Comments - 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Interior Leaked

Published: Mar 29, 2012
Description: Thanks to a couple of Hyundai blogs, the first undisguised images of the new 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe have emerged online ahead of the car's unveiling at the New York Auto Show. From what we can see...
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Knox Ferraro Mar 29, 2012
There are Hyundai blogs?!
Description: Images from a leaked Korean brochure have also just come to light showing three-rows of seating, sliding second row seats, fan cooled seats, and Bluelink. A turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoli...
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NalaKing Apr 07, 2012
The air vents are... EPIC!
Timothy Hooker Mar 30, 2012
Would prefer all black though
Timothy Hooker Mar 30, 2012
Looks good I like it
William Downs Mar 30, 2012
I know... there interiors look like no other cars... guy just wants to run his mouth
Ken Louise Mar 30, 2012
Hyundai copying other cars? Really? Is that the best rubbish you can come up with?
Tyler Chess Mar 29, 2012
Leather shift knob nice I hate the ones with these pattern lol and the plastic crumbs and Stuff get in There looks horrid
Matt Piccolo Mar 29, 2012
That looks absolutely horrible, I though the interior couldn't possibly get worse front the old one... My dad has one... Its so boring and cheap... But this... Omg it's ugly
Kumar Desi Mar 29, 2012
All hyandai designs are copycats from ouher cars
Harrison J. Chapman Mar 29, 2012
That center stack is cool, looks like a cobra
Michael Evans Mar 29, 2012
OK but yall got amit the Koreans are catching up very nice and almost in mycpruce bracket
Topher Morris Mar 29, 2012
Nice but still prefer a Japanese over a Korean auto. Better yet, German please!
William Downs Mar 30, 2012
except this looks nothing like the traverse and the sonata interior was in the concept in 2008 before the traverse
Kumar Desi Mar 29, 2012
Like I said they are all copycats
Victor Castillo Mar 29, 2012
Chevy tansverse guage rim?
Jason Brown Mar 30, 2012
Yep. The domestic models have had this feature for a while.
Tyler Chess Mar 29, 2012
Rear heated seats?