Hahah. The modern muscle car won't be a muscle car anymore. It's just going to be another EV
Judah Lindvall Mar 03, 2012
I'm not against electric as long as they're powerful enough to leave a portion of your tires on the road!! And they have a good range
Dave Stewart Mar 03, 2012
Is this the movies? I'm sick Of everything electric it's annoying us real car guys need our horsepower and burning rubber and racing
Ethan Amo Mar 03, 2012
Sports cars ARE NOT electric. Period.
Jessica Rivera Mar 03, 2012
Not a joke, the Nissan Leaf has a special sound for pedestrians who will not hear the car coming.
uptown Mar 03, 2012
Ben did you ever see that movie 'the dilemma' where they try to make electric cars have sound... what a joke
Ben 'Jammin Peters Mar 03, 2012
My biggest concern would be the sound when you put your foot to the floor.
Brandon Lidy Mar 03, 2012
Indeed. 300 miles is more than most people travel daily, and as the article stated, that's a huge increase
Michael Douglas Mar 03, 2012
I'm not an EV fan but kevin seriously. Whats the difference if i have to stick a hose to fill the tank or plug it in over night. Its not like i have sleep next to car while its plugged in
Clint Edwards Mar 03, 2012
Good lord, this would happen in California wouldn't it
Kevin Irish Mar 03, 2012
If EVs are going to be the future, then the fact you have to plug and unplug them is an inconvenience. If you buy an EV, it should come with an inductive charging mat to put on your garage floor, kind of like the mats made for small electronics. Much more convenient than a cord.
Christo Savaides Mar 03, 2012
I can't stand EVs, but those are some impressive numbers. Love em or hate em, that's a fantastic breakthrough. Not just for cars, but for battery technology in general.
Description: It is also suggested that this breakthrough could also bring down the price tag for EV's in the future. We will likely be able to see these new battery cells first appear in GM vehicles since En...
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Cody Fullerton Mar 04, 2012
Everything in Venezuela is cheap. You could buy a house for the same as a car down payment in the states
Anthony Espinoza Vargas Mar 03, 2012
In Venezuela, you can fill your gas tank with 1 US dollar, and still have change left over. Gasoline is cheaper than water.
Devin Babyn Mar 03, 2012
A couple years ago I heard of a country in south America that keeps all the oil they produce that they'd need. So their gas prices were something like $0.30 a liter
Clint Edwards Mar 03, 2012
@Clayton I believe Brazil is much cheaper
Bob Turefannt Mar 03, 2012
Hydrogen power would be expensive to implement. Just one aspect of it is that a tanker that can carry petrol for 700 cars can only carry hydrogen for 70 cars.
Andy Lopez Mar 03, 2012
Actually E85 is more like 94-96 octane according to the renewable fuels foundation. One of the main reasons why you can make more power with E85 is because of the colder combustion temperatures which means you can run higher compression or more boost
Kyle Nistler Mar 03, 2012
You guys do know that it's possible to make ethanol yourself, cuz I do. Btw it's not worse so get you facts straight, E-85= octane 115 gas, I have no loss of mpgs with the slight mods I've done, and at the pump it's avg. $3.24 a gallon.
Dillon Dixon Mar 03, 2012
I still like the idea of hydrogen power. Hydrogen goes in, water comes out. And there is practically an unlimited supply.
Knox Ferraro Mar 03, 2012
Yeah, Chris, this is all Obama's fault. Everything bad to have ever happened ever is Obama's fault. Not the world market or the general concepts of economic scarcity or energy diversity. Just Obama. All day. Forever.
Chris Dimattia Mar 03, 2012
Of course gas prices will stay high. GM/Obama wants these coal powered EVs. What an idiot. Oh wait, when are we going to get our algae powered camaros? I know. NEVER!
Chris Dimattia Mar 03, 2012
And good luck finding an e85 pump. I've never seen one.
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Mar 03, 2012
It is worse because it has a third less energy content therefore needing 50% more fuel to make the same power.... And it is more expensive than gasoline.
Shane Heid Mar 03, 2012
Ethanol is so much worse
Kyle Nistler Mar 03, 2012
Just switch to ethanol, that's how I'm staying away from EVs.
Trent Bourgeois Mar 05, 2012
Nice paint job, looks familiar to me.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Mar 04, 2012
The Boss is amazing, but did you forget about the GT500 SS?
P_R_N_D Mar 03, 2012
Yeah Brad is right. This article is all a theoretical "what if" about GM's future EVs. CarBuzz just threw the camaro in there to stir up controversy. That's pretty deceptive news reporting CarBuzz; if you can call it news.
