Description: Mini is currently developing their next-generation line of Coopers. Before the new versions of their famous hatch come out, however, the British brand is planning on bringing out a true GP version of ...
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Description: The wheels the Cooper GP version is testing on resemble the original GP's, just with a bit of modern flair. As far as power goes, we can expect at least 220hp motivating the lighter-weight Mini C...
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Micah Buffat Mar 29, 2012
Even the new ones look pretty dam simmeler
John Serely Mar 28, 2012
where I live and it gets a little boring seeing 5 of the same ones when in one drive. I guess it would be nice to see a change
John Serely Mar 28, 2012
Your right Micah. They don't look bad (I actually kind of like how they look) but, they are very common.
Micah Buffat Mar 28, 2012
I think they need a new look I'm not saying they look bad but time for a change
Nick Benz Mar 28, 2012
This is a good mini. Its low and looks fast. And can definetly be updated more. The new minis are just great big bumbling cars that are tall and topheavy. They look good as well but i just dont think they have the performance potential this one has.
David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 28, 2012
I agree.. that was my favorite model.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Mar 28, 2012
It looks like the mini cooper GP that came out in 2004 more or less.... The best mini for me
Ashen Fonseka Mar 28, 2012
Car looks great but not feeling the wheels so much
Matthew Reindorp Mar 28, 2012
I like those wheels on a GP mini... Nothing else though
David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 28, 2012
nope. the old gp had 4-spokes
Payne Hodges Wilson Mar 28, 2012
I hope those are just test mule wheels
John Serely Mar 28, 2012
Yea, I like the rims too
Abraham Mendoza Mar 28, 2012
Cars can't usually pull off the 4 spoke wheel, but this looks pretty good.
Nick Sti Mar 28, 2012
Haha car got "stickerbombed"
Rob Art Morgan Mar 28, 2012
I wish the 220hp engine was an option for all JCWs.