Description: By welding an extra 140 inches of steel to the middle section, the guys at LA Custom Coach Inc. were able to transform the beefy 2012 Dodge Challenger into a 28 feet monster after four months of hard ...
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Nick Steiger Mar 29, 2012
A typo my mistake, and to clear things up I am talking specifically about the 1970 HEMI.
Payne Hodges Wilson Mar 27, 2012
A challenger is a two door coupe the charger is the 4 door
Nick Steiger Mar 27, 2012
What is wrong with these people. The Challenger I know is a four door coup packing a 426 HEMI. This is a horrible design not even close to worthy of bearing the name Challenger.
Rocky Rocker Mar 27, 2012
It just doesn't look right. Needs more, like a body kit or something
Description: The Challenger SRT8 limo is a one-off, although another one is already in the works after it unsurprisingly wowed the crowds in Vegas. Check it out via the link.
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Bradley Swfc Wainwright Apr 03, 2012
It's not a muscle car no more it's a muscle limo
Zachary Sindelar Mar 28, 2012
I like this limo! Damn, sexy!
Alex Bouckley Mar 28, 2012
Ladies, ladies. You're both beautiful. Now break it up.
balls deep Mar 28, 2012
What do I think about your comments? I have no idea, I don't understand what you are trying to say. What do I think about the missing comments? Who knows maybe a computer glitch. I honestly don't think its a conspiracy against your race.
balls deep Mar 28, 2012
English must not be your first language or your grammar is that bad. Your comments make absolutely no sense. Not trying to hate but damn!
balls deep Mar 28, 2012
Then why bring racism into the mix?
balls deep Mar 28, 2012
I have had comments that i have posted magically disapear and i am as white as a sheet. wink wink lol
balls deep Mar 28, 2012
Yea Rodney the car world is against you because of the color of your skin. Get real man and stop playing that played out race card yo.
Trent Griffin Mar 27, 2012
It's just one or two....big deal...there will be more than this crashed and trashed by next month...
Ethan Amo Mar 27, 2012
Shameful of a sports muscle car
Greg Lewis Mar 27, 2012
I'll take two please
Rebecca Smith Mar 20, 2013
lord thats cool
Dale Schroeder Mar 31, 2012
The roofline looks perfectly fine, but the doors stick out so much that it spoils the whole thing.
Duncan Gibson Mar 29, 2012
I think it's one of the coolest limos I've ever seen. Better than that pepto pink mustang one
Drew J. Kleyweg Mar 28, 2012
hell no. screw this. perfectly awesome chally ruined.
Dustin Choate Mar 28, 2012
Jeez, I've seen some bad limos, but this might take the cake.
Matthew Crighton Mar 28, 2012
@Rami, why wouldnt you buy a barricuda? It was(and still is) one of the coolest muscle cars ever built.
Rami Wilson Mar 27, 2012
I'm not asking them to make two 2-door cars. When they stop making Challengers don't replace it with a 'cuda replace it with a 2-door version of the current Charger with a retro grill. I would buy that. I won't buy a new 'cuda.
Rami Wilson Mar 27, 2012
Technically the same is not the same. A Second gen. Charger is one of the best looking cars ever. The Challenger first or third gen is not. I only bought a Challenger because It was the only way I could get a two door Dodge 6-speed.
Payne Hodges Wilson Mar 27, 2012
Technically the challenger is mechanically just a two door charger. But is styled off of the old challenger.
Austin Otto Mar 27, 2012
F the new chargers. Old ones are better, they shoulda kept the 2 door design. And no, a 2 door charger is not a challenger. Same frame or not they are completely different cars
Abraham Mendoza Mar 27, 2012
Actually, I think a two door Charger is a Challenger, they're made off the same frame aren't they?
Jackson Michael Mar 27, 2012
I can see that from an enthusiasts perspective, but a company just can't have two cars in the same class. It's practically a death sentence for both cars.
Rami Wilson Mar 27, 2012
@Paul. As a new Challenger owner, and life long Charger fan. A 2 door Charger is not a Challenger. If they would make 2 door Charger I would buy one tomorrow.
Mark A. Young Mar 27, 2012
This is just a waste of a perfectly good challenger. Such a shame.
Rami Wilson Mar 27, 2012
Pardon me, do you have any octane booster?
Kevin Rehbock Mar 27, 2012
It's better than the V6 powered secretary mobile from yesterday.
Joel Haberli Mar 27, 2012
This is just stupid.
Micah Buffat Mar 27, 2012
Top gear did the sane thing but with a corvette
Alex Cameron Mar 27, 2012
I didn't even think that show was stil on...
Zachary Maurer Mar 27, 2012
Hey, if u guys saw the top gear America episode last week, at least they didn't stretch out a c5 corvette
Kevin Irish Mar 27, 2012
Looks so awkward being stretched. Should have just left it alone.
Quang Ha Mar 27, 2012
This actually looks better stretched out.
James Henry Mar 27, 2012
I would love to be picked up in this
Paul Dickey Mar 27, 2012
A 2 door charger is a challenger.
Douglas Orellana Mar 27, 2012
I dont care about the limo. Im more interested in the whit one...
Dave Stewart Mar 27, 2012
Just seems weird if they can make a 4 door challenger why not a 2 door charger sad
shadi mustang Mar 27, 2012
@henz couldn't agree more
Henz Herrero Mar 27, 2012
I think it looks so out of place.. Looks so fking retarded.. I really hate this look..
JGL Scuderia Mar 27, 2012
its alright but not the kind of car that i would have anything to do with.
Dylan Arms Mar 29, 2012
What I don't understand I why limos don't have 4 wheel steering....seems like it would make things a lot easier....
Terna Faga Mar 29, 2012
I've seen longer limos