Description: After yesterday's nearly heartbreaking news about a 1,000hp Ford GT getting totaled in Brazil, we bring some better news today that'll rightly cheer up everyone's' spirits. Last we...
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Patrick Schalk Mar 28, 2012
Yeah Hennessey and HightechCorvette are great channels on YT.
Devin Babyn Mar 27, 2012
Haha just read this off the Top Gear page on FB. Right when I saw it I wondered if carbuzz heard yet
Zachary Maurer Mar 27, 2012
*hp, I was typing to fast
Zachary Maurer Mar 27, 2012
I didn't think the ford gt made that much ho
David Justice Mar 27, 2012
A positive Ford article on Carbuzz?! Sure has been a while. LOL
Description: Obviously this was no ordinary Ford GT, as it once had both a twin-turbocharger and a supercharger before Hennessey added their own magic touch. Basically, the tuner decided to drop the supercharger f...
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Justin Tucker Mar 29, 2012
Well there is a tuning company out of palm beach Florida (I forget the name of the shop) and they have 1700hp ford gt that did 1 mile an hour they managed 1 mph more with 300hp more....not impressed really
Igor Natsioks Mar 28, 2012
Bugatti standing mile is around 220 mph. With having 1001 hp. So give it a 1000 more hp like this GT and it will blow this record!
Tj Marten Mar 27, 2012
Looks like that hatch he hit was for the chute
Mario Callirgos Mar 27, 2012
Ya 266.98 in florida. Fast car in the standing mile, and just 3 mph slower then the fastest bike and the bike had a wierd body kit.
Daniel Picha Mar 27, 2012
I saw this thing in person this past weekend and it is a beast!!
Kaigan Viner Mar 27, 2012
@Mario I thought a Ford GT did the standing mile around 266 mph too. I think it was last year. Might not have been the Texas Mile though
Sheldon Couch Mar 27, 2012
I'll take one haha, def would take that over the Bugatti and not feel remorse one bit. Considering you can buy two of those cars and a huge house and have money to live off of for the Bugatti
Jhoan Koolin Delima Mar 27, 2012
Am I mistaken or did he go through just only 5 gears?...
Mario Callirgos Mar 27, 2012
I thought heffner built a ford gt that hit 266
David Harris Mar 27, 2012
They say it has 2000 hp
Devin Babyn Mar 27, 2012
Top Gear says its got 2000hp to. So I'm pretty sure it does if it's from that many sources
Luke Bailey Mar 27, 2012
@John, I saw that too on another website, so I think it does have 2000, which is insane....lemme at it!
John Serely Mar 27, 2012
I read at motortrend that John Hennessy himself said that it " would conservatively make 2000 horsepower". (It is just what I read, so don't hold me to it lol)
Description: Hennessey also just released this video showing Kennedy behind the wheel setting the record. Chances are the Brazilian driver from yesterday would have been killed if he tried anything like this in hi...
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Etienne Surrette Mar 28, 2012
And you've got to make a killer choice. Paint chipped to hell or a bra. And I don't think they make those for Veyrons.
Westly Burgos Mar 28, 2012
I'm sorry, @Micheal, did u just call the Bugatti a daily driver? Really? Have fun with that. Cruising on the interstate in 2md gear. Not to mention insurance, not positive but I think they have a limit on miles per year.
Jason Reimann Mar 28, 2012
I'd rather have the Bugatti at least that's street legal
Michael Beach Mar 28, 2012
This is in no way a dd car like the Bugatti
Abraham Mendoza Mar 27, 2012
Yeah, the Bugatti does sound a bit...boring.
David Gray Mar 27, 2012
Sure it's a great car, with an amazing engine. But wtf is with the paint job?!
Oscar Galvan Mar 27, 2012
Love the car hate paint job
Matthew Reindorp Mar 27, 2012
Not sure wether to love it or hate it
Ben Miner Mar 31, 2012
Kelly Bise has a 2200 hp car and it's not hideous (LMR CAMARO) he went 256 but started smoking, I think he blew a head gasket.
Duncan Gibson Mar 29, 2012
I just hope it's not an original
Devin Mortenson Mar 28, 2012
I agree with Ty when you have a car this fast you can paint it how ever you like because who your racing will not even see your rear end
Matthew Reindorp Mar 28, 2012
If they had made the background on the wrap more simple then it wouldve been amazing... Shame really
Ty Piper Mar 27, 2012
When you have 2000hp you can put whatever the hell you want on the car haha
Tim Preisinger Mar 27, 2012
Hopefully it looks better in person...
Carlton Salmon Mar 27, 2012
I've no idea what the images are on the wrap apart from making a good car look crap!
Tim Neely Mar 27, 2012
Is there an unwritten rule that if you have a really , really , REALLY fast car you have to make it look totally revolting?!??
Chris Penza Mar 27, 2012
I don't like the paintjob. Looks like its from nfs prostreet
Patrick Schalk Mar 27, 2012
I'll take the GT AND the Z06 in the back.
Dillon Dixon Mar 27, 2012
I wouldn't want any other car to hold the record. 6 years old and it still can be the top dog! Hell yeah!
David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 29, 2012
I may be wrong, but isn't there a f150 f1 car by Ferrari?
Borphan Limthong Mar 28, 2012
Ferrari would have made the f150
Matthew Reindorp Mar 28, 2012
Haha and where would Ferrari be now if ford still owned them... They wouldn't of made the Enzo or F40 or the F50... All celebratory models that would have been done by ford designers
Petrolheadjack Mar 28, 2012
ford never owned ferrari ? It was because the gt40 beat the ferrari at le mans
Abraham Mendoza Mar 27, 2012
That's because Ford owned Ferrari back in 67!!!Or was it 66?
Anthony J. Mitchell Mar 27, 2012
I love the ford gt.
Matthew Reindorp Mar 28, 2012
Tbh the demonstration they did of getting into it was stupid... Why would you take it to the shops and park it in a small space?
Kaigan Viner Mar 27, 2012
Should say GT 2000 now instead of GT 1000
Matty Michaels Mar 27, 2012
Anybody else think this looks like a horizontal guillotine?
Ben Miner Mar 31, 2012
In Texas they are legal. The two lines are considered tread.
Matthew Reindorp Mar 28, 2012
They're are probably something near 888 tyres, so only just roadlegal
Devin Babyn Mar 27, 2012
Pretty sure they are depending on where you're from. I've seen road legal tires that only have one line down the middle
Abraham Mendoza Mar 27, 2012
I don't think so, they look like slicks.
Carlton Salmon Mar 27, 2012
Are those tyres road legal?
Ty Schuring Mar 27, 2012
How do I get one is all I have to say.