Tim Butler Mar 03, 2012
they had on of theis at the Boston car show not electric of course and I text drove it not impressed
Stephen Cobbs Mar 03, 2012
@Michael 1. Boss 302 2. Challenger 3. Camaro
Brad Hickey Mar 03, 2012
You guys do realize this isn't an ev right?
Nicolo' Bettinelli Mar 03, 2012
Camaro EV?!?!?!?!? It's possible!!!
Michael Gallagher Mar 03, 2012
@stephen, the boss is amazing looking however, all the mustangs pretty much look the same. So the challenger would win
Chris Harrison Mar 03, 2012
this is my new wallpaper
Matthew Reindorp Mar 03, 2012
No, the boss 302 just looks like it's made of Lego bricks... This however looks amazing...
Stephen Cobbs Mar 03, 2012
@Michael. I pretty sure the Boss 302 is the best looking muscle car.
Michael Gallagher Mar 03, 2012
Best looking EV yet. So then dodge will have the best looking muscle car (cuz they will have the only muscle cars)
Greg Lewis Mar 03, 2012
Like the red idea, should been symmetrical though. Never see stripes in two colors
Byron Borggard Mar 03, 2012
The red is a nice touch to symbolize the EV
Shane Heid Mar 03, 2012
I second that patrick
Patrick Schalk Mar 03, 2012
These things are pretty sexy in person
Rami Wilson Mar 03, 2012
Body by Fisher power by Mopar!
Rami Wilson Mar 03, 2012
This would be the perfect Camaro to rip all that electric B.S. out of and drop a Hemi in!
Emmanuel Irizarry Mar 03, 2012
I would really appreciate some symmetry on that hood
Patrick Joseph Mar 03, 2012
I love this damn car so very much.
Patrick Schalk Mar 03, 2012
I don't think they are that bad but there are better ones around
Rudolf Dassler Mar 03, 2012
Couldn't agree more... Awful wheels...
Greg Lewis Mar 03, 2012
GM really needs to hire someone who can pick rims.
Brandon Lidy Mar 03, 2012
Pretty good lookin paint scheme
Shane Heid Mar 07, 2012
Matt your probably shaped wrong. I sat in one and it was super comfortable, great position, great shifter and clutch feel. Also most the things were covered in leather. Soft and awesome. Sure you weren't sittin in a supra?
Emmanuel Irizarry Mar 03, 2012
Well of course it has parts from other cars, that's how muscle cars started. A lot of power for a cheap price
Matt Piccolo Mar 03, 2012
I satin one of these at the toronto autoshow... As I did many other cars.... And this has the worst driving position of any car I've ever been in!!!!!!!!!! U sit really low and everything is really high... And I'm 6 foot so it's not like that's affecting the visabiliy... Also u cant rest ur arms on anything because the arm rest is too high.... And the windows are way to short
Greg Lewis Mar 03, 2012
Remember, if they didn't borrow parts from other lines and skimp a lil here and there, these cars would look awesome. But be totally unaffordable. It does the job...
Brent Bennett Mar 03, 2012
I'm not a chevy guy, but I am starting to really like the Camaro. BUT that dash! -C'mon!
Erick Bernal Mar 03, 2012
That's the 2012 steering wheels. It's from a Chevy Cruze..
Josh Melhorn Mar 03, 2012
I prefer the other Camaro steering wheel thats in the SS
P_R_N_D Mar 03, 2012
this article is deceptive and irresponsible
Brad Hickey Mar 03, 2012
Sigh. Why don't people read
Max Waite Mar 03, 2012
Because it's a gas Camaro. If you read the article you will discover that new battery technology is owned by a GM-owned company, and the author drew the conclusion that an electric Camaro is possible because the batteries would be cheaper
Luke Pevey Mar 03, 2012
If it is a EV why does it have a manual shifter? Or are they just showing the petrol model.
Greg Lewis Mar 03, 2012
Never a fan of stitching. Gets dirty to fast and is noticeable. My console is a fine example of "looks cool, not for everyday use" stitching...
Chris Bridgers Mar 03, 2012
it can commemorate that camaros annoversary has been that long....
Matt Moeller Mar 03, 2012
Can you really have a 45th anniversary if you went out of production for 6 years? I guess 39th just doesn't have the same ring to it.
Jethroll Sarduy Mar 04, 2012
You guys are hilarious, best app in the world!
P_R_N_D Mar 03, 2012
lol it sounds like an erectile dysfunction drug
Matt Piccolo Mar 03, 2012
@ Terrence, now that u say that it does doesn't it lmao
Terrance Parker Mar 03, 2012
The name sounds like an artificial sweetener.
Shane Jansen Mar 03, 2012
I guess if your going to ruin a "muscle" car the best one to kill is the camaro.