Description: Ferrari loves to win, and given their rich history of winning more grand prix races than any other team in F1, their recent barren spell must have been very painful. So when Fernando Alonso stormed to...
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Tajul Islam Apr 01, 2012
Yea but cmon u wnt see some innovative technologies on these car which push them further and money (for R&D) enables that. F1 is about pushin boundaries and innovation not jus fast racing.
Nick Benz Mar 29, 2012
Yea but you cant sit a shitty driver in Ferraris car and expect him to do just as well. Three tiers because each has a driver skill level with a car performance level to match.
Paul Trahan Mar 29, 2012
From the lower teams? Why do you think there's a big gap in performance from a top team and a lower team? Money.
Paul Trahan Mar 29, 2012
Are you serious, Jackson? More money means less teams will have enough money to compete or flat out not want to invest so much money. Why do you think F1 has a three tier groups when it comes to teams. What do you think separates Ferrari
Jackson Michael Mar 29, 2012
You serious? More money means more competition and more excitement
Brandon Lidy Mar 29, 2012
Yeah the money in sports really kills it this day in age
Cody Andree Mar 29, 2012
What the few million he won for winning isn't enough? What a joke
Description: There then followed a spot of gym work before the traditional raising of the flag which is run up at the entrance to the Scuderia department after every victory.
The two-time world champion was the...
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Luke Cottam Mar 29, 2012
Anyone who follows Alonzo on twitter would know this was lent to him instead of the usual hire car when he landed at Modena. He tweeted that very pic of himself at the time.
David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 29, 2012
which one doesn't belong?
Timothy Hooker Mar 30, 2012
I would ask them what the return policy is
Cory Poteet Mar 30, 2012
That's a " they just gave me a free Ferrari" smile he's wearing there.... I think it'd look way better on me!
Josh Andrews Mar 29, 2012
@ashen you think enzo ferrari would be proud that they made his racing car dream into a hatchback?
Ashen Fonseka Mar 29, 2012
I don't think ferrari would take notice of him unless he replaces masa I kinda want Schumacher back in Ferrari
Dillon Magee Mar 29, 2012
I would ask for a different Ferrari.
Shawn Griffith Mar 29, 2012
@Ashen he does drive for them, sort of. Sauber's cars are Ferrari powered, so he could of possibly gotten one, he would totally deserve it after that race.
Peter O'Sullivan Mar 29, 2012
There's one of these often parked on Hans road, by Harrods. If you live in London and aren't sold on these go and have a look. It'll totally change your mind. It's not often it takes me over a minute to notice an SLS, and there was one next to it.
Pompey Paul Mar 29, 2012
@ashen sauber could come up with something
Brooks Reilly Mar 29, 2012
I actually like this car a lot. It looks best in white with black rims. The only thing that looks bad is the grill in my opinion.
Extremis Colson Mar 29, 2012
Ewww a hatchback ferrari? why not a regular one?
Irish Mar 29, 2012
What happens when masa wins? Oh hang on thats not going to happen! Lol
Ashen Fonseka Mar 29, 2012
He doesn't drive for Ferrari or something like that
Pompey Paul Mar 29, 2012
Winning a GP is great and then winning one of the newest ferraris is a bit unfair, I think Perez should of got a supercar not alonso
Ashen Fonseka Mar 29, 2012
Enzo would be proud goooo ferrari world campions
Rocky Rocker Mar 29, 2012
I guess Massa must feel like S--t
Tajul Islam Apr 01, 2012
It costs £20,000. That is over $25,000. U see at times out of frustration drivers jus chukin them out of their cockpit. Lol dats like chuckin a Golf GTI MK6 on the floor carelessly.
Matt Martir Mar 30, 2012
If i remember correctly, the steering wheel for a Ferrari f1 car runs about $10,000. Seen it in a popular science magazine. Crazy how you can pretty much control the whole car on the steering wheel.
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Mar 30, 2012
The steering wheel costs a shit ton of money.
Tim Butler Mar 29, 2012
Is that the steering wheel in his hand