Description: The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren made an appearance in Russia to compete against the Nissan GT-R and the 'Cyrus' package Mansory Aston Martin DBS on the drag strip. The first competitor is the...
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Description: The Cyrus package features a widebody kit and a 750hp 6.0-liter naturally aspirated V12. Make your picks now and enjoy this week's edition of Drag Race Tuesdays.
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Fabian Pioro Apr 06, 2012
Simple. Nissan puts money into technology that has done well in the past but improved apon it. Constantly evolving and changing they even got rid of the wonderful rb26tt. Some cars in the "super" category still use single axel suspension. With engines made for pulling boats.
Kaden Dauter Apr 01, 2012
Put the GTR against a Turbo S and then it'll have a run for its money
Olivier Chaput Mar 30, 2012
Even if the lights are off, im pretty sure tet dont count the reaction time in the official time
Mohammed Shafe'e Johar Mar 28, 2012
DBS is heavy as Hell !!
Ervis At Mar 28, 2012
If you had $100k and wanted to buy the fastest stock car out there what would you buy? I never liked any Nissan, Honda, Toyota, or Lexus, get it but with all do respect the Nissan Gtr is the best car produced at this time..........
Matthew Reindorp Mar 28, 2012
1.the GTR doesn't race the Aston and 2. Even if the lights were off why didn't the SLR catch up? Just accept the GTR won
Bennett John Nance Mar 27, 2012
The stupid go lights are do off the Nissans light goes way before the merc and aston
Nick Rios Mar 27, 2012
That Aston looks great!
Isaac Rezkalla Mar 27, 2012
The aston got burned but its still looks pretty
Joseph Myers Mar 27, 2012
Love seeing the GTR beat these kind of cars :) proud to own this piece of Nissan masterpiece
Eddie Filipovic Mar 27, 2012
I'd take Aston over the other two in a heartbeat. Looks excellent.
Anthony Villa-Garcia Mar 27, 2012
love how the SLR was sooo quiet compared to the other two.
Scott Gracey Mar 27, 2012
Love the gtr but even I'm sick of seeing it in all these drag videos, the Mercedes Aston race was good tho
Tracy Keiser Dron Mar 27, 2012
Mmmm... Best cars and best drag races from Russia??? Seems like it was only a few yrs ago that all that they had on roads were Ladas, Moskvich, and Volgas... Wow.... These Russians!!!
Zaire Wilkins Mar 27, 2012
does the GTR ever be nice and let some cars win drag races :)
David Harris Mar 27, 2012
Sweet looking Aston. But why he get bad start
Matthew Reindorp Mar 27, 2012
The Aston could've done much better I think it must've been the driver
Timothy Hooker Mar 27, 2012
gtr has better launch control..not sure about the Aston..maybe bad driver? either way both look way better than that ugly Merc..half a million dollars and slow...not a good combo
Zachary Maurer Mar 27, 2012
So why did the lower power cars beat the higher powered cars in both runs, better jump?
Dave Stewart Mar 27, 2012
Ok we get it the gt-r is fast and cool lol get more interesting drag races
Jojo Rementilla Guillermo Mar 27, 2012
The GT-R by listening to the exhaust sound is tricked out.
Matthew Reindorp Mar 27, 2012
And can I say that the GTR is almost completely un-changed... It has just beaten the SLR which has 100more hp? I know it's an old car but this is Merc-Benz top car....
Matt Piccolo Mar 27, 2012
Gtr all the way, and no duh the other two will b more luxurious, they cost way way more $$$$!! Gtr is very luxurious for the price, fast, >>a four seater<< and again, damn fast for the money
John Serely Mar 27, 2012
@patrick actually the GTR is a 6 cylinder and I'm pretty sure the slr is 8 cylinder. So, unless you cant do math, you don't know what your talking about
Paul Lissona Mar 27, 2012
Clint said it the best way too.
Clint Edwards Mar 27, 2012
I respect the GT-R for what it is but for the life of me I can't bring myself to like it.
Patrick R. Manuel Mar 27, 2012
Typical gtr beating the slr with half the cylinders
Danny Scott Mar 27, 2012
Well call me nuts but the gtr goes faster.. Looks okay.. And costs alot less.. I think I'd pick it over the over priced other two...
Danny Scott Mar 27, 2012
Looks are subjective...
Hank Austin Mar 27, 2012
Well Ervis if you look at it in a performance way the yes... But if you look to see which of the cars is nicer looking, more luxurious, and probably more fun-oriented (in terms of driving style), the Aston and the SLR destroy it
Matthew Reindorp Mar 27, 2012
Thank you ervis! Couldn't agree more and it's a fantastic passenger car for long journeys to, very comfortable
Ervis At Mar 27, 2012
Wow wow do you know how much more those cars coast then the GTR I'm officially convinced that the GTR is the second best car ever produced right after the bugatti, are you kidding me look at all the cars the GTR beats This car is the best car $$$$
Amira Baz Mar 27, 2012
that proves the gtr is better
Sam Oglesby Mar 27, 2012
750hp Aston I doubt it it was so slow
Matthew Reindorp Mar 27, 2012
Where's Fordfan? Normally he's telling everyone how rubbish the GT-R is, with no experience of one
John Serely Mar 27, 2012
I'd take the Aston, then the SLR, then the GT-R
Lorenzo Pagano Mar 27, 2012
Every time I see a drag race from there, someone always messes up the start
Kenneth Williams Mar 27, 2012
That Aston looked amazing. And that SLR was super quiet. Gotta give it to it though. It lost a couple cars on the launch but Held that distance through the race
Carlton Salmon Mar 27, 2012
Jeez, how sexy did the Aston Martin DBS Mansory Cyrus look?!
Matt Piccolo Mar 27, 2012
Gtr kills another super car!!! :)
David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 27, 2012
aren't satins like 1800kg?
Adithya Chandrasekhar Mar 27, 2012
Horrible launch for the aston
David Pires-Ihsaan Mar 27, 2012
I thought the cyrus had a roof scoop.
quadrophine Mar 27, 2012
that Aston was seriously sexy
Louie Salenga Mar 27, 2012
Astorn martin driver got cocky and rev gas too much for a bad take off. Maybe he was color blond n disn't know the race even started yet
Nicolas Pons Mar 27, 2012
Think I'd take the slr over the other 2
Etienne Surrette Mar 27, 2012
Don't worry it's removable.